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Chi Energy vs. Kundalini


MetaCafe LogoThis morning during the MetaCafe, we talked to Amy Pattee Colvin about different ways to move energy through the body.  She moved us through some simple, yet effective, ways to move our energy through breath, Qigong, mudras (hand movements) and meditation.  One astute listener this morning asked the question about the difference between Chi or Qi energy and Kundalini energy.

The link below takes you to a nice article about the differences, and below that you can see the video interview this morning.

Article on the difference between Chi & Kundalini:

via Chi Energy vs. Kundalini | Healthy Living


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Moon in Gemini – Be Sociable & Conversational

The Moon moves into Gemini this morning. Words and messages abound for the next couple of days. It’s a good time for making new contacts and developing old ones, and for putting your finger on feelings that have been waiting for the right kind of expression.

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What’s Up in the Stars Today?

Astrology for 2019: How to Navigate Through & Thrive in the Year Ahead

Astrology for the Year.pngAstrology for 2019 – What to Expect & How To Navigate the Year Ahead

Zoom Webinar – $25

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 

4:00 pm PT/7 pm ET

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea going into the New Year on what to expect from an astrological point of view, and how to best use the energies of the year to your advantage?  I have just the webinar for you!

I’m going to break down month-by-month the most important transits, planetary changes, eclipses and more during this webinar.

And, as a Free gift for purchasing your seat at the webinar, I am giving each of you a 12-month Transit Report filled with the days that are most important to you personally for the year ahead!

Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn & Pluto coming closer and closer to conjunction, Uranus in Taurus, and Eclipses across Cancer & Capricorn are just a few of the major transit occurring this coming year.  You will definitely want to know what to watch out for, when to take action in your finances, relationships, careers and more!

Here’s how to participate:

1.  Purchase your webinar by Registering via Zoom   We are using the Zoom webinar platform where you can connect either via computer or telephone.  If you are outside of the United States, Zoom will also give you options to use your country specific phone numbers.

2.  After registration is completed, there will be a link back to this website for you to order your

FREE 12-month Astrology Transit Report (link takes you to a sample).

The webinar is being recorded so if you join the webinar late or cannot make it to the Live event, you can still gain access with your purchase. 

Space is limited so Register for the Webinar here:  Astrology for 2019

Astrology & Human Design for the Week Ahead

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I know I did – and I got a lot accomplished!

This is week two of the quieter energies for the month of May – the calm before the storm, if you will.  But, this week does have some challenges ahead, as well as some wonderful opportunities!  Yes!

We start the week with the Moon in Aquarius giving most of us a unique and off-key viewpoint.  I thought it was funny this morning when some FB posts that I was seeing were all about turning things upside down to get a different perspective – that is so Moon in Aquarius 🙂  The rest of the week, Luna travels through Pisces and then into Aries, which we’ll talk about more as the week moves on.

Watch your words today and for the next couple of days as Mercury has come to an exact square (90 degree, challenging aspect) with Pluto.  Words can empower or slice and dice, and they may be misinterpreted – especially on social media where it is difficult to gauge the tone and emotion behind the words.  Be wise then about what you say, when you say it, and maybe realize that you can be misunderstood.  Have compassion for your fellow humans as well, they may not tune in to astrological wisdom and have no clue about what is happening 🙂

I’ll let you enjoy the rest of the week’s information in the video!





Surprises or Upsets Today?

Today the Moon and Uranus come together to create either surprises or upsets, depending upon your viewpoint.  The Moon in late degrees of Sagittarius is completing her travels and preparing to move into Capricorn later this evening.  Tomorrow will be a much different day, so enjoy the more sociable energies today! 

Hello everyone,

Today the Moon and Uranus come together to create either surprises or upsets, depending upon your viewpoint.  The Moon in late degrees of Sagittarius is completing her travels and preparing to move into Capricorn later this evening.  Tomorrow will be a much different day, so enjoy the more sociable energies today!

In today’s Morning MetaCafe, we also explore the upcoming Mars retrograde through chart readings.  Wow – I gained so much from working through these charts!  That’s something I want everyone to understand.  Hearing what is happening in someone else’s chart can be very eye-opening for yourself, as you may recognize something that is going on in your life and find new meaning in your experience!

Here is today’s video:

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Janet Hickox, Living Astrology

“I’m living a gentle, joyful, loving and abundant life!”

New Moon in Aries – Power Braking Our Way Forward

New Moon in Aries – Power Braking Our Way Forward
Power braking (also called Burning Out) is a technique used in automatic transmission cars where you keep one foot on the brake and another foot on the gas pedal revving up the engine, for what is presumably a fast start – screeching tires and all!  Not only is this terrible for the cars tires and transmission but it resembles the high anxiety a person feels while waiting for the opportunities to crack open.  It’s a feeling of being all dressed up with no where to go.  Yet, there is always the possibility that we could release the brake and go, go , go!
Such is the power and energy of Sunday’s New Moon.  Just writing this, I can feel all the anxiety out there in the collective right now.  So, let’s dig into what is happening and how we can use this energy to our benefit.
Vroom … Vrooom … SCREECH! 
The New Moon in Aries is the unofficial “start” of the Astrological new year!  We technically began the Astro New Year when the Sun crossed into 0 Aries with the Spring equinox, but it is generally around the time of the New Moon in Aries when we see the real potential for what is coming ahead. The lag time between the Sun at 0 Aries (on March 20) until the new moon at 26 Aries (April 15) is why we are feeling that revving up energy, but have been unable to release it.  Exacerbating this is the fact that Mercury has been  retrograde in Aries, so even if we did attempt a new start, we found ourselves having to re-do something or discovering that even our best made plans fell apart.  (vroom vroom … screeeech).
This new moon cycle, just happens to be a doozie, with many other planets involved in a simultaneous dance of excitement, intrigue and anxiety!  Ironically, just hours before the New Moon occurs, Mercury moves to station Direct.  YAY … or so we think, until we realize that any planet changing directions, takes some time to pick up speed and really move … thus why we have shadow times before and directly after a retrograde!
The new moon is official on Sunday, April 15 at 6:57 pm PDT/9:57 pm EDT at 26 Aries.  The New Moon is the time each month when the Sun and Moon are in a conjunction opposing Earth.  That means that if the Sun & Moon are in Aries, then the Earth is in Libra.  The potential of bold action and new beginnings must be met with balance – no headlong rushing into something without consciousness!  I know it is very tempting to break the impasse we have been feeling with immediate action, but in doing so, we may miss the juice of what is available for us.  This is because there are so many other factors affecting this Moon.
 “Be Bold, not Impulsive!” 
Uranus is engaged in this New Moon.  Both the Sun and Moon will be at 26 Aries while Uranus is at 28 Aries.  That means the new moon is applying pressure to Uranus – planet of Awakening, Surprises, and Breakthroughs!  If we act impulsively now, the results may not be what we expect!  Like the rubber band when stretched too far will snap you instead of your intended target, so will Uranian surprises “snap” you if you push ahead without proper consideration or consciousness.  Conversely, waiting for the right opportunities and right timing, Uranus can provide stellar results for having just a bit more patience!  Either way, be prepared for possible surprises and shocks as Uranus energy is totally unpredictable!
The Sun/Moon combo are also engaged with Eris – Goddess of Discord.  She is a “pot-stirrer” and she can be a bit of a beach!  But she also shows us where we are not “right” with ourselves, with our values or with the current flow of the energy.  Thus, if you continue to try to push forward into the wrong direction, wrong energy, she will cause trouble.  For example, I’m thinking that Trump’s actions against Syria holds some serious blow-back, some unintended consequences may be coming.  Such is the case with Eris!
Mars, Black Moon Lilith and Pluto are also engaged in this New Moon cycle.  They are conjunct one another, each of them squaring the Moon/Sun combination. Mars and Pluto in conjunction are combustible, powerful, and transformational ( if not a little unforgiving as well), throw in Black Moon Lilith and we get to really dive into our collective and individual shadows for the purpose of evolution.  This represents a huge opportunity for humanity to re-align, re-structure, re-evaluate our actions on the world stage as well as in our personal lives.  It’s juicy, disconcerting, and so rich in potential!
Cosmic Fresh Breath  
There are other highly energetic, yet more enlightening aspects to this New Moon that I want to mention.  The Sun-Moon combination will be in favorable aspects to both the Galactic Center and the position of the February 15, 2018 Solar Eclipse point.
The Galactic Center is a source of wonderful, yet highly charged, energy frequencies that move us toward Evolution and Enlightenment – not just as individuals, but as a Universe.  Everything is bathed now in the current of change, mutation and positive potential – it’s like a cosmic fresh breath.  If we can harness the energy we are being gifted during this time, the results may be spectacular… evolution on a level that sets the stage for our living from common values and LOVE energy.  Even for those who are not so conscious about what the energies are doing here, there is still the possibility for an evolutionary leap in their own consciousness where they can see the err in their ways and open to new pathways of BEingness.
We were all gifted with a powerful portal in February with a solar eclipse at 27 Aquarius.  Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus, which as discussed is also involved in this New Moon, may be the source for further awakening and easing of the way forward into the new paradigm.  The question is …. what new story do you want to create?  And, do you want to take the path consciously, or be forced through it kicking and screaming?  The choice as always is ours …
I wish you all many blessings in this powerful time, and I choose to see us all in our highest and best, loving selves!
Next Up?  Chiron’s move into Aries at Crisis of Action point of this New Moon cycle.  Until then …
Much Love,

10-3-17 Daily Astrology-Human Design-Tarot Report

Grab a cuppa coffee or tea and join Living Astrology’s, Janet Hickox and Titillating Tarot’s, Jason Livanis in the Meta CaFe for the daily Astrology – Human Design – Tarot Energy Report.

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Human Design – The 5 Types

Instead of 12 Zodiac signs there are 5 Types in Human Design and each one has a role; each piece is vital to the whole of our Humanity. By living your Type and Strategy life becomes much easier and things seem to fall into place for you.


Instead of 12 Zodiac signs there are 5 Types in Human Design and each one has a role; each piece is vital to the whole of our Humanity. By living your Type and Strategy life becomes much easier and things seem to fall into place for you.  

What do we mean by Strategy in Human Design?  

  • A specific way of behaving and making a decision
  • Each Type has a unique Strategy
  • Strategy flows both ways
  • Live your Strategy = Live authentically. 

Manifestors –

Manifestors make up about 8-9% of the population.  They are the creators and initiators.  They are truly the only Type designed to go out into the world and “Just Do It,” the other types must either wait to respond or wait for an invitation to act.  Manifestors have access to tremendous creative and initiating energy, yet they do not have access to sustainable energy, and so completing projects can be challenging for them.  Manifestors are most successful in the world when they are informing the people who are effected by their decisions before they act.

Keywords:  Energetic, Powerful, Successful, Impulsive, Not a team player, Anger.

Manifesting Generators –

Manifesting Generators are similar to Generators and make up about 33-35% of the population.  They are the consummate multi-taskers and have sustainable life force or work force energy like the Generators.  However, Manifesting Generators work fast and do things quickly and are designed to find the shortcuts to completing any task.  They form a type of hybrid between Manifestors and Generators.  Manifesting Generators must also practice response to the outer world instead of purely initiating action.  It serves them as well to inform those effected by their decisions before taking action.

Keywords:  Energetic, Self-Aware, Multi-tasking, Impatient, Anger and Frustration, Skip important steps

Generators –

Generators have access to tremendous sustainable Life Force or Work Force energy, consequently they are designed to work and are the “doers” in Human Design.  However, the work that they do cannot be just any kind of work.  They must find their right work, what they are passionate about, and their aim is to master whatever it is they are working on in this life.  Generators make up about 35% of the population.  Generators find the most success in life when they are acting in response to opportunities in their outer world and not from ideas or inspiration coming from within them.

Keywords:  Energetic, Masters of their craft/work, Self-aware, Frustration, Quit too soon, Can feel stuck

Projectors –

Projectors are gifted managers, leaders and guides.  They make up only 20% of the population.  Projectors do not have access to sustainable life force energy, so they are not designed to work in the world like Generators or Manifesting Generators.  Although they may be conditioned to believe that they are supposed to work as the Generator types, and indeed can do so for short periods of times, Projectors simply do not have the stamina to do work that way and can do damage to their physical bodies and spirits by doing so.  Projectors are also designed to enter into the big things in life (relationships, jobs, relocations) through invitation. Through the process of being invited, Projectors are guided into the right conditions to excel as the natural leaders and creators they are.

Keywords:  Leadership, Intuitive, Insightful, Susceptible to burn out, Perceived by others as lazy, Bitterness

Reflectors –

Reflectors are the rarest Type in Human Design making up less than 1% of the population.  They reflect the general health of the communities they are a part of.  Reflectors are very sensitive and unique individuals who care deeply about peace and prosperity for humanity.  Reflectors have no inner authority and must wait a full cycle of the moon, 28 days, in order to make good decisions.  During this time, they are talking to people and getting their opinions and input as a Reflector can only see the truth when reflected through others.  Ideally a Reflector would be a part of every community to help guide us into healthy and supportive decisions.

Keywords:  Sensitive, Passionate, Unique, Clingy, Inconsistent, Disappointment

One of the reasons I really love Human Design is because it is a great tool for self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love!  I’ve also discovered that I am far less likely to be in judgment of myself or others.  The most important tenet that you can adopt in life is:  “Know Thyself.”

If you want to begin your journey to Knowing Yourself, get a FREE copy of your Human Design chart hereOnce you “see” yourself through Human Design, your world will begin transforming!