Mars into Leo – Prepare to Live Your Passions


Moon in Gemini – Be Sociable & Conversational

The Moon moves into Gemini this morning. Words and messages abound for the next couple of days. It’s a good time for making new contacts and developing old ones, and for putting your finger on feelings that have been waiting for the right kind of expression.

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What’s Up in the Stars Today?

MindShift on Demand Interview with Author, Donna Blevins, Phd

MindShift on Demand

by Donna Blevins, Phd

This Wednesday 11/14/18 I am interviewing the author of MindShift On Demand, Donna Blevins, Phd in the MetaCafe at 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET.

The brain is the most powerful tool you own, yet most people fail to understand it.

mindshift3D005Imagine the possibilities if you could harness the power of this magnificent biological supercomputer!

MindShift On Demand will teach you to tap into this potential and be the best version of yourself: confident, authentic and in control!

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Learn battle-tested techniques to:

  • Perform at the highest levels under pressure
  • Control your emotions instead of letting them control you
  • Eliminate negative self-talk and replace it with confidence that attracts success
  • Strengthen your body by strengthening your mind

Any mind is a terrible thing to ignore. MindShift On Demand will help you bring out the best in yours!

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear, first hand from the author, Donna Blevins, Phd!

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Find out more about Donna Blevins, what people are saying about the book, and how to get your copy of the book:


Tune in to the MetaCafe on the Living Astrology Facebook page on Wednesday, November 14th.  8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET