Freedom, Intimacy and Abundance

It seems this week is all about Uranus!  First Venus, then Mars, Sun and Moon trine the planet of Awakening.  So expect the unexpected, be ready for surprises and stay grounded (in your body and conscious).  Uranus tends to bring change in order to free us, not punish us, so be open-minded about what might be happening in your lives right now.  Mercury is added to the stellium in Virgo and we have a New Moon-Super Moon in Virgo later in the week.  The energy of Work, Service and Analytical thinking is in full swing

The Last Week of August

Week 5:  August 26-31      The Virgo Stellium, Uranus & New Moon

It seems this week is all about Uranus!  First Venus, then Mars, Sun and Moon trine the planet of Awakening.  So expect the unexpected, be ready for surprises and stay grounded (in your body and conscious).  Uranus tends to bring change in order to free us, not punish us, so be open-minded about what might be happening in your lives right now.  Mercury is added to the stellium in Virgo and we have a New Moon-Super Moon in Virgo later in the week.  The energy of Work, Service and Analytical thinking is in full swing!

The Human Design energies this week take us into Intimacy, Freedom and Abundance.  That is a recipe for a bit of magic to happen.  With the Sun at Gate 59 we’re focused on intimacy, creativity, and relationships.  We discover that interaction and intimacy form the doorway to evolution.  We cannot evolve and also be alone.  Through our relationships we access the spiral of consciousness.

The Earth is in the Gate 55- Abundance in Spirit.  Here we get a bit of a “spiritual awakening” as we release victimization and embrace freedom, and more FREEDOM. The Gate 55 sits on the emotional center (Solar Plexus) and not on the work center or Sacral.  What we discover is that working harder does not lead to more abundance.  Abundance is grown through our emotional resonance with it.

Later in the week the Sun moves into Gate 40 – Deliverance, which is literally another gate of Freedom!  This gate teaches us freedom for ourselves and from hardship by the correct use of will power.  When used incorrectly, willpower can lead to burnout, which can lead to exhaustion.  Adding to the lesson is the planets Venus and Mars also at this gate as if to emphasize the importance of the right use of Will.

The Earth will be at Gate 37 – Harmony.  This gate is also know by Serenity, Friendship, Peace.  All these can be yours by just understanding how to use your will to be in the flow of Universal energies.  Rather than pushing, wait for the signs and signals from the Universe on what comes next.

MondayMonday, August 26, 2019

We begin the work week with the Moon in Cancer making a host of positive connections to the planets.  Even though we know that Cancer is opposing the Saturn, South Node, Pluto elements in Capricorn responsible for changing our world, we are buoyed by the excellent relationship the Moon has today.  There’s a bit of magic in the air!

Venus trine Uranus – Tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol routine?  Today’s your chance to get out and do something new and exciting.  It’s time to break the monotony!  Just be careful that you don’t take things too far.  Socialize, play, expand, do something that you normally wouldn’t do.  Go see a movie that you wouldn’t normally expect you would like to see.   Whatever you do today should feel new and out of the ordinary!

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  12-Catalyzing.  The Universal energy of 12 is understanding everything more deeply.  Catalyzing energy (Cauac in the Mayan calendar) helps us to use creative opportunities correctly and to avoid reacting to life with drama or disappointment.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto early today and we may feel the rush of emotion or Tuesthe tinge of emotional upset.  This is a quick aspect and will soon pass.  Don’t make too much of any emotional confrontation.  Late today, the Moon moves into Leo and our fun returns!

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  13-Enlightening (Ahau in Mayan calendar).  We have reached the last day of the week in the Pleiadian-Earth calendar, and as well the last day of this calendar round (which consists of 260 days).  The Universal energy of 13 is about completing all unfinished business and integrating what we have learned in preparation for the new week that begins tomorrow.  The Earth energy of Enlightening gives us opportunity for social progress and a way to commit to new ideals.  Watch out for polarized judgments.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

WednesdayThe Moon spends the day in Leo and we can be heart centered, loving, generous and fun-loving!  There may be some unexpected things happening -especially in the outer world – as Mars meets up with Uranus.  With this duo in Earth signs it makes me think of earthquakes or earth-shaking events.  Be prepared, but don’t be scared.  We just never know how these two will get along and what they will bring to us.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  1-Being (Imix in Maya) – Today is the first day of the week and the first day of the new calendar round.  The Universal energy 1 is about initiating and starting new things.  The Earth energy of Being is also about nurturing a new beginning and being creative.  Avoid being critical, reactive or needy today.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Today, Mercury moves into Virgo and completes the stellium that has been building since Happy-Thursday-022the 18th when Mars moved into Virgo.  Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and is powerful in this very analytical and critically thinking sign.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  2-Breathing (Ik in Maya).  The Universal energy of 2 is about Duality, and challenges us to look at and accept opposite perspectives.  The Earth energy, Breathing, asks us to harmonize multiple points of view.  We should avoid being unpredictable or fickle today.

Friday, August 30, 2019   New Moon/Super Moon in Virgo

Friday pandaEarlier in the year we had our Full Moons as Super Moons, and now is the New Moon’s turn to be super.  A Super Moon is a full or new moon that comes to within 90% of the closest the Moon ever makes to the Earth.  It has more power or influence because of its proximity to us.  The tides are higher, and since we are made up of about 75% water, we are also more pushed by the tidal forces.  This New Moon at 7 Virgo is the closest new moon approach to Earth this year.  The New Moon is also powerful this time as it conjuncts Mars and Venus as well – the masculine and feminine aspects of creative energy.  Later this week I will do a more in depth post on the New Moon and what we can expect.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  3-Listening.  The Universal Energy 3 is Creating energy.  It inspires us to create new things or to think in new ways.  The Earth energy of Listening (Akbal in Mayan calendar) shows that we are meant to practice empathy, care and responsibility in our relationships.  Being pessimistic or controlling brings out the more negative aspects of today.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Moon is VOC (void-of-course) for most of the day today.  The VOC begins at 1:46 am Saturday memePT and lasts until 4:08 pm PT when she moves out of Virgo and into Libra.  For the next couple of days we are relationship oriented and have the opportunity to do more to bring balance and harmony into our lives.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  4-Planting.  The Universal energy 4 is about building solid foundations that create stability in our home, family or work areas of our lives.  The Earth energy of Planting has a lucky feel to it, is energetic, and good for starting new things.  Sounds sort of like good energy to have in the shadow of the New Moon doesn’t it?

Sunday, September 1, 2019

SundayThe Moon spends all day in the sign of Libra challenging Saturn but flowing smoothly with Jupiter.  That tells me that this is a mixed bag sort of day.  We may begin with a feeling of melancholy that later transitions into optimism and hope.

Mercury trines Uranus today as Venus trines Saturn.  Thoughts, words, deeds seem to align on days like today.  There is good energy flowing between these four planets (Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Saturn).  We may be filled with great ideas that we are able to find an expression for.  In fact, the Moon challenged by Saturn (see above paragraph) could be the stimulus to our being able to express creatively.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  5-Moving.  Even our Pleiadian energy seems to show us that we can make some movement in terms of our creative energy today.  The Universal number 5 is change which can bring surprises and revelations that totally didn’t expect!  The Earth energy of moving implies shedding the old skin in order to grow, expand and find our next level of evolution!

Make it a wonderful week everyone – it’s in your hands!

Blessings, Janet 

Moon in Leo and Weekend Astrology

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What’s Up in the Stars This Week?

Welcome to the Month of April 

Astrology Information to Get You Through the Week – April 1-7

Here we are in the first week of April – Already!!  Wow- where does the time go? We begin the week with April Fool’s Day.  What tricks or pranks will you fall for this week – all in the name of fun 🙂

The energy of the week features Mercury conjunct Neptune again (remember last week they were also conjunct when Mercury was retrograde), and the New Moon, and that’s pretty much the story for the entire week.  There isn’t the extremes of last week’s change energy, so all in all this is a week to go with the flow.

Let’s break it down by the days:

April Fool's Day Monday, April 1, 2019

Happy April Fool’s Day.  Do you know the origins of this day?  April Fool’s is linked to the time when the Julian calendar gave way to the Gregorian calendar.  People who forgot the change and celebrated New Year’s on April 1 (where it used to be celebrated in the Julian Calendar) were made fun of.  This is only one story of the origins of the day.  You can find out more information in this article – HERE

Today’s astrology is very mild.  The Moon is in Aquarius early in the day and shifts this morning into Pisces.  The next few days are filled with the shifting sands of emotions and the high side for us is that we are more compassionate, intuitive and forgiving.  This doesn’t make for substantial decision-making prowess however, so be gentle when it comes to trying to make big decisions.  You will need more time for clarity before you really know what to choose.

Human Design Notes for the day:

Venus, in Human Design Astrology, represents our relationships, and she moves into the Gate 37-Harmony today.  Gate 37 is on the Emotional Solar Plexus center and for the next few days we are more inclined to equality, tenderness and creating harmony with one another.  In the lower frequency of the the Gate 37, we find cruelty and using power against one another.  Be kind, be generous, be compassionate, be loving.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 Tuesday

Today the planet Mercury moves to conjunct Neptune in Pisces.  Last week week we had the same transit when Mercury in retrograde was conjunct Neptune.  Now Mercury is moving forward and has met up again with the planet of Spirituality, Mysticism and Intuition to deliver yet more messages from our higher selves.  This is a great day for meditation, contemplation or engaging in your Spiritual practice.  Choose to tap into the etheric realm for guidance and direction.

Human Design Notes for Today: 

Mercury now moves into the Gate 22 – Grace today and sits with Neptune.  Venus just recently left this gate so we are seeing quite a bit of focus on the information held in this gate.  Last Friday in the MetaCafe, I spent a bit of time talking about the energy at this gate and what it is leading us to.  Here’s a link to the video for that show:

Friday MetaCafe on Neptune at Gate 22

The Gate 22 is important because it is holding the key to our involution.  Think of involution as the inner changes we are making as we evolve as human beings.  Involution is the process of our embodying more and more of our Divinity.  It is ongoing, and as planets like Mercury (communication) and Neptune (Spiritual Nature) transit here, we are indeed changing from the inside out.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Moon is in Pisces for most of the day today.  Before it transitions into Aries later this evening, we experience positive energy with Pluto and Jupiter.  For the most part the day is smooth.

Moon sextile Pluto – This transit arouses deep feelings and emotions within us.  We are more interested in the depth of things rather than just the superficial.  We are also more interested in the mysterious and mystical today.  We may have waken from dreams in the night that have a profound effect on us, as if the subconscious was speaking to us directly.

Moon square Jupiter – We feel generous, benevolent and spiritually oriented when the Moon squares Jupiter.  While you may feel very sure of your own beliefs, watch out for self-righteousness or smug arrogance in the face of other people’s beliefs.  There is enough room in this world for a diversity!

Thursday, April 4, 2019


Thankful ThursdayLast evening the Moon shifted from Pisces into Aries.  Events pick up pace for the next couple of days.  The challenge is to be quick, yet avoid being premature so you don’t have to do it all over again down the line.  Nevertheless, it can be a fresh breeze all around, awake with energy.

Adding to that, the only aspect for the day is the Moon sextile Mars, and overall, this adds to the energy potential of the day.  Today we have the capacity to work well with others or by ourselves.  We may feel like taking the initiative and be more self-reliant.  In communicating with other today, steer clear of attacking with your words, or stirring the pot unnecessarily.  If you have something to say, say it responsibly and that means without blaming others or shaming anyone.

Friday, April 5, 2019 Friday

New Moon in Aries – While you slept the New Moon occurred at 15 Aries.  The New Moon always offers up the new, whether it is a new journey, a new belief, a new pathway forward, or even a new relationship (and that can be with a person, a group, money, etc.)  This New Moon opens up a portal to success, but it is not assured as much as it is worked for.  Aries new moons open up all kinds of possibilities to be bold, courageous and take action where it was once stalled.

About the only downer to this New Moon is it is square to Saturn in Capricorn, which can make us feel a bit overwhelmed by the work ahead to get where we want to go.  The best bet here is to make a plan and break up it up into bite-sized pieces.  That way you feel encouraged each time you take a step.  Saturn rewards those that are willing to do the work!

Human Design Notes for the New Moon

The Sun, Moon combination (ie the New Moon) are at the Gate 51-Initiation in your Human Design chart.  The energy at this gate is one of awakening and/or agitating, depending upon how you personally view what is going on.  The high frequency of this Gate shocks us, initiates us into higher knowledge/higher self and sets us up on a pathway to becoming more than we ever thought possible.

The lower frequency in the Gate 51 can cause us to feel defeated and fearful by the chaos or turmoil going on around us.  Or we may become agitated and upset, leading us to feel victimized.  It boils down to choice – how do you choose to see the challenges and opportunities around you?

The Weekend

The Moon is in Taurus for the entire weekend.  The next couple of days can be solid launching ground for anything you choose to embark upon, especially if it’s down to earth to begin with. The atmosphere favors practical beauty and the grace of being in touch with nature itself.  Enjoy the simple and the elegant, leaving behind complexity and complications.

However it isn’t all peaches and cream this weekend.  There are a couple of things to watch out for.

Saturday, April 6, 2019 – Moon conjunct Uranus

Be careful of acting rashly or impulsively today.  You may be feeling a bit moody, and there are repercussions if you act first, think later.  You certainly do not want to get stuck with the results of reacting versus taking action.  Instead, use the energy of the day to do something different – go someplace you’ve never been, visit with someone you haven’t seen in awhile or enjoy movie, museum or activity that you wouldn’t normally think you would like.  You might be surprised today in good ways, when you step out of a rut.

Sunday, April 7, 2019 – Mercury sextile Saturn

Today you can work diligently and carefully on any number of projects.  You have the mental acuity, focus and concentration to get things done.  Don’t try to focus on the big picture today as much as on the details of something.  This transit favors the minutia.  Don’t get carried away today with being too serious either – get out and have some fun!

So, all in all, not too bad of a week.  I’ll be leaving on Friday for a cruise in the Caribbean with psychic medium, John Holland and oracle card reader and designer, Colette Baron-Reid.  I’m really excited.  I’ll most likely be out of touch until April 14th when I get home.

Until then – have a Stellar week!

Blessings – Janet Hickox


A Great Shift Awaits Us . . .

The question is – will you go with the shift or will you stay stuck in the old?

This is the week we have been waiting for.  The Spring/Autumn equinox gateway that leads us into the new Astrological year and the potential to remake & renew the world.  And it all begins with LOVE.  Universal Love & Love of Life itself!

In Human Design astrology, the turning of the seasons happens in the Identity Center (the yellow or white diamond central to your body graph) at the Gates of Love.  The Spring Equinox occurs with the Sun at Gate 25-Universal Love and the Earth at Gate 46-Love of the Physical Body.  It forms what is to me, the alignment we are meant to experience as human beings – Love demonstrated in physical form.  The uniting of Spirit in the Body.

The tragedy in New Zealand this week underscores the need for more Universal Love in this world, along with acceptance and tolerance.  It’s like some people have this shade of fear, hate, and anger over their eyes and just don’t see the light that is in each being in this world.  That makes me feel truly sad.  But a gateway such as this one, occurring so closely to a tragedy of this magnitude, gives me hope.

The Astrology of the Week

Most of the week pales in comparison to the Equinox/Full Moon of March 20th.  The best plan for Monday & Tuesday is to prepare for the passage through the Gateway.  What can you leave behind you?  What is no longer serving you on your journey through life?  It might be a belief, pattern, grievance, victim stance, or something more concrete like a job or relationship that is no longer thriving & flourishing. One thing is for sure, we are being squeezed through the eye of the needle right now, and the only things that can make it through are the most authentic parts of ourselves.  All else is so much baggage.

Wednesday, March 20

This week’s equinox is a very powerful one indeed!  The Sun, as it moves through the gateway meets up with Chiron, the wounded healer, and is followed by the Full Moon in Libra/Aries, opposing Chiron.  It’s right in our faces that following the “wound” a deep healing would need to take place – a release or completion of some sort that allows the new to come forward.

Sun conjunct Chiron – The wound of identity is exposed.  Insecurities, fears and unresolved ego issues surface for healing.  Happening like this with a Full Moon, which brings a time for completion and the Spring Equinox which signals something new, we have a real opportunity & duty to bring change.  Healing the wound of separation, intolerance, and non-acceptance of others is of primary importance.

Moon opposing Chiron – The Moon in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries asks us what it is we are doing/thinking or how we are being that keeps the wound alive?  When the Moon is opposite Chiron, we tend to run away from the wound by giving in to the Moon’s perceived safe harbor – in this case we are doing everything we can to keep the balance and harmony, when indeed the best course of action is to shake things up and make the necessary changes.  In order to restore harmony then, we need to address the wound of identity and how we use it as a tool for separation rather than a tool of unity.

Other Aspects Made by the Sun & Moon 

Sun @ 0 Aries semi-sextile Uranus at 0 Taurus – First, we have to define what a semi-sextile aspect means.  Really this is a minor aspect, as aspects go, but because this happens at the zero degree of each sign, it has more importance.  A semi-sextile is a 30° relationship between planets, and this is usually considered a beneficial connection.

A Sun-Uranus semi-sextile calls us to be innovative and creative change agents in the world.  How can we be different?  What can we change so that the world reflected back to us is fresh and new?  The Sun in Aries provides the pathway to something new, and Uranus in Taurus calls us to realign with our common core values.

Moon at 0 Libra inconjunct Uranus at 0 Taurus – An inconjunct is a difficult aspect, and in this case tells us that we are quite likely wanting to keep things the same – keep the status quo as it were.  BUT, Uranus isn’t the kind of planet that likes to keep things static, so we are going to be faced/challenged with what we have to let go of in order to move forward.  Might it be an old belief?  A subconscious pattern?  A paradigm?  This is not only a personal challenge, but a collective one as well.  We will be called upon to answer some difficult questions, and make decisions going forward that change the world.

Lunar Eclipse point in January – An unlikely and almost missed aspect is occurring at this Equinox/Full Moon, and that is the Sun & Moon are in favorable relationship to the last lunar eclipse we had on January 20, 2019 at 0°Leo/Aquarius. What this means is that we may see (individually or collectively) themes in our lives that were also prevalent in January.  Leo/Aquarius rules the part of our lives where dreams and goals become real and tangible.  What were you setting out as an aspiration in January, because more will be coming up for you related to that time.  We may even be seeing the “fruits of our labors” as it relates to desires and dreams.

The Inner Planets at the Equinox Through Human Design


Mercury – Venus – Mars are calling us to graciousness, revolution and simplicity.  It’s quite a mix actually.  Mercury and Venus are sitting in the Emotional Center and Mars is at the Throat center.  Literally they are all working together to teach us to be more emotional mature.

Mercury at Gate 22-Grace is creating the emotional space within us to evolve with more grace and charm, kindness, and honor.  As Mercury rules communication, our involution (inner evolution or inneRevolution) begins with how we speak to one another, and to ourselves.  Words have power and carry weight.  Be ever mindful of the impact of your words.

Venus at 49-Wisdom Revolution is laying the template for us stop being in REACTION and instead be in ACTION.  This involves another type of emotional maturity – that of being RESPONSE-able.  We’re learning that change and revolution begin within each of us, and is the natural outflow of our being more deliberate in the way we engage with the world.

Mars at Gate 23-Simplicity which is also an energy related to assimilation.  Breaking things down to their simplest part, then creating new forms by combining different possibilities.  What would the world look like if we made room in our hearts for more love, tolerance, and acceptance?  Could we use love as a lens to see into the essence of every single being on the planet?  In the Universe?

Jupiter – Saturn in Human Design – Spiritual seeking of the Light and the Ambition and drive to become enlightened.  This is what Jupiter and Saturn are holding space for us to achieve.  It is a personal journey, but at the Equinox, leads us onto the next rung in the spiral in our evolution of consciousness.

The Outer Planets – Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto are bringing us change from the inside out.  Chiron at Gate 25-Universal Love is conjunct the Sun at the Equinox.  Their connection is helping us to heal the wound of our identity.

Uranus is at Gate 3-Innovation and is engaged in a grand mutation of our very DNA. The force of ascension and evolution is breaking down the old and clearing a path to the new.  All of this is totally out of our conscious control, and it akin to the unveiling of a higher cosmic plan.  Just go along for the ride!

Neptune & Pluto at Gate 63-Doubts and Gate 61-Wonder respectively, are in the Head Center.  Our minds are being broken down and re-calibrated toward truth.  This means the TRUTH – Universal Truth, not the truth that can be twisted, but the actual, God’s honest higher truths.  Granted, this may take a lot more time.  But I think we can all see that there is something larger than ourselves at work in the cosmos, that we are all a part of something extraordinary, and living from that Truth is what we are rising up to.

Like I said earlier – the rest of the week pales in comparison to this one day!

I wish everyone peace, love and joy as we move through this week!  If you want more of a daily interpretation of what is happening in the stars, join me in the MetaCafe weekday mornings at 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET on the Living Astrology Facebook page.

Love,  Janet Hickox

Real Action With a Twist of Imagination

Hopefully everyone moved through the New Moon/Solar Eclipse gateway with plans, ideas and inspiration for what comes next in your lives.  Uranus, planet of surprises, shocks and upsets turns direct (forward) today and we now have all the planets in forward motion.  This is the first time in a long while that we have had so many green lights to take action, and we definitely want to use this energy while we have it! 

Weekly Astrology Forecast – Jan. 7-13, 2019

Hopefully everyone moved through the New Moon/Solar Eclipse gateway with plans, ideas and inspiration for what comes next in your lives.  Uranus, planet of surprises, shocks and upsets turns direct (forward) today and we now have all the planets in forward motion.  This is the first time in a long while that we have had so many green lights to take action, and we definitely want to use this energy while we have it!  

Even our Human Design astrology is inspiring us to move forward.  The Sun at Gate 54-Ambition and the Earth at Gate 53-Starting Things, makes it more unlikely that we will remain stagnant this week, as to blast off into new territory.  The favored action, however, is based on a plan, deliberation, and taking a one-step-at-a-time approach.  Taking action just for action’s sake will not get you anywhere.  Real action is much more aligned with a great vision or dream, and that is where your twist of imagination comes into play.  

This week we are definitely urged to be real, and late in the week, Neptune (planet of creativity, imagination, delusion spirituality & more) becomes more prominent across the backdrop of planetary movements, and that is where imagination, thinking differently, and writing a new story supports our forward momentum.  

Let’s breakdown the week ahead: 

First, the Moon moves through Aquarius, Pisces and Aries this week.  Our emotional self is about being in a new wave length, being creative and taking bold action.  Sounds good, right?

monday (3)

Monday January 7, 2019:  The Moon in Aquarius sextile Mars in Aries gives us great energy and outlook to move forward with our plan of action.  We may experience frustration if anything gets in our way though, so be patient if things are not working out the way you think they should.  Slow down for just a minute and check to see if you can find a unique solution to any problems that show up.

Venus moves into Sagittarius today where it stays until February 3, 2019.  While in Scorpio romance was passionate and intense.  During her transit in Sagittarius the romantic energy shifts to adventurous and playful.  Besides romance, Venus also rules money and our values.  We may see some temporary good news coming in from the financial markets over the next few weeks, but don’t let that push you into over-optimistically spending or incurring debt.  Remember that this year favors “cautious growth” and good stewardship of our resources.  Stay aligned with your core values.


Tuesday January 8, 2019:  The Moon in Aquarius today is in good relationship to Jupiter in Sagittarius.  There is a perfect match to our inventive, creative sides and our optimistic and growth oriented sides.  Today is a good day to see things differently.  Rise to a higher level in order to change your perspective on things. 

Mercury in Capricorn squares (challenges) Mars in Aries today.  Our minds are sharp and there are few filters between what we think, our mouths and what we want to take action on today.  Try not to get caught up in arguments or disagreements.  Recognize that your own inner conflict may be arising through things that your mind is focused on.  The best way to avoid taking wrong action, is to breathe and then decide on what course of action to take.  This is not a good day to be abrupt, make snap decisions, or allow your anger to get the best of you.  Instead breathe deep, take your time, get outdoors and avoid conflict whenever you can.  


Wednesday January 9, 2019:  The Moon is void-of-course from 8:53 am PT to 11:43 am PT.  That means we avoid starting anything new or making big decisions during that time.  The VOC ends with the Moon’s move into Pisces and then we can let our creative ideas flow and let intuition guide our actions.  The Moon and Uranus are in a good relationship today and we might be surprised by some of the inspiring creative ideas that are coming to us.  This might be a good day to try new things, but be prepared for some ups and downs – nothing horrible, just a little bouncy!  

Later in the day the Moon in Pisces squares Venus in Sagittarius.  We may feel pulled in different directions.  The Moon in Pisces more dreamy and cautious, but Venus in Sagittarius is ready to go and boldly adventures forth.  Rather than just jumping into something, wait for things to get a little clearer.  


Thursday January 10, 2019:  Today may be a mixed bag sort of day.  This morning the Moon in Pisces is in great relationship to Mercury in Capricorn and things seem to be running smoothly.  This is a great time to establish understandings with those around you that can be mutually beneficial and last for the long-haul.  During the afternoon the Moon and Saturn team up and we experience a “cooling” in the the energy of the day.  The best way to deal with the energy of the afternoon is to keep it simple.  The last part of the day and into the evening the Moon conjuncts Neptune and we are back to more pleasant dreams and musings. 

The Weekendthe weekend graphic

Friday January 11, 2019:   The Moon in Pisces turns Void-of-Course at 6:25 am PT until Saturday morning at Midnight.  That makes most of the day today one for batting “clean up.”  This won’t be a good day to start anything new, so clean off your desk, finish things that have been left undone from the week, relax, meditate or take the day off!

The last aspect the Moon makes before going into void is a sextile to the Sun, suggesting that we go with the flow and not resist what is happening around us.  Taking it easy and letting things happen will let opportunities continue to grow that are already underway.

Saturday January 12, 2019:  While you slept, the Moon moved out of Pisces and into Aries fundamentally shifting the emotional energy for the weekend from peaceful, dreaminess to action-oriented “let’s do this!”  The pace of the weekend definitely picks up, and later in the day the Moon will conjunct Mars, the ruler of Aries.  Here is when we want to watch out for confrontation and conflict.  Rash moves, overblown feelings, emotional conflict, and anger can be lurking around the corner, so it is a good day to take it easy and not push, or be pushed, too far. Similarly, don’t let high energy push you in where angels fear to tread — overconfidence can get you into hot water. Count to ten, then go ahead.

Sunday January 13, 2019:  The day begins with the Moon in Aries squaring (challenging) both Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn.  Are you stuck in old patterns of behavior, thinking or being?  If so, make a break through!  Avoid staying stagnant in anything, yet taking deliberate action is much better than just striking out and doing anything just to break the tension.  Later today the Moon will be in a better mood as it aligns with optimistic Jupiter.  Maybe spend some time with friends today doing things you love. 

The Moon will also square the Sun today and we come to the first crisis point since the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 5, 2019.  This is the Crisis of Action, and we may see that there are stumbling blocks in getting our goals accomplished.  The test is whether you give up on your goals or do you find the path of flow that leads you closer to where you want to be?  Sometimes it takes a few tries before we get where we want to be.  Be willing to adjust your goals, but don’t give up. 

Today we come to the first pass of Jupiter square Neptune.  This transit repeat two more times in 2019 and is one where we must be careful to detoxify our environment.  And by environment I mean your body, your relationships, your thinking, and even your beliefs.  Take care not to get drawn into schemes by less than scrupulous people.  This is a time to really hold to your intuition and not get blinded by things that other people tell you.  Do your own due diligence before doing anything out of the ordinary. 

I wish everyone a blessed week!   ~ Janet Hickox 


Astro-Human Design for the Week Ahead

Astro-Human Design Highlights the Week of Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2018
Moon in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra
Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Mercury enters Shadow of next Rx
Venus Rx opposing Uranus
Helical rise of Venus 
We begin the week with the Moon in nurturing, mothering & protective Cancer.  Monday, Mercury joins Jupiter in Scorpio and with the Moon in Cancer a nice flow of emotional energies emerges.  We are more compassionate and caring in our interactions with one another.  A nice extra for us at the beginning of the week is that Mercury & Jupiter are both at Gate 14 in Human Design to bring us abundance, flow … think bounteousness. Be aware though, Mercury enters into the shadow of his next retrograde period on Monday.  Things may begin to feel slower … your mind, communication, correspondence and such.  Start now to become more mindful in every moment and take care to speak more clearly.
Tuesday evening the Moon moves into Leo after an 11 minute Void of Course and so begins the more playful energies of the week. If you have kids, they are getting excited about donning their costumes and trick-or-treating.  Give yourself over to their happiness and enthusiasm. If you don’t have kids, you can still get your house ready for trick-or-treaters! 
However, on Wednesday-Halloween, we may abruptly come up against the drama Kings or Queens in our lives as Venus retrograde opposes Uranus possibly causing upsets in our relationships.  If you have someone in your life that triggers you now, try to remember how much you love them, and that for whatever reason, right now they are reacting to something in the energies of the day.  Don’t allow yourself to get sucked up into the traumas/dramas right now.  This can be a time of over-indulgence, so monitor the candy consumption 🙂  LOL  Venus also rules our finances, so today is not a great day to over-extend yourself by taking out a loan or taking on more debt.  The opposite may also be true today, financial windfalls that are unexpected can appear.  Whichever way it goes for you, just be cautious with your money for now. 
We have also come to the day that Venus rises as the morning star, and so begins an extended time of social changes & upheavals.  The ancient Maya believed that Venus rising as the morning star signaled changes in leadership in their government and changes in the social dynamics – ie what people tolerated and what they didn’t tolerate.  For those of us in the USA, this comes very near to mid-term elections and Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius (more on that next week).  I truly believe there will be some interesting outcomes with the elections here in the USA and if that doesn’t disrupt the way things have been going, then Jupiter moving into more tolerant, optimistic Sagittarius next week will certainly do it.


Wednesday begins the new Human Design Week with the Sun at Gate 44 – Patterns and the Earth at Gate 24 – Rationalizing. This Sun/Earth combination reminds us that evolution and progress proceeds in periods of leaps, and then reversals … two steps forward and then one step back.  We don’t always need to move forward without taking with us the best of the past.  What the world needs now is our ability to see the best values that form our past and the foundation for our humanity and carry them into the NOW in preparation for a bright new future.  Does it make sense to carry on with Hate & Divisiveness or can we dig deeper and remind each other our common humanity in Love & Oneness?

Human Design Chart
Week of Oct. 31 – Sun at Gate 44 and Earth at Gate 24


No matter the dramas of outer world, the end of the week sees the moon move into Virgo, and we get down to the practical basics of life.  Friday & Saturday are great organizing days.  Write up your Thanksgiving menus, get out your holiday decor, do the shopping, clean out the cupboards.  Be grounded in the very things that help you run your household smoothly.  You won’t have another weekend with this much organizing energy until after Thanksgiving … so take advantage.  
Sunday morning the Moon moves into Libra, sign of relationship harmony & beauty, making a very nice ending to our weekend.  Today is a great day to spend quality time with your loved ones.  Do something fun and maybe something different than you usually do with each other.  Be Love  ❤️
I wish you all a Loving, Abundant and Joyful week ahead!

10-3-17 Daily Astrology-Human Design-Tarot Report

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A Deliberate Journey

If you are like most of us, you have questioned what it is you have come to Earth to do – or maybe even specifically wanted to know what your Soul’s path is.  It is a great question, but seemingly difficult to answer for a lot of us.
What if I told you that your soul’s path on Earth is a deliberate journey with growth & evolution as its spiritual purpose, and that you can access what that is for you ? 

If you are like most of us, you have questioned what it is you have come to Earth to do – or maybe even specifically wanted to know what your Soul’s path is.  It is a great question, but seemingly difficult to answer for a lot of us.

What if I told you that your soul’s path on Earth is a deliberate journey with growth & evolution as its spiritual purpose, and that you can access what that is for you ?

The Soul’s journey is not always easy nor is it a direct pathway.  It is rooted in contrast and struggle with challenges that are designed to help you grow and evolve.  In other words, conflict is a catalyst for each of us along our pathway to soul fulfillment.

We can see your Soul’s purpose and journey in Human Design as each Type has a specific divine road.  Below are the 5 Types and the Spiritual Purpose & Challenge for each one:

If you do not know what your Type is, you can go to and order your Free Human Design Chart or use the contact form below to get that information to me.

Spiritual Purpose: Being an Initiator and Being in YOUR Power
Spiritual Challenges: Maintaining connection to Superconsciousness (or your spiritual connection); not going underground with your power; trusting your connection to spirit and trusting your inner voice; courage to follow your inner voice; and informing, but not compromising

Generators/Manifesting Generators –
Spiritual Purpose: Be in the BODY and Be HERE – Manifest Spirit into Action in the physical
Spiritual Challenges:

  • “Let Go and Let God!” (big surprise that one!);
  • Having “back-up plans” for God;
  • Bring Light forth into form, but allow the road to be revealed step by step

Projectors –
Spiritual Purpose: Guide, lead, direct others and Co-creation with God
Spiritual Challenges:

  • Trusting that you will be fully supported in doing what you love;
  • Radical self-love;
  • Trusting that the invitation will show up;
  • Being diligent with their mindset

Reflectors –
Spiritual Purpose: Reflect to Humanity the current state of consciousness on the planet and Integrating expression of what is going on around them and channel that into action
Spiritual Challenges:

  • Experiencing the whole lunar cycle before making big decisions;
  • Serving as the mirror to humanity on where they have stepped out of LOVE;
  • Living in a world with exquisite sensitivity to everything around you (fear, love, anger, joy, disappointment).

It’s important to know that everyone has a purpose for being here, and a soul’s journey to complete.  Accepting and recognizing your inherent magnificence i.e. surrendering to the soul’s knowing, is the pathway forward to Enlightenment!

If you would like to know more about your own personal mystical journey, it begins with a Human Design reading OR if you have already had a Human Design reading, then you can have a Mystical Journey reading.

LIVE By Human Design,

Janet Hickox


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Mercury Rx & Pluto

Good morning everyone 🙂
I wanted to take some time and write to you this morning about Mercury Rx and the upcoming certification of the electoral college votes for President. This post is a little long, but I hope you’ll read through 🙂
I’m not sure that a Mercury Retrograde is what we really needed on the day of the certification – especially with the contentiousness that has characterized this election. But here we go into an interesting time …
Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn – a sign of form, structure, karma, business, the military and government. Ordinarily I would predict that this was going to indicate a reversal of some kind – in this case a reversal in the Electoral College since that is something of note on the same day as the retrograde.
But, it isn’t as easy as all that because Pluto is also in Capricorn, and he is lending extraordinary power at the moment to Government & Big Business (ie Corporations). There is a reason why Pluto is the root of the word Plutocracy which is what many people say that the United States is rather than a Democracy. What is a Plutocracy?
noun: plutocracy
* government by the wealthy.
* a country or society governed by the wealthy.
* an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth.
And, who did we invite into the White House? A Plutocrat disguised as a reformer of government! We can tell by the people he is electing to be in his Cabinet, that reform is not really on his mind. Instead of Politicians (bad enough, right?) we get Plutocrats & Military Generals! It’s incredible that this is happening, but all is well and is Divine right order.
Let’s say that the election is certified on Monday, December 19th as it is supposed to (even with a retrograde in place). What can we expect from the stars? Well, not long after the election is certified, Jupiter & Uranus will meet in an opposition across the Love & War axis (Libra & Aries)…in fact this occurs on December 26. Revolution is in the air, and with these two planets meeting in opposition two more times in 2017, the story is far from over! What we have is a Cosmic Wake Up Call!!
We can almost see the backlash forming as there are investigations into the Russian hacking problem, which seems to suggest that Trump himself had knowledge that the Russians were interfering with the election – a big, bad Karmic No-No! There are videos out now of delegates of the Electoral College pushing for a change in votes. People are noticing that Trump, the businessman, is having trouble keeping clear just what his priorities are as President with many conflicts of interest being pointed out everyday!
My guess is that as Pluto furthers its journey into Capricorn what we will see is that “We the People” take back our power and demand a return to our original Values of a Democracy – Equality, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. But Revolutions take time… take energy on the part of the participants…take WILL … and in no small measure LOVE of our commonality, our Unity as a country, and as citizens of the World.
Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023 – I know that sounds like it’s a long way off, but like I said, Revolutions take time! We are already seeing the handwriting on the wall – and what is transforming you might say, is the return of the vision of what this country was all about (and even, the return of a Golden Age).
By the time Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 we will have the heart, the will and the power to turn this country great again – but not on the old, outdated values that we are trying to enact right now. Instead, we will be pursuing enlightened ways of being in the World, demanding equality and support of our weakest links (whoever they may be at that time), and returning our lives to a more caring, loving, humanitarian energy enjoyed by all. The years 2023-2043 will be extraordinary!
I’m not done yet 🙂 Let’s go back to Mercury Rx for a second and what it looks like from a Human Design perspective.
Mercury, as of today, sits at Gate 38 – the Fighter. Perfect, yes? The energy of fight in this gate is all about the struggle for purpose, meaning and knowing what is worth fighting for.
On the day Mercury Retrogrades, just for one brief moment, Mercury gets back to Gate 54 – Ambition, which is where Pluto is sitting right now. Gate 54 is a Gate that is leading us into Enlightenment via the Big Dream, Hopes and Aspirations that we have as a PEOPLE. It’s almost as if Mercury is saying to us, “don’t despair, we ARE moving in the right direction even if it doesn’t look like it yet.”
Mercury will return to Gate 54 on January 28, 2017. At that time Pluto and he will meet up with Pluto at the 4th line of Gate 54 which signifies this, “Illuminating: Acknowledging that Existence has Her plans for us.” (from the book, “The Book of Lines” by Chetan Parkyn).
All is not lost, but as I told my Cosmology & the Tree of Life class last weekend, “it is now up to us to create love, unity, oneness.” It is only by consciously choosing to resonate with these frequencies that we will be headed for a Golden Age of Peace, Love, and Harmony.

Let’s get that party started 🙂

Third Eye, Blind?

As Human Beings, we have access to 3 ways of knowing – Logic, Knowingness & Intuition. Logic is the way that we have been conditioned to know something i.e. if you can prove it, it must be so. We are very familiar with this kind of thinking as it is the Scientific Method. We have a question, which we then form a hypothesis, then set out to prove it is true or it is false. This is a valid way of knowing something, but it is not the only way!

I saw a meme on FB this morning about the band, Third Eye Blind; only it was written Third Eye, Blind. That got me to thinking about what that phrase meant, which then got me to thinking about Human Design….of course 🙂
As Human Beings, we have access to 3 ways of knowing – Logic, Knowingness & Intuition. Logic is the way that we have been conditioned to know something i.e. if you can prove it, it must be so. We are very familiar with this kind of thinking as it is the Scientific Method. We have a question, which we then form a hypothesis, then set out to prove it is true or it is false. This is a valid way of knowing something, but it is not the only way!
Logic in Human Design, btw, is all about the recognition of patterns and the ability to predict what will happen based on that pattern. It is a+ b = c  kind of thinking. Every morning I see that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West – a pattern is established, and so it is a known thing. (God help us if the Sun started setting in the East and rising in the West – I giggle thinking about how that would go over in the world 🙂 ) … but I digress
What about the ways of “knowing” that our ancestors used, before the scientific revolution? Knowingness or instinct/intuition… Are they any less valid? Or … did our Western way or our more Modern life create a situation of our becoming, “Third Eye Blind?”
Well, let’s take a look at the other two ways we have of tapping into information – and, we all have these three ways of knowing available to us…but based on your Human Design you may be predisposed to rely more heavily on one.
Knowingness in Human Design is another way we have of tapping into the information super highway. It is pure and simple, “I don’t know how I know what I know, but I just know.” Have you ever experienced this? This is what I like to call Body Wisdom as it has it roots in the physical being, and it is quite possible that it is wisdom carried into this lifetime from your DNA and/or through past life recall. It is fascinating!
I have experienced this kind of knowing as I suddenly (after 911 and around my mid-life crisis point at age 41) realized that I knew astrology. I cannot explain to you with any “logic” how this knowledge showed up in my life – it was simply, I don’t know how I know what I know, but I KNOW. Imagine me trying to explain that to family 🙂 “Oh, btw family, I’m now going to stop being an Optician and become an Astrologer.” 🙂 Some members understood, and others thought I had lost my mind!
My point is this – knowingness is ancient, unverifiable, yet definitely something we all have access to, as it is in our Human Design!
The third way of knowing is Intuition / Instinct. Some of you may wonder what the difference is between Knowingness & Intuition. There is definitely a difference. Intuition is powerful, instinctive and comes in the moment. It is primal, protective, and creates an action point for us to respond to. Knowingness is a little less “qualifiable” and as such is very Neptunian (can’t pin down a source).
In Human Design, however, intuition comes from the Spleen, which is a center for Time, Intuition and Survival. Intuition speaks to you loudly in the moment, and if you choose to listen you find yourself in the right place at the right time with the right people. But, if you don’t listen and get into your mind and try to talk yourself out of what your intuition is telling you, just the opposite can happen. You miss out on the synchronistic meeting with someone, you get lost, or find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.
So, don’t be Third Eye Blind! Understand that you as a Human Being are tuned in to the world in more ways than just Logic! Sometimes you have to go with your gut, or just affirm that what you know is Truth!