A Week of Change & High Energy

July will be one of the busiest months of year because it is eclipse season, and the eclipse are occurring across the axis of Cancer/Capricorn where there is already a lot of planets for the eclipses to trigger.  Add to that a Mercury retrograde from Leo back to Cancer, and you can just about envision some chaotic moments ahead for us. 

What’s Up in the Stars This Week?

Astrology, Human Design & Pleaidian-Earth Energy

July 1-7, 2019


Overview of the Week:

July will be one of the busiest months of year because it is eclipse season, and the eclipses are occurring across the axis of Cancer/Capricorn where there is already a lot of planets for the eclipses to trigger.  Add to that a Mercury retrograde from Leo back to Cancer, and you can just about envision some chaotic moments ahead for us.

Let’s take a look at the week ahead:

 Monday, July 1, 2019

LeoThe Moon begins the week in Gemini, and then shifts into Cancer for the New Moon.  Directly after the New Moon, the Moon will move opposite the planets in Capricorn, and we’ll be again dealing with the emotional energy around what is restructuring, reforming, and rebirthing in our lives.  Midweek to Friday July 5, the Moon will be in Leo, making our Independence Day celebrations here in the USA fun and playful.  The first weekend of the month, the Moon spends time in Virgo.  Great days to clean, clear, organize and purify your home and environment.

We start the month and 1st week off with Mars, planet of action, moving into the sign of Leo.  Until August 18, we are confident, strong-willed, and graced with physical stamina to get what we want and where we want to go.  Where this transit is playing out in your chart is where you will see progress pushed by will.

Gate 56 will be activated in your Human Design and that moves us to create a new story without the victim content!

Jupiter moves back into Gate 5- Universal Timing.  Our expansion then returns to learning to have patience, and to understand that the Divine works in its own timeline.  Watch out then for impatience, reactionary energy, and leaping into or out of things.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  8-Listening

Universal Energy 8:  Connecting – brings us accelerated communication and abundance on all levels. (from the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar by Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith)

Earth Energy – Listening (Akbal in Maya Astrology):  Practice empathy, care and responsibility.  Release pessimism, being controlling or feeling troubled.


Tuesday, July 2 is the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10° Cancer.  Where that is in your chart

astronomy circle dark eclipse
Photo by Drew Rae on Pexels.com

is where you have “jacked up” manifesting and intention setting power this month.  Keep in mind that this also widely opposes the South Node, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  There is high potential for restructuring your world around kinder, gentler, and more family oriented values.

The Sun will be at Gate 39-Provocation and the Earth at Gate 38-Struggle at this new moon.  We will want to address where we feel trapped or where anger is bubbling up to the surface in our lives.  We don’t want to do this in order to beat ourselves up over it, but rather to discover where we may take dynamic action and rise to the level of liberation and becoming a Warrior of Light.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  9-Planting

Universal Energy 9 Harmonizing – This is a day for bringing more harmony into your life.

Earth Energy – Planting (Kan in Mayan Astrology):  Feeling lucky, energetic, good for new beginnings.  Watch out for immaturity and being irresponsible. (from the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar by Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith)


Hump DayWednesday, July 3 Venus moves into Cancer and takes on a more nurturing and protective stance, especially in relationships.  This is mothering energy and we will need to watch for out for a tendency to smother those we love.  (or being smothered by others) until July 27th when Venus moves into Leo.  That means that Venus will be opposing the South Node, Saturn and Pluto trio in Capricorn during these weeks as well.  Don’t be surprised if relationships are undergoing change either through your own or the other person’s empowerment.

Venus will be sitting at the Gate 15- Love of Humanity this week, prompting us to resonate more with unity than with separation, although the outer world may still be showing us division and polarity.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  10-Moving

Universal Energy 10-Manifesting:  Day for building upon what we have learned and manifesting from our previous work.  It can be a challenging day if we have ignored our work up to this point.

Earth Energy – Moving (Chicchan in Mayan Astrology):    Good for exploring and educating yourself.  Avoid confrontations, blame and competition.  (from the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar by Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith)


Thursday, July 4  – The Moon in Leo today conjuncts Mercury – perfect for the

low angle photo of fireworks
Photo by rovenimages.com on Pexels.com

celebratory 4th of July parties and BBQ’s here in the USA to celebrate Independence Day!  The Moon in Leo is playful and loves interaction, add Mercury in the mix and you have the possibility of many conversations and communication streams available to you.

We also enter into a long Void-of-Course Moon today from 11:25 pm PT to 9:26 pm PT on July 5.  (July 5 2:25 am to 12:26 am on July 6 for you in ET)

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  11 – Transcending  

Universal Energy 11 – Illuminating:  Brings light to help us see more clearly.

Earth Energy – Transcending (Cimi in Mayan Astrology):  A day to transcend differences, let go of what no longer serves.  Watch out for inappropriate hesitation.


Friday pandaJuly 5 – We’re in VOC (Void of Course Moon) all day. Not a great day to attempt to get anything of real import done.  Relax, enjoy, swim, play, or meditate.  Leave the big stuff for another day!

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  12 – Remembering

Universal Energy 12 – Understanding:  Helps us to understand everything more deeply.

Earth Energy – Remembering (Manik in Mayan Astrology):  Seek peace and engage in cooperation, but don’t become overly compromising.  (from the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar by Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith)


Saturday memeJuly 6 – The Moon is in Virgo today making it a great day to organize, clean, simplify and beautify.  She is also in great relationships to Venus, Uranus and the Sun today.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  13-Loving

Universal Energy 13 – Completion:  A time for completing all unfinished business and integrating it so that we can begin a new cycle tomorrow.

Earth Energy – Loving (Lamat in Mayan Astrology):  Be enthusiastic and productive without becoming competitive or aggressive.  (from the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar by Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith)


July 7 – Mercury Retrograde in Leo.  From now until July 31, Mercury will be retrograde Sundayin Leo eventually backtracking into Cancer.  Where this is in your astrology chart is where you may find yourself going backwards, having to slow down, or have to re-evaluate what you are doing.  Leo rules our identity and ego selves, while Cancer rules our family, traditions and foundation.

It’s interesting to note that in this Mercury retrograde the two signs involved are ruled by our two luminaries – The Sun and The Moon.  We are connecting deeply to both our souls and our egos during this Mercury cycle.  What will you discover there in terms of your desires, your Soul’s mission and your life journey?

The Moon spends the day in Virgo and is Void of Course from 9:50 am PDT to 11:07 pm PDT when it moves into Libra.  That leaves the bulk of the day without new Moon connections which spells the potential for a peaceful day.  Spend some time in meditation, study, yoga or other spiritual  or inner pursuits.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  1-Feeling

Universal Energy 1-Initiating:  Good day for starting new things – at least on paper or in idea form.

Earth Energy – Feeling (Muluc in Mayan Astrology) – We have a chance to deal with our emotions today.  Watch out for emotional reactivity though. (from the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar by Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith)

That’s it for this week.  I hope you all have a blessed week!

Janet Hickox – www.living-astrology.com





What’s Up in the Stars This Week?

The major focus of the week ahead of us is Venus & Mars both ingress new signs.  Venus moves from Aquarius to Pisces and Mars is released from the slower vibe of Taurus into the more mobile Gemini energy

Astrology for the Week of March 24-31, 2019

I hope everyone had a spectacular Spring or Fall Equinox and enjoyed the shifting energies of last week.  If you tuned into the spirit and quality of the time we just passed through, what you might find is that the world is awash in new potential, and we humans are not immune to the rush of newness.  After all, the 0 Aries point (known as Spring or Fall) marks the beginning of the astrological new year – all is indeed, new!

The major focus of the week ahead of us is Venus & Mars both ingress new signs.  Venus moves from Aquarius to Pisces and Mars is released from the slower vibe of Taurus into the more mobile Gemini energy.  And, perhaps best of all, Mercury turns from retrograde into Direct motion.  I would say that the character of the week or the buzz word of this week is CHANGE.

Let’s dig in and get the details:

SundaySunday, March 24, 2019 –  While I normally include Sunday in the previous week, I didn’t write a complete post for last week, so I want to make sure we start there.  The Moon is in Scorpio for the day and things are not light, airy and breezy, but more intense, passionate with hidden currents moving through the collective.  That doesn’t mean it’s a bad day, but rather it makes it a good day to do some personal processing work, or try to get to the bottom of something.

Mercury Rx conjunct Neptune – There are two distinct potentials to how this transit can play out today.  The positive expression is that it enables you to think and express yourself with subtlety, expressing ideas and feelings that you don’t always have access to.  Artistic and creative expression is heightened, but as you are easily accessing the subconscious realms, not everyone may understand what you are trying to convey.  During this time our imaginative and mysterious inclinations are favored.

The more negative expression of this transit occurs when our imagination pushes us into illusion or unreality.  We may feel like we can enact our fantasies, and then when this transit is over the reality of our folly reveals our confused and unclear thinking.  This is not likely going to be a day of making big, life-changing decisions.

Another difficulty with this transit is the possibility of communication missteps.  We aren’t thinking clearly and our words, though they sound good to us, are not being heard by other people in their best light.  What you say may be easily misunderstood, so take care to be clear when communicating anything of importance.

Hello MondayMonday, March 25, 2019 – While you slept, the Moon moved in Sagittarius.  I just love starting a work week with the Moon in go-ahead mood and in the sign of Sagittarius.  We are moved to see the humor in things today, and we greet the day with a sense of adventure and optimism.  About the only thing to watch out for is an over-optimistic view that focuses on big ideas, but has few details.  Remember that if you are embarking on something new now, it takes both the big picture and the details to make it complete.

Moon trine Sun – Today’s accomplishments feel good and provide the basis for what will come later.  Meeting new people today may have an impact on you that lasts.  If something feels right, then it probably is right.  Your job is to put your best foot forward and follow through!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 – Venus ingress Pisces  Venus in Pisces

Today Venus leaves Transpersonal Aquarius for Transcendent Pisces. Themes and values like Love, Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Abundance & Flow emerge into our awareness.

Now Venus puts on her ethereal garb. In Pisces, Venus is exalted – meaning she is very comfortable in the sign.  She can get caught up in the magic of romance as love and attraction get idealized. The lines get blurred for us between what is real and what is imagined. On the other hand, we are more compassionate and sensitive to one another’s pain which moves us to altruism and acts of kindness and generosity. Venus is in Pisces until April 20.

Wed imageWednesday, March 27, 2019 – The Moon is Void-of-course until 7:08 am PT/10:08 am ET this morning before it moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn.  Everybody is into getting down to business for a couple of days, though that may not guarantee any business gets done. It’s all about the proper attitude and appropriate emotional expression.  Get your work done, then let your hair down.  The Moon favors innovation and creative thinking today as it has a good relationship with Venus and with Uranus.

The Moon also squares the Sun today and that means that we have reached the “Crisis of Consciousness” part of the lunar cycle. We are faced with the inner shifts that need to take place in order for us to complete our New Moon intentions.  Let go of fear, resistance to change and limiting thinking and you can soar!

Venus sextile Uranus – This combination might make it difficult for you to stay focused on work today as required by the Moon in Capricorn.  In that case, you might feel yourself counting down the moments until you can get out of the office and into party mode.  That would be the best way to utilize this energy.  Work where appropriate and play where/when appropriate!  Or mix the two if that seems like a viable option.

You might also attract new friends under this influence, and they may be people who have a revolutionary effect upon you – changing your outlook, attitude or life in some interesting way.  Everyone seems interesting and interested.

Thursday, March 28, 2019 –  Mercury Direct Today

Early this morning Mercury, planet of Communication, the Mind and Transportation, Thankful Thursdayleaves retrograde for direct motion. We can all breathe a sigh of relief – except we still have the “retroshade” to deal with for a few more weeks.  The messenger planet has been retrograde in Pisces since March 5 reminding us of our Spiritual, Intuitive and Esoteric connections.  Now with Mercury moving forward we can take the lessons and revelations that we discovered about ourselves out into the world.  It’s now the time to demonstrate your as the embodiment of Spirit.  When your mind forgets it’s connection, try asking the question, “What if ___________?”  For instance, What if I am the creator of my reality and can change my life positively? or What if we can live in a world of peace and harmony?  This evokes “allowing” energy and turns the mind toward more positive territory.  Perfect for taking Mercury’s retrograde lessons out to the world you live in!

The Moon is in Capricorn all day, and she is making good connections to Mercury & Neptune.  You might remember that on Monday these two (Mercury & Neptune) were in a conjunction and our imagination and creativity were stimulated.  Now is the time to take those ideas and turn them into concrete format.  Make a plan and execute the plan.  Later in the day the Moon conjuncts Saturn conferring focus, concentration and determination to our projects.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Friday panda

The Moon sits in Capricorn for most of the day today as it conjuncts Pluto, trines Mars and squares Uranus.  The day can alternate between powerful, confrontational, unpredictable and back again, with many possibilities in between!  By the end of today, you will be so ready for the weekend!

It’s not that it is a bad day or anything.  It is just demanding of our time and attention.  We might feel like pushing the river, when of course that might blow up in our faces.  There is strength and high energy available today.  And, as long as we aren’t frustrated or angry, we can put that to good use in getting things done.  If frustration/anger builds up today, release it through physical activity.  And Uranus adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to the day, so be ready for anything!

Mars will be sitting at 29 Taurus as he prepares to move into Gemini on Saturday/Sunday.  Pay attention to what is ending, what is in process of completion and what possibilities are opening up for you.  Prepare for an energetic shift in your ability to take action and move forward.

Weekend blog

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Today the Moon in Aquarius playfully engages the Sun in doing things in new, creative, innovative, and unexpected ways.  Taking it easy and letting things happen will let opportunities continue to grow that are already underway. Situations beginning now will be cooperative and helpful to you as they progress. A general atmosphere of getting along together prevails and will continue to if you just go with the flow.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Late last evening on the West Coast and early this morning in the East, Mars made its move out of Taurus and into Gemini and changes the energy vibe for all of us.  While in Taurus our forward momentum was slowed down as we were having to be more deliberate in the execution of our plans.  After Mars being in Aries from January into early February, you might have felt stuck or stymied in getting what you wanted.  Well that changes now as Mars in Gemini is quick witted, quick to take action, and changeable.

While Mars is in Gemini we can become interested in many things, and dabble a bit with the new and unique.  We are more versatile and flexible, but also tend to lose focus or get bored easily.  We have to watch out for scattering our energy – this can be especially exacerbated as this is a Universal Year 3 where the natural tendency is to want to expand and explore, yet we can find ourselves scattered.

How do you deal with all this quixotic energy?  Make lists, start your day in meditation, if you feel yourself becoming unfocused or scattered, take a break and move your body, make a commitment to yourself to get what you have to do done before you move onto other things, and finally, be good to yourself if you end up straying – you might just stumble onto something wonderful for use later.

That’s it for the week everyone!  Not too bad, right?  Take care & enjoy …

Have a stellar week,

Janet Hickox, Living Astrology

The Astrological Turning Point

We are in the closing two weeks of the astrological year as we wind down Piscean energy and get ready for the Astrological New Year and Aries energy. 

Weekly Astrology Forecast – March 11-17, 2019

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We are in the closing two weeks of the astrological year as we wind down Piscean energy and get ready for the Astrological New Year and Aries energy.  You could say that we have reached a turning point, where we are exiting the old and entering the new!  That makes this week’s transits important for us in terms of completion and preparation for the new astrological year.  

The early part of the week is calm enough, but as we reach Wednesday through Sunday, the energy ramps up forcing us to move through transformation and plan for what comes next.  

Let’s break down the week:

Monday – March 11, 2019

Hello MondayWe begin the week with the Moon in Taurus in a positive flow with Neptune, Saturn & Pluto, but challenging Mars in a conjunction.  Mars is in receptive, feminine Taurus, not an especially loved place for him.  The Moon’s conjunction reminds Mars that emotions are an important expression of life, but controlling one’s temper is also valuable. 

Tuesday – March 12, 2019   Tuesday

The Moon is Void-of-course from 2:31 am PT until 8:48 am PT, and then moves into the sign of Gemini.  Words and messages abound for the next couple of days. It’s a good time for making new contacts and developing old ones, and for putting your finger on feelings that have been waiting for the right kind of expression. Say what you mean, but don’t be afraid to change it, refine it, on the fly.  Watch for a tendency to scatter your energy or lose focus.  

Wednesday – March 13, 2019

Wed imageToday the Moon is in Gemini all day so we continue the conversation, sharing of information and curiosity.  The Moon is in a beautiful angle today with both Venus & Neptune, giving us a lift spiritually and injecting love into the energy of the day. 

The Sun is empowered today by a sextile to Pluto and a square to Jupiter.  We have the stamina to follow through with our commitments.  The only thing to watch out for is the tendency to want to over-do things – follow this easy rule K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple & Sustainable.  (I bet you thought I was going to say something else!)

Thursday – March 14, 2019

The Moon is Void-of-course from 5:31 am to 2:49 pm PT as it prepares to shift out of Thankful ThursdayGemini and into Cancer. Expect feelings to get a little more intense for the next few days, as the Moon is in her own home sign.  Bottled-up emotions that people have been trying to keep a lid on can come spilling out. It’s hard to say what you mean (especially with Mercury retrograde) so it is best to be utterly sincere but not say too much that might set off hidden nerves or be seen as meddling.

Mars trine Saturn  – Slow & steady wins the race!  There is no need to be in a rush or hurry now.  Take deliberate action forward and see you goals come to life!

Mercury conjunct Sun – This signals that we are about 1/2 way through the Mercury Rx cycle.  Now Mercury picks up his marching orders from the Sun, compelling us all to fix what needs to be fixed, and then be ready in the coming weeks to soar.  Don’t be concerned if a bit of crisis or turbulence accompanies this time.  It will all sort itself out!

Friday, March 15, 2019

FridayThe Moon in Cancer trines Neptune and opposes Saturn today.  We must be grounded in our Spiritual selves in order to manage the changing currents of the day.  Your intuition is high today, and choosing to listen will be a Godsend for you.  At times today, the energy may turn melancholy or low – don’t be alarmed, it’s just temporary. 

Mercury square Jupiter – Suddenly, the best laid plans are turned upside down, mostly because there are nonworking components that simply keep popping up.  Basically, it’s a time for debugging and finessing new operations and upcoming launches into shape. A better time for sorting things out than for starting anew.

Weekend blog

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Moon is void-of-course from 11:03 am PT to 5:57 pm PT today, and that means we are not really in a position to start something new or get a lot done.  If you must get something done today, do it early.  All of the Moon’s most juicy contacts happen before its VOC – high energy, empowered feelings, upbeat conversation, and possible unexpected opportunities (or conflict too….just sayin…) are all possible.     

After 5:57 pm PT, the Moon will move into the sign of Leo.  If you follow the flow for the next couple of days, creative and loving feelings can make for an almost party atmosphere.  Make a breakout, or just let the rising tide carry you along.  Be in it for the fun, play and excitement! 

Sunday, March 17, 2019 

St. Patrick's Day CloverHappy St. Patrick’s Day everyone & it should be a wonderful day with the Moon in Leo accentuating a fun and playful atmosphere, and the Moon literally not making anyone unhappy at all today!  There is one transit that we need to be aware of. 

Mercury Rx sextile Mars – Making the most of of procedures that worked in the past, turns into productive and successful ventures.  When things are in order, all runs so smoothly that you hardly notice how well it’s going. It might be a time to take a second look at what it takes to get it right so you can better maintain your path forward. 

Here’s wishing you all a stellar week!


Janet Hickox




Astro-Energy Forecast 11-26 to 12-2-18

This week the Moon moves through Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra.  From these signs, Luna makes a lot of connections this week, especially on Thursday, affecting our personal emotional expression.  Adding to the Moon’s personal focus, most of the planets that make waves for us this week are also the personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars.  Where things in week’s past have been out of our hands or were more trans-personal or collective in nature, this week is more focused on our personal choices and actions. 

Week of November 26 – December 2
This Week’s Moon:  Moon in Cancer, Leo, Virgo & Libra
Monday:  Mercury Square Mars
Tuesday:  Mercury conjunct Sun, Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Wednesday:  No New Connections
Thursday:  Luna makes 7 Connections 
Friday:  Venus opposing Uranus
Saturday:  Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio (repeat) 
Sunday:  Venus moves forward into Scorpio (repeat), Sun square Mars
This week the Moon moves through Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra.  From these signs, Luna makes a lot of connections this week, especially on Thursday, affecting our personal emotional expression.  Adding to the Moon’s personal focus, most of the planets that make waves for us this week are also the personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars.  Where things in week’s past have been out of our hands or were more trans-personal or collective in nature, this week is more focused on our personal choices and actions.  So let’s break it down by days:
Monday – The Moon is in Cancer, and at least for those of us in the USA, we may be wishing to stay home one more day to enjoy the holiday!  Our instincts may have been correct because the Moon is in challenging aspect today to Pluto (opposition) and squaring both Venus and Uranus.  There is the possibility for intensity in our relationships at work and with challenges from both Venus & Uranus, there may be unexpected outcomes if we get overly emotional.  Mercury rx is also squaring Mars today, so we must watch our words, actions and emotional outbursts.  If you can stay home an extra day this week, make it today!  IF not, then just be aware of the impact you have on others.  If you overreact or speak first think later, this can be a most uncomfortable day.  However, if you can swim in the neutral zone today, you will do just fine!
Tuesday – The Moon transitioned out of Cancer and into Leo while you were sleeping.  And we have another highly energetic day with many of the inner planets dancing with one another.  The difference between yesterday’s energy and today’s is that the planets involved are making positive and beneficial connections to one another, so today feels completely different!  The Moon flows with Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun today aligning our emotions and mind allowing us to get some things done!  Yay we have been waiting for a day like this!! 
Mercury conjuncts the Sun today in what is called the “inferior conjunction.”  From our viewpoint on Earth, Mercury stands between us and the Sun.  This signals the beginning of the Mercury cycle (even though the little messenger planet is still retrograde) and the beginning of the Mercury cycle tells our minds that it is almost ready to hatch a new direction, a new plan, or a new way of being, thinking and acting.  Wherever this is happening in your personal astrology chart, tells you where you are ready to make the transition into new territory.  This is exciting news because we have been feeling stuck, rudderless and even directionless.  And, even though it isn’t time to take action yet, we may feel buoyed by knowing what direction we are going to move in.  By the way, this is a process that occurs possibly before, during or just after this connection is exact.
Mercury is also conjunct Jupiter today making this even more of a “new beginning” feeling.  Just remember that while Mercury is retrograde, don’t start something new, however, make the plans for something new to begin once the retrograde completes December 6!  Jupiter’s connection here makes us feel optimistic in a way that we might not have felt in a long time.  Take it easy and don’t go overboard!  Keep everything you do and or plan to do within reason!  
Wednesday –  There are no major changes in energy today.  Given that yesterday and tomorrow’s planets are highly active, this is a good thing! The Moon continues through Leo and we’re feeling good about ourselves and our prospects for the future.  This is a great day to play, be generous with your time and have some fun! 
Thursday –  Today the Moon in Virgo is all business, and she is challenging and challenged by just about every planet in some way.  The Moon is in great aspect to Venus, Uranus & Saturn today.  We may feel like time is on our side for once and we may even see the fruits of some of our labors.  However, Luna is challenged by Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun and Mars today.  We must have plans to move forward before we move forward … at least that is what seems to be being communicated to us.  Jupiter & Sun in Fire sign Sagittarius give us the energy we need to move forward and the optimism to see it done, but Mars (a fire planet) is sitting in water and has his action slowed and with Mercury still retrograde we are cautioned to hold on just a while longer.  
There is still much to be done however.  We have all the “behind the scenes” stuff we can be working on… writing copy for our new websites, writing scripts for videos we want to produce, setting the action steps up for our goals, etc.  Moon in Virgo is in Earth … pragmatic, analytical and deliberate!  Resist flying off in all directions and you will be rewarded later when your plans execute exactly as you had envisioned them.        
The Weekend 
Friday –  The Moon in Virgo all day provides the energy for getting things done!  Organize, plan, analyze and clean up your desk or office or home.  Today’s moon energy helps us to clear away anything that we need to do before the weekend!  Take advantage of Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury in retrograde as it gives us the ability to re-think & re-evaluate our plans.  I know … re-arrange the furniture!  Make room at home for your Christmas Tree! 
Venus also opposes Uranus today giving us a break from the norm in our routines.  There is also the possibility that we meet someone new that has an impact on us.  Watch out for upsets within your relationships as well.  With Mercury in retrograde, words can come out wrong, and your intended actions can be misinterpreted.  On the other hand, Venus in the last degrees of her own sign, Libra and Uranus back in Aries make for excitement and trying new things.  
Saturday   – The Moon moves into lovely Libra early this morning and puts emphasis on our partnerships and relationships.  Things may take a steamy turn for the better later when Mercury retrogrades backward into Scorpio and turns our minds to passion and love.  Mercury Rx in Scorpio can also cause our minds to focus on what we don’t have – looking for a love interest or relationship?  Put yourself out there in the world where the people are you would like to meet, instead of staying in your mind and “re-minding” yourself of what you don’t have.  
Sunday –   There is sexual tension in the air today!  The Sun squares Mars, which can escalate our frustrations if we don’t have an appropriate channel to dispel the energies, can either make for a great action day or an anxious & upsetting day.  Venus, moving forward now, changes signs into Scorpio and joins Mercury Rx in the sign of passion, sex, and intensity.  The tension could be palpable … if sex isn’t in the cards for you, then exercise is!  You have to be able to move some energy to alleviate the stressful energy today.  I would love to say to do some yoga, or meditation, but I think the energy is too high for that (trying to sit still and be quiet could just add to your frustration when you can’t achieve that kind of mindfulness.)  Dance, sing, hike, spin, jog … just move your body!       
Have a great week! 
If you prefer a holistic approach to life, this is your guide to the months ahead, how they’ll affect you and what you can do about it. The Energy Almanac is comprehensive, thorough, applicable information. 
Energy Almanac
Astrological & Holistic Guide to 2019

What’s Up This Week? Mercury Rx & Venus Direct

Week of Nov. 12-18
Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries
Mars into Pisces
Mars sextile Uranus
Venus turns Direct
Mercury turns Retrograde
North & South Shift to Cancer/Capricorn
While the list of Astrological activity is shorter this week, it is no less potent than last week was!  We start the week with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and square Venus, signifying that there are some emotional issues simmering.  Take care not to let your emotions get the best of you, but you also don’t want to hold them back either.  Maybe work through what is bothering you through journaling, exercising or walking in nature.
By Tuesday morning the Moon will be into Aquarius and we get a couple of days of seeing things differently.  Thursday evening, the Moon moves on into the sign of Pisces and there is a more mystical, magical and flowy feel to everything.  Our creativity is heightened, we’re dissolving into bliss, when suddenly something pulls back the reins and we are pulled up short!  What happened?? Mercury turned retrograde, Venus turned Direct, and Warrior Mars moved into our Peace-loving sign of Pisces!  More on that in a minute … We end the week with the Moon transitioning out of Pisces and into Aries on Sunday morning.  The Moon in Aries is confrontational and sometimes is spoiling for a fight.  Take extra steps to be kind to one another today.  You don’t want to end the weekend angry at loved ones.
Thursday and Friday are probably the most intense days of the week as Thursday, Mars moves into Pisces and North & South Nodes take up an 18 month stay across Cancer/Capricorn.  On Friday, Venus completes her retrograde and Mercury enters his retrograde.
Mars has spent an extended amount of time in air sign Aquarius where his energy and the energy of the water-bearer at least get along.  Now he is going to spend the next several weeks (Nov. 15-Dec. 31) in watery Pisces, not his idea of a picnic!  Where Mars is in your chart, things will likely slow down or be unclear.  Mars in Pisces is impatient and easily frustrated.  Aries and Pisces individuals may have the most difficulty with this transit, although likely we are all going to feel slowed down in some ways.  Use the time while Mars is in Pisces to be creative, dream & visualize new dimensions in your projects, and try to relax and just go with the flow.
Mars in Pisces
Friday’s dancing of Venus and Mercury add another level of uncertainty to the week.  Venus has been in retrograde since October 5, and my feeling is that we are emerging from this cycle with renewed values, but also with a sense that we have been through something deep and penetrating.  Our hearts are hurting, our emotions raw, yet somewhere deep within us is hope.  Over the next few weeks, we will gain clarity about what Venus’ message for us has been.  Venus will clear the retrograde zone (the area through which she had been moving backwards) by December 17.
Mercury however, is just entering retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius.  If you’re feeling anxious, nervous, losing things, forgetting things, and having trouble thinking, you can thank the little messenger planet for you troubles!  Mercury is retrograde from November 16-December 6, but while he is retrograde he is squaring (challenging) Neptune in Pisces.  Now you can add confusion, deception, and delusion to the mix.  All is not lost however, (she laughs as she writes those words) because if you can bring yourself to meditate, do some yoga, be in nature, and give your mind a rest, you may find yourself with some keen insights and ideas that you can work with when the retrograde ends.
The Weekend 
Friday – A bit crazy with planets changing directions, but there is still the possibility for some lovely compassionate, loving connections with the people in your world.  Be sure to nurture yourself and others, and laugh when you want to get too serious.
Saturday is all Pisces, all day.  Dance, sing, play, watch a good movie, go swimming, be creative!  Maybe attend a psychic fair or other metaphysical event.  The Moon is conjunct Neptune today and that makes for heightened intuition … get a reading 🙂
Sunday starts out peaceful enough, but the Moon soon moves into Aries and changes up the dynamic.  Today will be a better day for action and more physical type of activity.  Remember that the Moon in Aries is a bit volatile, so do what you can to keep conflict and confrontation down to a minimum.  Others around you may not be so aware of the energies of the day, so try not to get hurt when unconsciousness arises in others.  Maybe hand them this astrological report to enlighten them!  LOL
Have a great week!

Astro-Human Design for the Week Ahead

Astro-Human Design Highlights the Week of Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2018
Moon in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra
Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Mercury enters Shadow of next Rx
Venus Rx opposing Uranus
Helical rise of Venus 
We begin the week with the Moon in nurturing, mothering & protective Cancer.  Monday, Mercury joins Jupiter in Scorpio and with the Moon in Cancer a nice flow of emotional energies emerges.  We are more compassionate and caring in our interactions with one another.  A nice extra for us at the beginning of the week is that Mercury & Jupiter are both at Gate 14 in Human Design to bring us abundance, flow … think bounteousness. Be aware though, Mercury enters into the shadow of his next retrograde period on Monday.  Things may begin to feel slower … your mind, communication, correspondence and such.  Start now to become more mindful in every moment and take care to speak more clearly.
Tuesday evening the Moon moves into Leo after an 11 minute Void of Course and so begins the more playful energies of the week. If you have kids, they are getting excited about donning their costumes and trick-or-treating.  Give yourself over to their happiness and enthusiasm. If you don’t have kids, you can still get your house ready for trick-or-treaters! 
However, on Wednesday-Halloween, we may abruptly come up against the drama Kings or Queens in our lives as Venus retrograde opposes Uranus possibly causing upsets in our relationships.  If you have someone in your life that triggers you now, try to remember how much you love them, and that for whatever reason, right now they are reacting to something in the energies of the day.  Don’t allow yourself to get sucked up into the traumas/dramas right now.  This can be a time of over-indulgence, so monitor the candy consumption 🙂  LOL  Venus also rules our finances, so today is not a great day to over-extend yourself by taking out a loan or taking on more debt.  The opposite may also be true today, financial windfalls that are unexpected can appear.  Whichever way it goes for you, just be cautious with your money for now. 
We have also come to the day that Venus rises as the morning star, and so begins an extended time of social changes & upheavals.  The ancient Maya believed that Venus rising as the morning star signaled changes in leadership in their government and changes in the social dynamics – ie what people tolerated and what they didn’t tolerate.  For those of us in the USA, this comes very near to mid-term elections and Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius (more on that next week).  I truly believe there will be some interesting outcomes with the elections here in the USA and if that doesn’t disrupt the way things have been going, then Jupiter moving into more tolerant, optimistic Sagittarius next week will certainly do it.


Wednesday begins the new Human Design Week with the Sun at Gate 44 – Patterns and the Earth at Gate 24 – Rationalizing. This Sun/Earth combination reminds us that evolution and progress proceeds in periods of leaps, and then reversals … two steps forward and then one step back.  We don’t always need to move forward without taking with us the best of the past.  What the world needs now is our ability to see the best values that form our past and the foundation for our humanity and carry them into the NOW in preparation for a bright new future.  Does it make sense to carry on with Hate & Divisiveness or can we dig deeper and remind each other our common humanity in Love & Oneness?

Human Design Chart
Week of Oct. 31 – Sun at Gate 44 and Earth at Gate 24


No matter the dramas of outer world, the end of the week sees the moon move into Virgo, and we get down to the practical basics of life.  Friday & Saturday are great organizing days.  Write up your Thanksgiving menus, get out your holiday decor, do the shopping, clean out the cupboards.  Be grounded in the very things that help you run your household smoothly.  You won’t have another weekend with this much organizing energy until after Thanksgiving … so take advantage.  
Sunday morning the Moon moves into Libra, sign of relationship harmony & beauty, making a very nice ending to our weekend.  Today is a great day to spend quality time with your loved ones.  Do something fun and maybe something different than you usually do with each other.  Be Love  ❤️
I wish you all a Loving, Abundant and Joyful week ahead!

New Moon in Aries – Power Braking Our Way Forward

New Moon in Aries – Power Braking Our Way Forward
Power braking (also called Burning Out) is a technique used in automatic transmission cars where you keep one foot on the brake and another foot on the gas pedal revving up the engine, for what is presumably a fast start – screeching tires and all!  Not only is this terrible for the cars tires and transmission but it resembles the high anxiety a person feels while waiting for the opportunities to crack open.  It’s a feeling of being all dressed up with no where to go.  Yet, there is always the possibility that we could release the brake and go, go , go!
Such is the power and energy of Sunday’s New Moon.  Just writing this, I can feel all the anxiety out there in the collective right now.  So, let’s dig into what is happening and how we can use this energy to our benefit.
Vroom … Vrooom … SCREECH! 
The New Moon in Aries is the unofficial “start” of the Astrological new year!  We technically began the Astro New Year when the Sun crossed into 0 Aries with the Spring equinox, but it is generally around the time of the New Moon in Aries when we see the real potential for what is coming ahead. The lag time between the Sun at 0 Aries (on March 20) until the new moon at 26 Aries (April 15) is why we are feeling that revving up energy, but have been unable to release it.  Exacerbating this is the fact that Mercury has been  retrograde in Aries, so even if we did attempt a new start, we found ourselves having to re-do something or discovering that even our best made plans fell apart.  (vroom vroom … screeeech).
This new moon cycle, just happens to be a doozie, with many other planets involved in a simultaneous dance of excitement, intrigue and anxiety!  Ironically, just hours before the New Moon occurs, Mercury moves to station Direct.  YAY … or so we think, until we realize that any planet changing directions, takes some time to pick up speed and really move … thus why we have shadow times before and directly after a retrograde!
The new moon is official on Sunday, April 15 at 6:57 pm PDT/9:57 pm EDT at 26 Aries.  The New Moon is the time each month when the Sun and Moon are in a conjunction opposing Earth.  That means that if the Sun & Moon are in Aries, then the Earth is in Libra.  The potential of bold action and new beginnings must be met with balance – no headlong rushing into something without consciousness!  I know it is very tempting to break the impasse we have been feeling with immediate action, but in doing so, we may miss the juice of what is available for us.  This is because there are so many other factors affecting this Moon.
 “Be Bold, not Impulsive!” 
Uranus is engaged in this New Moon.  Both the Sun and Moon will be at 26 Aries while Uranus is at 28 Aries.  That means the new moon is applying pressure to Uranus – planet of Awakening, Surprises, and Breakthroughs!  If we act impulsively now, the results may not be what we expect!  Like the rubber band when stretched too far will snap you instead of your intended target, so will Uranian surprises “snap” you if you push ahead without proper consideration or consciousness.  Conversely, waiting for the right opportunities and right timing, Uranus can provide stellar results for having just a bit more patience!  Either way, be prepared for possible surprises and shocks as Uranus energy is totally unpredictable!
The Sun/Moon combo are also engaged with Eris – Goddess of Discord.  She is a “pot-stirrer” and she can be a bit of a beach!  But she also shows us where we are not “right” with ourselves, with our values or with the current flow of the energy.  Thus, if you continue to try to push forward into the wrong direction, wrong energy, she will cause trouble.  For example, I’m thinking that Trump’s actions against Syria holds some serious blow-back, some unintended consequences may be coming.  Such is the case with Eris!
Mars, Black Moon Lilith and Pluto are also engaged in this New Moon cycle.  They are conjunct one another, each of them squaring the Moon/Sun combination. Mars and Pluto in conjunction are combustible, powerful, and transformational ( if not a little unforgiving as well), throw in Black Moon Lilith and we get to really dive into our collective and individual shadows for the purpose of evolution.  This represents a huge opportunity for humanity to re-align, re-structure, re-evaluate our actions on the world stage as well as in our personal lives.  It’s juicy, disconcerting, and so rich in potential!
Cosmic Fresh Breath  
There are other highly energetic, yet more enlightening aspects to this New Moon that I want to mention.  The Sun-Moon combination will be in favorable aspects to both the Galactic Center and the position of the February 15, 2018 Solar Eclipse point.
The Galactic Center is a source of wonderful, yet highly charged, energy frequencies that move us toward Evolution and Enlightenment – not just as individuals, but as a Universe.  Everything is bathed now in the current of change, mutation and positive potential – it’s like a cosmic fresh breath.  If we can harness the energy we are being gifted during this time, the results may be spectacular… evolution on a level that sets the stage for our living from common values and LOVE energy.  Even for those who are not so conscious about what the energies are doing here, there is still the possibility for an evolutionary leap in their own consciousness where they can see the err in their ways and open to new pathways of BEingness.
We were all gifted with a powerful portal in February with a solar eclipse at 27 Aquarius.  Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus, which as discussed is also involved in this New Moon, may be the source for further awakening and easing of the way forward into the new paradigm.  The question is …. what new story do you want to create?  And, do you want to take the path consciously, or be forced through it kicking and screaming?  The choice as always is ours …
I wish you all many blessings in this powerful time, and I choose to see us all in our highest and best, loving selves!
Next Up?  Chiron’s move into Aries at Crisis of Action point of this New Moon cycle.  Until then …
Much Love,

Mercury Rx & Pluto

Good morning everyone 🙂
I wanted to take some time and write to you this morning about Mercury Rx and the upcoming certification of the electoral college votes for President. This post is a little long, but I hope you’ll read through 🙂
I’m not sure that a Mercury Retrograde is what we really needed on the day of the certification – especially with the contentiousness that has characterized this election. But here we go into an interesting time …
Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn – a sign of form, structure, karma, business, the military and government. Ordinarily I would predict that this was going to indicate a reversal of some kind – in this case a reversal in the Electoral College since that is something of note on the same day as the retrograde.
But, it isn’t as easy as all that because Pluto is also in Capricorn, and he is lending extraordinary power at the moment to Government & Big Business (ie Corporations). There is a reason why Pluto is the root of the word Plutocracy which is what many people say that the United States is rather than a Democracy. What is a Plutocracy?
noun: plutocracy
* government by the wealthy.
* a country or society governed by the wealthy.
* an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth.
And, who did we invite into the White House? A Plutocrat disguised as a reformer of government! We can tell by the people he is electing to be in his Cabinet, that reform is not really on his mind. Instead of Politicians (bad enough, right?) we get Plutocrats & Military Generals! It’s incredible that this is happening, but all is well and is Divine right order.
Let’s say that the election is certified on Monday, December 19th as it is supposed to (even with a retrograde in place). What can we expect from the stars? Well, not long after the election is certified, Jupiter & Uranus will meet in an opposition across the Love & War axis (Libra & Aries)…in fact this occurs on December 26. Revolution is in the air, and with these two planets meeting in opposition two more times in 2017, the story is far from over! What we have is a Cosmic Wake Up Call!!
We can almost see the backlash forming as there are investigations into the Russian hacking problem, which seems to suggest that Trump himself had knowledge that the Russians were interfering with the election – a big, bad Karmic No-No! There are videos out now of delegates of the Electoral College pushing for a change in votes. People are noticing that Trump, the businessman, is having trouble keeping clear just what his priorities are as President with many conflicts of interest being pointed out everyday!
My guess is that as Pluto furthers its journey into Capricorn what we will see is that “We the People” take back our power and demand a return to our original Values of a Democracy – Equality, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. But Revolutions take time… take energy on the part of the participants…take WILL … and in no small measure LOVE of our commonality, our Unity as a country, and as citizens of the World.
Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023 – I know that sounds like it’s a long way off, but like I said, Revolutions take time! We are already seeing the handwriting on the wall – and what is transforming you might say, is the return of the vision of what this country was all about (and even, the return of a Golden Age).
By the time Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 we will have the heart, the will and the power to turn this country great again – but not on the old, outdated values that we are trying to enact right now. Instead, we will be pursuing enlightened ways of being in the World, demanding equality and support of our weakest links (whoever they may be at that time), and returning our lives to a more caring, loving, humanitarian energy enjoyed by all. The years 2023-2043 will be extraordinary!
I’m not done yet 🙂 Let’s go back to Mercury Rx for a second and what it looks like from a Human Design perspective.
Mercury, as of today, sits at Gate 38 – the Fighter. Perfect, yes? The energy of fight in this gate is all about the struggle for purpose, meaning and knowing what is worth fighting for.
On the day Mercury Retrogrades, just for one brief moment, Mercury gets back to Gate 54 – Ambition, which is where Pluto is sitting right now. Gate 54 is a Gate that is leading us into Enlightenment via the Big Dream, Hopes and Aspirations that we have as a PEOPLE. It’s almost as if Mercury is saying to us, “don’t despair, we ARE moving in the right direction even if it doesn’t look like it yet.”
Mercury will return to Gate 54 on January 28, 2017. At that time Pluto and he will meet up with Pluto at the 4th line of Gate 54 which signifies this, “Illuminating: Acknowledging that Existence has Her plans for us.” (from the book, “The Book of Lines” by Chetan Parkyn).
All is not lost, but as I told my Cosmology & the Tree of Life class last weekend, “it is now up to us to create love, unity, oneness.” It is only by consciously choosing to resonate with these frequencies that we will be headed for a Golden Age of Peace, Love, and Harmony.

Let’s get that party started 🙂

LIVE by Human Design – September Energy Report

I hope you’re all ready for a rockin’ and rollin’ September as there is so much going on this month that it feels overwhelming to write about it!

Let’s get started …

LIVE by Human Design & Living Astrology

September Energy Report


I hope you’re all ready for a rockin’ and rollin’ September as there is so much going on this month that it feels overwhelming to write about it!

Let’s get the big things out of the way first.  We enter into September with Mercury having moved retrograde in Virgo on August 30 and a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1. The Sun-Moon combo are at 9 Virgo, while Mercury moved Rx at 29 Virgo.  Mediating both ends of the sign and making this an opportunity for growth is Jupiter at 28 Virgo.  It’s almost as if we have bookends!  The net effect of this is to make sure we have learned and continue to develop our Virgo lessons surrounding wholeness, health, practical forward action and connectedness! 

From a Human Design perspective, the Sun/Moon will be at Gate 40-Lonliness during the eclipse with Earth at Gate 37-Friendship and Jupiter/Mercury/Venus will be at Gate 46 – Love of the Body.  These energies together remind us to create or join community by getting ourselves out into the world to share our gifts and talents.  Even the Hermits out there will appreciate the forming of bonds that boost themselves and others in healthy ways. 

The second event for September (and maybe the biggest!) is the Lunar Eclipse on September 16.  I’ve learned 3 major types of Astrology and all three of them show a very energetic day for the 16th!!

Western Astrology – the Lunar eclipse occurs at 24 Pisces/Virgo (Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces) forming a T-Square with Mars at the point.  This adds up to high energy, dynamic change and an element of volatility.

Human Design – the Sun at 6 – Friction and the Moon/Earth at Gate 36-Crisis, pretty much sums up the potential energy of conflict during this time.  Anytime that Gate 6 shows up we have Impact, jarring our senses and making us take notice.  Crisis can be born out of boredom and restlessness causing us to do things we wouldn’t normally do.

Mayan Astrology – the Mayan system has built in “Burner Days” that they used as a way to release tension and the build-up of strain within the society.  On the Burner Days there would be activities that brought the tribe together and released the pent up pressure.  (The example of Super Bowl in our society comes to mind…)  Because we have no organized way in today’s society to relieve the stresses, big events tend to happen that serve to bring us together – almost as if on an unconscious level we know that we must open the relief valve, but nothing is available on the conscious level for us to do it. 

So it appears that all three systems of Astrology point to the potential for September 16 (or there about) to be a potentially impactful experience for us.  This is not about FEAR, but being AWARE of your surroundings, the choices you are making in any given moment, and realizing that there will be others who are not as conscious as you and they may be on an edge.  Seek PEACE, use COMPASSION, create from LOVE and we can minimize the negative impacts of this energy. 

The rest of the month seems tame by comparison – as we move beyond the Lunar Eclipse we find ourselves once again in the energy of Sun at Gate 46 – Love of the Body and Earth at Gate 25 – Love of Spirit.  Gate 25 energy is loving, sweet and healing! We will so need it! 

Venus will be sitting at Gate 50 encouraging us to nurture both ourselves and others – in a balanced way!

The last week of September we find ourselves in the energy of Opinions and Criticism – “Judge not, lest you be judged” is a great mantra for us during this week.  Worse yet are the harsh criticisms you may put upon yourself.  Remember kind words toward self and others can go a long way. 

Look for the weekly LIVE by Human Design updates for more specifics of each week.    

Keynotes for September: 

  • Mindset – take care of what you are thinking and remember not to identify with your thoughts! DO NOT make any decisions from your head.  If you need to know what your Authority is (your decision-making tool) go to my website at living-astrology and request your FREE Human Design chart!
  • Take care of yourself, especially if you are someone who tends to over nurture others and leave yourself out!  Compassion, love and nurturing are two-way streets!
  • Get into your body!!! Love your body as it is the vehicle for your Spirit… how you think about your body is as important as what you do for your body
  • Mercury Rx is in the Gate 47 (Mindset)/Gate 64 (Confusion) for most of the month so it is imperative that you KNOW yourself, get out of your head, and wait for MAGIC to happen.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra – Relationship Dos & Don’ts

Mercury Retrograde number 3 for 2015 is upon us – this time in the relationship oriented sign of Libra. That means that Mercury, planet of Communication (including social media, email and voice connections) will be effecting how we interact with one another. Remember that Mercury in retrograde tends to mess up communication – we get misunderstood, our meaning is twisted or we have trouble just articulating what it is we want to say. The potential here is for our most intimate conversations with our loved ones, and even our business partnerships, to run amok!

Hi Friends,

Mercury Retrograde number 3 for 2015 is upon us – this time in the relationship oriented sign of Libra.  That means that Mercury, planet of Communication (including social media, email and voice connections) will be effecting how we interact with one another. Remember that Mercury in retrograde tends to mess up communication – we get misunderstood, our meaning is twisted or we have trouble just articulating what it is we want to say.  The potential here is for our most intimate conversations with our loved ones, and even our business partnerships, to run amok!

Mercury has already entered the shadow period, and it did so with the very powerful Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo on August 29, 2015.  The actual retrograde details are:

Shadow Period starts:  August 29, 2015

Retrograde Begins:  September 17, 2015 at 15 Libra

Direct (forward movement):  October 9, 2015 at 0 Libra

Completes Cycle:  October 24, 2015

You may already be experiencing the energy of Mercury retrograde with the people around you- especially if you are a Libra, Gemini or Aquarius or have planets in the first 15 degrees of the air signs.  (If you don’t know if this is true or not for you, please go here www.living-astrology.com and request your free Mercury Retrograde chart.)

Besides Relationships, Libra rules Fairness, Justice, Contracts/Agreements, Unions, Partnerships, Open Enemies and even the Relationship between Soul & Personality.  These are all areas then where we can see the effects of Mercury retrograde.  Notice that Libra – even though it is not ruled by Mercury – holds rulership over contracts and agreements.  It is imperative then that if you have to sign any contracts or agreements that you are very careful, very conscious and aware of what you are signing or asking others to sign.

Here are some Libra Mercury retrograde Dos and Don’ts:

  1. DO Be Aware – Be Conscious.  Before you open your mouth or do anything you might regret, stop and consider whether or not you are acting consciously or in the best interest of yourself or your partner.  Anytime that you forget to be “in the now” during a retrograde and knee-jerk in your responses it doesn’t turn out pretty!
  2. DO Act from your Heart & Spirit, not from your Mind.  Let’s face it, we can all get triggered by things people say or what we read of what people say (especially on Facebook). During Mercury Rx, trouble can start when we are acting from our unconscious mind, deep-seated needs, our wounds or when our buttons are getting pushed by someone’s words, ideas or beliefs.  We might say or do something that we normally wouldn’t.  Take a deep breath before you take any action when coming from a place of hurt. Let your cooler head prevail and common sense take hold of the situation. This one thing can save you embarrassment, back-pedaling, and irritation!  Rise to your higher self, from a higher perspective and then decide on a course of action – or no action.
  3. DON’T Sign Anything – Unless it was begun before the retrograde, the contract or agreement may not be what was verbally agreed upon.  Not that someone is intentionally duping you, but possibly they are at the effect of the retrograde and things just got left off the agreement.  Even if you began a contractual process before the retrograde, take care, re-read, proofread, and rinse and repeat.  You just cannot be too careful.  If you’re the one putting together a contract or agreement, the same advice holds.  Before you request anyone else to sign on the dotted line, be sure the document reflects your true intentions and doesn’t leave anything out or add anything not originally agreed upon.
  4. DON’T Speak Harshly – Words Have Power so when working with or talking with your loved ones or other partners, be kind.  The golden rule applies here!
  5. DON’T Jump into or out of Relationships Now.  During a retrograde it is easy to be fooled by your mind;  you may think this is the most wonderful person in the world and you may think marrying them right now is a great idea, BUT … things may appear completely differently after the retrograde, then what are you going to do?  A Brittany Spears divorce move?  The opposite is also true; breaking up with someone during a retrograde can have you basing your decision on erroneous information or feelings.  Just BREATHE and wait out the retrograde – you’ll be glad you did!
  6. DO Stay Centered and Grounded!  Breathing, exercise, meditation, prayer.  Whatever works to bring you back to center is a worthy undertaking!

Retrogrades bring us back to the internal processes, the psyche, the inner dimensions.  If you’re dissatisfied with any aspect of your relationships, instead of acting on impulse, take the time to search inward for answers as to why you feel that way. Make this a time of inner reflection – there is plenty of time to act outwardly after the retrograde!  Who knows, you may just discover something important in your relationships and how they are reflected back to you!

Blessings to All!

Janet Hickox