Busy, Fun and a Bit Unpredictable This Week

Weekly Astrology Overview:

A much easier week is ahead for us and one that likely will be filled with ideas, conversations, fun and social events.  That’s not only in the stars, but here in the USA Memorial Day weekend is coming up and that means potential BBQ’s, picnics and family gatherings!

The biggest astrology news of the week is both the Sun and Mercury moving into Gemini and conjunct one another on the same day!  I would be prepared for busy-ness, a lot of activity and possible scattering of energy as we may lose focus easily with so much going on around us!  The only other “big news” this week is Mars sextile Uranus, where we may feel restless or impatient, and we then jump into making rash decisions.  Let’s break down the week:

Monday, May 20, 2019

MondayWe begin the work week with the Moon in Sagittarius.  There is hope, optimism and excitement.  We’re looking forward, having left the emotional full Moon in Scorpio behind us!

The Moon squares Neptune today.  We may be in a dreamy state of mind and feel like escaping reality.  We may be super sensitive to our environments as well, so make sure you stay away from toxins – including people who have a negative effect on you.

Later today the Moon conjuncts Jupiter leaving us with good feelings and a generosity of spirit.  We are less likely to get triggered by events or people around us.  About the only possible negative here is that we might latch onto an idea or objective and become obsessed with it.  If you experience this effect, then you have to look deeply within your subconscious mind to discover what this means for you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

While you slept, the Moon moved into Capricorn, the Sun moved into Gemini and then TuesdayMercury moved into Gemini!  That’s a lot of energy surges happening while you’re trying to sleep, so don’t be surprised if your night was restless and/or you took part in many different dreams!

Let’s start with the Moon in Capricorn which is business-oriented and task centered.  We can get things done, that is if the Sun and Mercury didn’t both move into Gemini at nearly the same time!  LOL

The Sun and Mercury in Gemini are sociable, communicative, and easily distracted.  That could make getting anything done nearly impossible as we are pulled in many different directions.  It does make for excitement and sharing of ideas though, and eventually the work gets done.  So relax and enjoy the conversation, exchange of ideas, and the minds  capriciousness for now 🙂

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wed imageToday the Moon is in Capricorn and Mars sextiles Uranus.  On the one hand, there is much opportunity to get things done, and on the other hand, things may happen that distract you or take you away from your stated goals and intentions for the day.  I would say that this is a day to master “going with the flow” as nothing may go as expected!

Mars and Uranus are both very active planets, although Mars is more deliberate, he is debilitated and frustrated a bit by his placement in Cancer right now.  Uranus, in earthy Taurus, is also slowed down by his placement. These two planets coming together could spell frustration, irritation, restlessness and erratic behavior.  Be careful with what you say or do today.  Be especially careful around metal and electricity!  That includes driving!  This energy could last for a few days!

The Moon is also conjunct both Saturn and Pluto today.  There could be emotional undercurrents fueling the Mars/Uranus energies.  Watch for becoming overly reactive to people and events today. Remember that you always have a choice on how to react or respond to what is going on in your life.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Moon is void-of-course from last night at 8:57 pm PT until today at 10:49 am PT when Happy-Thursday-022it moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius.  I sincerely hope the Moon’s move helps us to see things more clearly and with less emotion than the last couple of days!

The Moon in Aquarius often brings us brilliant flashes of inspiration or epiphanies.  Things that were hidden from us can burst out in a moment of absolute clarity.  The Moon squares Uranus today, the ruler of the sign Aquarius.  We want excitement, freedom and movement, but with the rebellious nature of Uranus in Aquarius we may not necessarily be able to make decisions that are good for us.  Refrain from doing anything rash or risky!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday pandaThe Moon is in Aquarius all day today, but has a more peaceful use for the energy as Venus is also involved with the Moon.  For those of you in the USA anticipating a 3-day weekend, there is enough energy to make the day go quickly, but not enough to create havoc.  Try to complete projects and clear off your desk so that you start next week with ease.

the weekend graphicNOTE:  I’m including Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the weekend astrology because of the Memorial weekend in the USA.

First a few words about the weekend for those of you who are celebrating a long one by camping or getting out into the great outdoors.  The Moon transitions into Pisces late Saturday, and spends Sunday and Monday in the sign of water.  Be Careful – especially around water this weekend.  Keep your wits about you when boating or swimming or participating in other water sports.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Today the Moon in Aquarius is ready to play!  The only major aspect for the day is a sextile to Jupiter and that means good times!  Have fun, but remember that the Moon in Aquarius can be unpredictable, and this makes it a day to try not to take risks.  Be safe and sane while you’re having fun!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Moon has transitioned into Pisces, generally speaking a sign of calmer, more compassionate energy.  But, the Moon actively engages with Uranus, the Sun and Mars today, adding unpredictability and aggressiveness to the energy.  We may be tempted to overdo it, so have perspective and a sense of proportionality to everything you do!  Keep it a fun and relaxing time.

Monday, May 27, 2019  Happy Memorial Day

Monday memeToday the Moon spends the day in Pisces and is challenging Mercury.  We may be feeling a little tired or low energy to begin the day, especially if we have had an especially busy or action-packed weekend.  Our minds may not be clear either, so take some time to relax, breathe and enjoy the time spent away from the usual daily work you do.

The Moon conjuncts Neptune today as well, and we may feel especially creative and imaginative.  Our intuition is also heightened on a day like today.  Pay attention to the signs, symbols and images that come up in your mind as they may hold the key to your potential.

Make it a great week everyone, and enjoy the extended time for the weekend!

Love & Blessings,
Janet Hickox


Full Moon of Truth – A Look at the Week Ahead

full moon


“Our genius comes alive when we are willing to confront our shadows.”

Gene Keys, Richard Rudd; “Dare to be Divine”

The week ahead contains the end of a holiday weekend, the Full Moon, a Grand Water Trine, a Mystic Rectangle and Mercury’s move into Gemini.  Not a bad week ahead! There are some really beautiful energies and maybe a couple that are a little more challenging!  Let’s take a look …

We start the week with the Moon opposing Mercury, and a Void of Course Moon.  The Moon is VOC from 10:25 am PDT to 3:29 pm PDT today (May 28,2018).  By that time, the Moon has left Scorpio for Sagittarius and we are preparing for the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th.  The Moon opposing Mercury may make for either deep discussions, from the heart & soul today, or difficulty in expressing the true meaning of your message.  I’m feeling that as I’m writing this morning because I have so much I want to say, but words defy me a bit 🙂  Just make sure that your words today are not filled with spite and anger or that Scorpion “sting” – wouldn’t want to end a delightful holiday weekend with unnecessary conflict or confrontation!

Tomorrow we enter the Full Moon window as the Moon & Sun do their monthly dance of opposition.  The Moon in Sagittarius pushing us to look deeper, to see the TRUTH, and the Sun in Gemini making it easy to do.  We will talk more about the Full Moon during tomorrow morning’s broadcast in the MetaCafe .

I shared the quote above from Gene Keys’ Richard Rudd in a video introduction of his “Dare to be Divine” series.  It is profoundly telling a TRUTH … that only by embracing and owning the shadow can we find the Truth of who we are.  But deeper than that, I see the Gene Keys with their arrangement of Shadow, Gift and Siddhi as DNA nesting dolls.  That is, encompassed in the shadow is the gift and the siddhi.  Richard basically says the same thing in this video:  Dare to be Divine

This is a nearly 40 min video, but is so worth the listen!  And, hey, the Moon is still in Scorpio at the time of this writing, so why not go deep into something?  🙂

The Full Moon brings illumination, revelation and aha’s or can bring us completion and a doorway to moving forward.  Perfect for our evolution right now!

One of the most striking features of this Full Moon is the Mystic Rectangle that it forms with the Sun, North Node and the South Node/Mars conjunction.  This is a highly spiritual formation and one that we want to be able to utilize as we forge our pathway forward toward living our destiny…remember last week?  We talked about this and how we get stuck in the “dream” and fail to move into manifesting our dreams?  What would you need to release in order to go from Fantasy state to a Manifesting state? Something good to consider for this Full Moon.

Later in the week we are supported by a Grand Water Trine.  The Planets Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer, form a harmonious angle to one another allowing us a deeper experience of Love, Forgiveness, Nurturing & Emotional Connection.  This is very supportive energy that is in the background from May 28-June 5!  Enjoy 🙂  If you’re feeling sensitive, emotional, meditative – this forming Grand Water Trine might be the reason.  It favors spiritual musing, along with inner work.

Mercury, our favorite little messenger planet, moves into Gemini tomorrow, the sign it rules!  Be prepared for conversation, information, and motion!  We’ll now have both the Sun and Mercury in the sign of the Mind and that means curiosity, questions, and the hunt for answers, as well as social activity!  This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year – When both the Sun & Mercury are light, airy and out for some fun!  🙂

Alrighty  – thank you all for allowing me the day to write instead of talk, and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning, 8:00 am PDT/11:00 am EDT at the MetaCafe for your Daily Astrology-Human Design-Oracle energy report!

Love & Blessings,


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