Mars into Leo – Prepare to Live Your Passions


Moon in Gemini – Be Sociable & Conversational

The Moon moves into Gemini this morning. Words and messages abound for the next couple of days. It’s a good time for making new contacts and developing old ones, and for putting your finger on feelings that have been waiting for the right kind of expression.

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What’s Up in the Stars Today?

Full Moon of Truth – A Look at the Week Ahead

full moon


“Our genius comes alive when we are willing to confront our shadows.”

Gene Keys, Richard Rudd; “Dare to be Divine”

The week ahead contains the end of a holiday weekend, the Full Moon, a Grand Water Trine, a Mystic Rectangle and Mercury’s move into Gemini.  Not a bad week ahead! There are some really beautiful energies and maybe a couple that are a little more challenging!  Let’s take a look …

We start the week with the Moon opposing Mercury, and a Void of Course Moon.  The Moon is VOC from 10:25 am PDT to 3:29 pm PDT today (May 28,2018).  By that time, the Moon has left Scorpio for Sagittarius and we are preparing for the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th.  The Moon opposing Mercury may make for either deep discussions, from the heart & soul today, or difficulty in expressing the true meaning of your message.  I’m feeling that as I’m writing this morning because I have so much I want to say, but words defy me a bit 🙂  Just make sure that your words today are not filled with spite and anger or that Scorpion “sting” – wouldn’t want to end a delightful holiday weekend with unnecessary conflict or confrontation!

Tomorrow we enter the Full Moon window as the Moon & Sun do their monthly dance of opposition.  The Moon in Sagittarius pushing us to look deeper, to see the TRUTH, and the Sun in Gemini making it easy to do.  We will talk more about the Full Moon during tomorrow morning’s broadcast in the MetaCafe .

I shared the quote above from Gene Keys’ Richard Rudd in a video introduction of his “Dare to be Divine” series.  It is profoundly telling a TRUTH … that only by embracing and owning the shadow can we find the Truth of who we are.  But deeper than that, I see the Gene Keys with their arrangement of Shadow, Gift and Siddhi as DNA nesting dolls.  That is, encompassed in the shadow is the gift and the siddhi.  Richard basically says the same thing in this video:  Dare to be Divine

This is a nearly 40 min video, but is so worth the listen!  And, hey, the Moon is still in Scorpio at the time of this writing, so why not go deep into something?  🙂

The Full Moon brings illumination, revelation and aha’s or can bring us completion and a doorway to moving forward.  Perfect for our evolution right now!

One of the most striking features of this Full Moon is the Mystic Rectangle that it forms with the Sun, North Node and the South Node/Mars conjunction.  This is a highly spiritual formation and one that we want to be able to utilize as we forge our pathway forward toward living our destiny…remember last week?  We talked about this and how we get stuck in the “dream” and fail to move into manifesting our dreams?  What would you need to release in order to go from Fantasy state to a Manifesting state? Something good to consider for this Full Moon.

Later in the week we are supported by a Grand Water Trine.  The Planets Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer, form a harmonious angle to one another allowing us a deeper experience of Love, Forgiveness, Nurturing & Emotional Connection.  This is very supportive energy that is in the background from May 28-June 5!  Enjoy 🙂  If you’re feeling sensitive, emotional, meditative – this forming Grand Water Trine might be the reason.  It favors spiritual musing, along with inner work.

Mercury, our favorite little messenger planet, moves into Gemini tomorrow, the sign it rules!  Be prepared for conversation, information, and motion!  We’ll now have both the Sun and Mercury in the sign of the Mind and that means curiosity, questions, and the hunt for answers, as well as social activity!  This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year – When both the Sun & Mercury are light, airy and out for some fun!  🙂

Alrighty  – thank you all for allowing me the day to write instead of talk, and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning, 8:00 am PDT/11:00 am EDT at the MetaCafe for your Daily Astrology-Human Design-Oracle energy report!

Love & Blessings,