What’s Up in the Stars for August?

Dates to Watch this Month:

  • August 11 – Jupiter turns Direct
  • August 11 – Mercury into Leo
  • August 11 – Uranus turn retrograde
  • August 15 – Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo
  • August 18 – Mars into Virgo
  • August 21 – Venus into Virgo
  • August 23 – Sun into Virgo
  • August 29 – Mercury into Virgo
  • August 30 – New Moon-Super Moon in Virgo

For all the entries on the list above, August is really a decent month.  We have a stellium of planets in Leo that promote fun, play, creativity and relaxation, and then a stellium in Virgo later in the month that supports our healing, working and sharing our gifts with the world.  After July’s craziness, this is great news!

Let’s break it down by the weeks:

Week 1:  August 1-4    Let the Fun Begin!

CelebrateWe have just entered the New Moon window from 7/31’s new moon in Leo.  Earlier in the week we experienced a potent Sun square Uranus with possible disruptions, upsets and accident-proneness and it continues Friday August 2, when Venus (relationships, values, money) squares Uranus.  Watch out for disruptions with the people in your world – this isn’t a good time to pick a fight.  If anything, this would be great for developing diplomacy and applying love energy to your relationships!  Take care when spending money.  You want to make sure you are getting the stated value for your dollars spent.


Week 2:  August 5-11  – Jupiter Week!

I’m calling this Jupiter week, as almost every day resonates with some type of Jupiter energy.  Remember that Jupiter represents growth, expansion, and the wisdom we gain through our ever-evolving consciousness.

Monday 8-5-19:   The Moon will be in Libra and thus triggers the Capricorn Saturn, South Node and Pluto.  This makes for opportunities to bring balance to what is changing in our lives.  There is also a trine with Moon, Sun and Jupiter which gives us the confidence and emotional depth to be able to stay the course of our development.

Tuesday 8-6-19:  The Moon is in Libra for the first part of the day and then soon transits into Scorpio where it will oppose Uranus in Taurus.  The Moon in Scorpio is deeply passionate and emotionally intense.  As a fixed sign Scorpio doesn’t always embrace change, yet today may be one of those days where change is necessary!  Don’t be afraid to go with the flow.

Wednesday 8-7-19:  Today the Sun meets up with Jupiter for some free flowing, feel good energy!  Whatever you are passionate about, today is the day to spend quality time in the doing of it.  That could mean that play is your passion today or being creative.  Whatever it is, have fun!

Thursday 8-8-19:  Today Venus, Goddess of love, relationships, values and money meets up with Jupiter.  As the Sun did yesterday, this triggers some feel good energy directed this time toward the people in our lives.  Today would be a wonderful day to hang out with loved ones or meet new like-minded people.  Just enjoy the warmth and love that is all around you!  Later this afternoon, the Moon moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, Jupiter’s home territory, which ramps up the opportunities to have a good time.

About the only thing to watch out for today is the Moon’s square (challenge) to Mars in Leo.  The Moon in Scorpio represents depth, and Mars in Leo is engaged in fun and play.  Remember there is a time and a place for everything, so don’t take play over the top and as well, don’t the Moon’s emotions take you over the top.

Friday 8-9-19:  Today the Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts Jupiter and trines Venus.  That makes for a day of optimism and seeing the bright side of everything.  It could be a great day to step back from the “details” and see the bigger picture of your life or what you are trying to accomplish.

Saturday 8-10-19:  The Moon is still in adventure-seeking, mind-expanding Sagittarius today.  Maybe spend the day investigating things you haven’t before or going to new places that seem exciting or new.  There is one small blip on the screen today and that is the Moon square Neptune, which may mean a tendency to daydream or act from the subconscious.  If you’re engaged in anything dangerous or needing full concentration be super careful today!  This can also bring up spiritual awareness during the day as well.

Sunday 8-11-19:  We have reached the single most important or impactful day of the week and indeed, the month of August.  Today the planet Jupiter ends his 4-month retrograde cycle by moving direct in Sagittarius, Mercury moves back into Leo after ending his retrograde cycle on July 31, and Uranus, planet of awakening and surprises, turns retrograde in Taurus. So what can we expect?

Anytime a planet changes directions or changes signs it affects the quality of the energies we express.  When you put 3 of them doing a change on the same day, it adds some chaos to the day.

JupiterJupiter Direct – Jupiter Direct means that we are again able to grow and expand into our outer world.  Here is where we need caution so that we do not over-do anything.  This is an optimistic and expansive time for Jupiter, but you don’t want to realize too late that you cannot sustain anything you have put into motion.  Cautious risk-taking and proportional growth is what is required now.  This is especially true because over the last 4 months of retrograde you may have felt stuck and now with new energy you may go to far too fast.

Mercury into Leo – Mercury in Leo speaks with a flair for the dramatic and with passion.  We can command the attention of those around us and use our minds in very creative ways.  We’ll have to look out for dominating conversations instead of sharing the limelight.  Also, with Mercury in Leo we may over-state or exaggerate what we can do.  Be sure not to promise the world if you cannot deliver it!

Uranus retrograde –   Uranus retrograde starts today at 6° Taurus and ends on January 10, 2020, at 2° Taurus. This is a good time to shift on the inner planes in response to the outer world changes you have been through. Let your inner world be rocked in a way that is revolutionary, evolutionary and consciousness-raising!


Week 3:  August 12-18, 2019    Full Moon in Aquarius This Week!

This week powers us up a bit with a Venus-Sun conjunction, the Full Moon across Aquarius & Leo, Mercury square Uranus and the beginning of the inner planets’ move into Virgo.

So far this month we have had a stellium (a collection of 3 or more planets in the same sign) in Leo, pushing us to play, have more fun, and express our creativity.  Moving into this 3rd week of August we begin to see a shift from the creative imagination in Leo into the actual “bring it to life” energies of Virgo.  Virgo has an eye to the details, and that may be just the thing we need to manifest our dreams into the real world.  Let’s look at some details for this week:

Monday, August 12, 2019

We start the week with the Moon in Capricorn, and I hope you know what that means by now – that’s right a Moon conjunct Saturn, South node and Pluto kind of day.  Time for stabilizing what is changing in your life.  Watch for emotional reactions.  The Moon turns Void-of-course at 3:12 pm PT/6:12 pm ET in preparation for her move into Aquarius tomorrow.

Tuesday August 13, 2019

The Moon moves into Aquarius this morning at 8:36 am PT/11:36 am ET, ending her Void-of-course time.  There is a Moon opposition Mercury today that may provoke us to speak more emotionally or think more emotionally today.  Then later in the day the Moon squares Uranus, and if we have not gotten our emotions controlled, we may be tempted to blurt out our frustrations or feelings.  Be careful of being reactive today!

Venus conjuncts Sun today:  Venus and the Sun meet up today in Leo.  This transit goes a long way in soothing what might be other “tricky” energies of the day.  When Venus and the Sun connect, we feel more affectionate and loving toward the people in our lives.  We’re inspired to be creative and to beautify our environments.  Bask in the glow of love, romance and creativity today!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Moon spends the entire day in quirky, innovative and inventive Aquarius.  There are no major contacts with other planets, so we can remain open to receiving impulses from our intuition in preparation for tomorrow morning’s Full Moon in Aquarius.  What will you do or be that is uniquely YOU? Dare to think and act “outside of the box.”

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Full Moon @ 22 Aquarius/Leo at 5:30 am PT /8:30 am ET.

Today the Moon holds an opposition to the Sun (the Full Moon), Venus and Mars.  This Aquarius Full Moonfull Moon is really about what you must release in order to move forward with creativity, love and joy.  What must you do to be more heart-centered and in alignment with your desires.

Sun, Venus, and Mars are holding space in Leo (the heart centered part) and with the Full Moon in Aquarius we get to march to the beat of our own unique drum!  If you have been attempting to remain invisible or on the other hand, if you have been calling to much attention to yourself, now is the time to balance and harmonizing the two extremes to be the expression of your true, authentic self.

Another facet of the Full Moon this month is some challenging energy being shared with Pluto, Lord of Transformation.  Pluto could be stirring up issues around power and empowerment for you.  What does it take to become empowered?  Are you taking power away from those around you, or do you see your inherent power and beauty? There could be a bit of a struggle for us to see the truth in this.

Friday, August 16, 2019   

After a short Void-of-course last evening, the Moon moved into the sign of Pisces where she spends the day today.  The Moon in Pisces is a dreamy and imaginative placement.  We may find it difficult to focus on the “real” world as we are busy in the ideal realm.  There is real compassion and empathy in the Moon in Pisces.  Remember to factor that compassion and empathy inward toward yourself as well as to others.

Mercury square Uranus today – When Mercury squares Uranus we may become aware of nervous energy flowing through us or others in our lives.  There’s an electrical current that we can feel between our mind and the communication of our thoughts.  We may be filled with ideas and excitement.  Just don’t let this energy overtake you and get you moving in too many directions at once!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Moon remains in Pisces all day today making good connections to Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.  We can be totally tuned in to our inner voice today.  It’s a great day to engage a spiritual practice, take a class, do some meditation or yoga, and otherwise focus inward.

Sunday, August 17, 2019

The Moon moves into Aries early in the day (9:33 am PT/12:33 pm ET) and we feel more energetic and willing to get out and do something!  The Aries Moon is ruled by Mars and Mars likes action.  Go for a bike ride, hike, or do some other physical activity today.

Mars into Virgo  – August 18 – October 3, 2019.  The Leo stellium begins to break up today with Mars, the first of the inner planets’, move into Virgo. Mars in Leo gave us access to creative genius, and now in Virgo he becomes more of a workhorse, prodding us to action on our ideas.  Mars is a bit of a perfectionist in Virgo as well and pays attention to the details.  Wherever Virgo is in your natal chart is where you will have to take the “rubber to meet the road” during this cycle.


Week 4:  August 19-25, 2019    Adding Energy to Virgo 

Two more bodies move into Virgo this week – Venus and the Sun.  We’re working to perfect something, and it is all part of the Virgo experience.

Monday & Tuesday, August 19-20, 2019

We begin the work week with the Moon in Aries.  Today may be a day for new beginnings or building of momentum toward something.  Watch out for aggressive attitudes – either your own or someone else’s.  This is not a good day to pick a fight with anyone! Engage your personal authority and be responsible for yourself – thoughts, words and deeds!

Remember Aries is one of the signs that when the Moon moves through it can trigger our Capricorn trio, Saturn, South Node and Pluto.  There may be more to experience in the break down and regeneration of something in your life.  Be willing to work through it and engage a wider perspective.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Moon moved into Taurus very early this morning after a 20 minute Void-of-course.  That puts the Moon in a trine or positive flow with both the feminine and masculine principles (Venus & Mars).  We may feel more balanced today, and able to act from a place of equilibrium.  Later in the day, the Moon will conjunct Uranus, perhaps giving us a surprise or two.  Not all surprises are negative, maybe something very nice will pop up in your world for you today!

Venus into Virgo – August 21 to September 14.  With Venus in Virgo we value the down to Earth and practical, both in expressions of love and in what we choose to buy.  Venus rules are relationships, values and money and in Virgo we want to be sure that there is a useful reason for everything we do.  Watch out for being picky and overly critical of those around you.

Mercury (in Leo) trine Jupiter (in Sagittarius) – When these two planets meet up in Fire energy there is expansion into the creative, expressive, and spiritual.  Mercury rules the mind and communication, while Jupiter rules expansion and our Spiritual nature.  This combination may bring us good news, optimism and the desire to socialize.

Friday, August 23, 2019

The Sun moves into Virgo early today adding a 3rd party to the building stellium in that sign.  The Sun in Virgo is organized, earthy and detail-oriented.  The focus turns to our work environment, the path of sharing our gifts and talents (service) and the routines we are in. We are also more concerned with health and the purity of the foods we eat and the water we drink.  Sun sign Virgo can be analytical and think critically.  We want to be careful about being overly picky, critical of others or perfectionistic.

Also today, the Moon moves into chatty Gemini.  When the Moon is in Gemini we are more quick-witted, curious and sociable.  We can also become easily scattered and lose focus with the number of ideas and thoughts we have in our heads.

The Moon in Gemini challenges the Sun (Crisis of Consciousness), Venus and Mars in Virgo.  Virgo wants the details, and Gemini prefers to leave them out in favor of flexibility.  Gemini is fickle, and Virgo is stable.  How did the two of these signs get linked by the same planet – Mercury – when they are so different in their approach to the use of the mind and communication.  That’s a great question for another day’s tale!  Just know that today you may feel torn between depth and superficiality.

Saturday, August 24, 2019  

The Moon is in Gemini all day today opposing Jupiter and squaring Neptune.  Today is likely not a great day to make big decisions, but it would be good for just having some fun!

Venus conjunct Mars – The astrological lovers meet today!  Venus and Mars together make the ideal partners for love, romance and socializing with friends.  There is also a raw sensual and sexual energy in the air today that generates magnetism – drawing couples together.  We can also find satisfaction in creative endeavors.  It’s a good time to start a project that brings both the physical and the emotional together.

Sunday, August 25, 2019    

We end the weekend with the Moon in Gemini transitioning to Cancer in the early evening.  Likely it’s been a socializing and energizing type of weekend.  Now with the Moon’s move into Cancer, we bring in an emotional element to start the next week with.


Week 5:  August 26-31      The Virgo Stellium, Uranus & New Moon

It seems this week is all about Uranus!  So expect the unexpected, be ready for surprises and stay grounded (in your body and conscious).  Mercury is added to the stellium in Virgo and we have a New Moon-Super Moon in Virgo later in the week.

Monday, August 26, 2019

We begin the work week with the Moon in Cancer making a host of positive connections to the planets.  Even though we know that Cancer is opposing the Saturn, South Node, Pluto elements in Capricorn responsible for changing our world, we are buoyed by the excellent relationship the Moon has today.  There’s a bit of magic in the air!

Venus trine Uranus – Tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol routine?  Today’s your chance to get out and do something new and exciting.  It’s time to break the monotony!  Just be careful that you don’t take things too far.  Socialize, play, expand, do something that you normally wouldn’t do.  Go see a movie that you wouldn’t normally expect you would like to see.   Whatever you do today should feel new and out of the ordinary!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto early today and we may feel the rush of emotion or the tinge of emotional upset.  This is a quick aspect and will soon pass.  Don’t make too much of any emotional confrontation.  Late today, the Moon moves into Leo and our fun returns!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Moon spends the day in Leo and we can be heart centered, loving, generous and fun-loving!  There may be some unexpected things happening -especially in the outer world – as Mars meets up with Uranus.  With this duo in Earth signs it makes me think of earthquakes or earth-shaking events.  Be prepared, but don’t be scared.  We just never know how these two will get along and what they will bring to us.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Today, Mercury moves into Virgo and completes the stellium that has been building since the 18th when Mars moved into Virgo.  Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and is powerful in this very analytical and critically thinking sign. 

Friday, August 30, 2019   New Moon/Super Moon in Virgo

Earlier in the year we had our Full Moons as Super Moons, and now is the New Moon’s turn to be super.  A super Moon is a full or new moon that comes to within 90% of the closest the Moon ever makes to the Earth.  It has more power or influence because of its proximity to us.  The tides are higher, and since we are made up of about 75% water, we are also more pushed by the tidal forces.




Karmic Full Moon in Libra/Aries

Full Moon – April 19, 2019

4:13 am PT /7:13 am ET/11:13 pm UT

29° Libra/Aries

Moon Musings:  

When I tap into the energy of this full Moon in Libra/Aries, I find myself wondering about where we are stuck as human beings, but also using my own experience to discover where I myself am stuck or holding onto old patterns.  What have we been totally devoted to that no longer is real or authentic to our lives.  It might be a relationships, a job, a project, a belief, a pattern, or value that you cannot seem to let go of.  Now is your chance to make a break or maybe it’s more like a breakthrough!  Once you release old attachments and expectations, you create space for magic to happen. 

It really comes down to making a choice.  Do you move forward fearlessly?  Or, do would you rather look back a year from now and realize that you had a chance to break free and you didn’t? 


The Full Moon time is a time where we bring things into completion.  Sometimes it isn’t completion so much as it is a revelation – of what has been out of sync in your life, of how you are sabotaging yourself, your relationships, your work – and now you have the option to re-align your energy and action steps.  Here are a few things to Release/Complete/Reveal during this moon:

  • The illusion of being stuck – You are fully empowered to make changes in your life!  Focus on what you desire, and not on what has been holding you back.    
  • Fear of failing in your responsibility to the people in your family.  This causes us to over-do and give too much.  Then we become depleted and don’t get our needs met or receive nurturing. 
  • Co-dependent relationships … people, food, money, work, beliefs!


Here are some beneficial things to engage in during this Full Moon window:

  • Generosity – Nurture your connections to loved ones.  Build on your existing relationships by being generous with your time and attention. 
  • Harmony – As you gather with people this Easter weekend, watch for ways to create harmony, especially if there are people who normally trigger you!
  • Out with the old and in with the new – Have a plan for success.  Try new approaches to old issues.  The only true failure is to have never tried anything new!


  • Hold on to things, grievances, emotions, people, jobs … be ready to “prune” your life of anything that feels heavy or burdensome.  
  • Throw the baby out with the bath water – not everything requires you to start fresh or from the beginning.  Can you take the good with you and change what isn’t working?  That may be your biggest challenge!

What Else?:

The Sun is very close to an exact conjunction with Uranus during this full Moon, so be aware that there might be surprises and twists and turns ahead.  Go with the flow though.  You may not see clearly what the energy is leading you to.  So on some level, you also need to have faith during this period.  

The Sun and Moon are challenged by Saturn and Pluto in a somewhat distant square to one another.  We are still in the restructuring, rebuilding and re-balancing phase.  There is an element of chaos at this time.  Try not to get sucked up into the dramas playing out in the world as everything is happening exactly according to the Cosmic Plan!  

And lastly, there is an interesting connection between the Black Moon Lilith and this Full Moon as she is seemingly aiding us in working through our shadows – especially the shadow of powerlessness.  As this is a Full Moon (releasing, completions, revelations), we may actually be able to see our shadows more clearly.  That makes it much easier for us to make changes that are beneficial and realign ourselves and our energy more appropriately!

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Be Blessed!

Janet Hickox

Living Astrology

A Great Shift Awaits Us . . .

The question is – will you go with the shift or will you stay stuck in the old?

This is the week we have been waiting for.  The Spring/Autumn equinox gateway that leads us into the new Astrological year and the potential to remake & renew the world.  And it all begins with LOVE.  Universal Love & Love of Life itself!

In Human Design astrology, the turning of the seasons happens in the Identity Center (the yellow or white diamond central to your body graph) at the Gates of Love.  The Spring Equinox occurs with the Sun at Gate 25-Universal Love and the Earth at Gate 46-Love of the Physical Body.  It forms what is to me, the alignment we are meant to experience as human beings – Love demonstrated in physical form.  The uniting of Spirit in the Body.

The tragedy in New Zealand this week underscores the need for more Universal Love in this world, along with acceptance and tolerance.  It’s like some people have this shade of fear, hate, and anger over their eyes and just don’t see the light that is in each being in this world.  That makes me feel truly sad.  But a gateway such as this one, occurring so closely to a tragedy of this magnitude, gives me hope.

The Astrology of the Week

Most of the week pales in comparison to the Equinox/Full Moon of March 20th.  The best plan for Monday & Tuesday is to prepare for the passage through the Gateway.  What can you leave behind you?  What is no longer serving you on your journey through life?  It might be a belief, pattern, grievance, victim stance, or something more concrete like a job or relationship that is no longer thriving & flourishing. One thing is for sure, we are being squeezed through the eye of the needle right now, and the only things that can make it through are the most authentic parts of ourselves.  All else is so much baggage.

Wednesday, March 20

This week’s equinox is a very powerful one indeed!  The Sun, as it moves through the gateway meets up with Chiron, the wounded healer, and is followed by the Full Moon in Libra/Aries, opposing Chiron.  It’s right in our faces that following the “wound” a deep healing would need to take place – a release or completion of some sort that allows the new to come forward.

Sun conjunct Chiron – The wound of identity is exposed.  Insecurities, fears and unresolved ego issues surface for healing.  Happening like this with a Full Moon, which brings a time for completion and the Spring Equinox which signals something new, we have a real opportunity & duty to bring change.  Healing the wound of separation, intolerance, and non-acceptance of others is of primary importance.

Moon opposing Chiron – The Moon in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries asks us what it is we are doing/thinking or how we are being that keeps the wound alive?  When the Moon is opposite Chiron, we tend to run away from the wound by giving in to the Moon’s perceived safe harbor – in this case we are doing everything we can to keep the balance and harmony, when indeed the best course of action is to shake things up and make the necessary changes.  In order to restore harmony then, we need to address the wound of identity and how we use it as a tool for separation rather than a tool of unity.

Other Aspects Made by the Sun & Moon 

Sun @ 0 Aries semi-sextile Uranus at 0 Taurus – First, we have to define what a semi-sextile aspect means.  Really this is a minor aspect, as aspects go, but because this happens at the zero degree of each sign, it has more importance.  A semi-sextile is a 30° relationship between planets, and this is usually considered a beneficial connection.

A Sun-Uranus semi-sextile calls us to be innovative and creative change agents in the world.  How can we be different?  What can we change so that the world reflected back to us is fresh and new?  The Sun in Aries provides the pathway to something new, and Uranus in Taurus calls us to realign with our common core values.

Moon at 0 Libra inconjunct Uranus at 0 Taurus – An inconjunct is a difficult aspect, and in this case tells us that we are quite likely wanting to keep things the same – keep the status quo as it were.  BUT, Uranus isn’t the kind of planet that likes to keep things static, so we are going to be faced/challenged with what we have to let go of in order to move forward.  Might it be an old belief?  A subconscious pattern?  A paradigm?  This is not only a personal challenge, but a collective one as well.  We will be called upon to answer some difficult questions, and make decisions going forward that change the world.

Lunar Eclipse point in January – An unlikely and almost missed aspect is occurring at this Equinox/Full Moon, and that is the Sun & Moon are in favorable relationship to the last lunar eclipse we had on January 20, 2019 at 0°Leo/Aquarius. What this means is that we may see (individually or collectively) themes in our lives that were also prevalent in January.  Leo/Aquarius rules the part of our lives where dreams and goals become real and tangible.  What were you setting out as an aspiration in January, because more will be coming up for you related to that time.  We may even be seeing the “fruits of our labors” as it relates to desires and dreams.

The Inner Planets at the Equinox Through Human Design


Mercury – Venus – Mars are calling us to graciousness, revolution and simplicity.  It’s quite a mix actually.  Mercury and Venus are sitting in the Emotional Center and Mars is at the Throat center.  Literally they are all working together to teach us to be more emotional mature.

Mercury at Gate 22-Grace is creating the emotional space within us to evolve with more grace and charm, kindness, and honor.  As Mercury rules communication, our involution (inner evolution or inneRevolution) begins with how we speak to one another, and to ourselves.  Words have power and carry weight.  Be ever mindful of the impact of your words.

Venus at 49-Wisdom Revolution is laying the template for us stop being in REACTION and instead be in ACTION.  This involves another type of emotional maturity – that of being RESPONSE-able.  We’re learning that change and revolution begin within each of us, and is the natural outflow of our being more deliberate in the way we engage with the world.

Mars at Gate 23-Simplicity which is also an energy related to assimilation.  Breaking things down to their simplest part, then creating new forms by combining different possibilities.  What would the world look like if we made room in our hearts for more love, tolerance, and acceptance?  Could we use love as a lens to see into the essence of every single being on the planet?  In the Universe?

Jupiter – Saturn in Human Design – Spiritual seeking of the Light and the Ambition and drive to become enlightened.  This is what Jupiter and Saturn are holding space for us to achieve.  It is a personal journey, but at the Equinox, leads us onto the next rung in the spiral in our evolution of consciousness.

The Outer Planets – Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto are bringing us change from the inside out.  Chiron at Gate 25-Universal Love is conjunct the Sun at the Equinox.  Their connection is helping us to heal the wound of our identity.

Uranus is at Gate 3-Innovation and is engaged in a grand mutation of our very DNA. The force of ascension and evolution is breaking down the old and clearing a path to the new.  All of this is totally out of our conscious control, and it akin to the unveiling of a higher cosmic plan.  Just go along for the ride!

Neptune & Pluto at Gate 63-Doubts and Gate 61-Wonder respectively, are in the Head Center.  Our minds are being broken down and re-calibrated toward truth.  This means the TRUTH – Universal Truth, not the truth that can be twisted, but the actual, God’s honest higher truths.  Granted, this may take a lot more time.  But I think we can all see that there is something larger than ourselves at work in the cosmos, that we are all a part of something extraordinary, and living from that Truth is what we are rising up to.

Like I said earlier – the rest of the week pales in comparison to this one day!

I wish everyone peace, love and joy as we move through this week!  If you want more of a daily interpretation of what is happening in the stars, join me in the MetaCafe weekday mornings at 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET on the Living Astrology Facebook page.

Love,  Janet Hickox

Full Moon & The Turning of the Seasons

The Full Moon time is a time where we bring things into completion.  Sometimes it isn’t completion so much as it is a revelation – of what has been out of sync in your life, of how you are sabotaging yourself, your relationships, your work – and now you have the option to re-align your energy and action steps.

Full Moon – September 24, 2018

7:53 pm PT /10:53 pm ET

2 Aries/Libra

Moon Musings:

The Full Moon comes just two days post the Equinox portal where we released Love energy – both physical and spiritual – into the world.  The Moon/Sun combination stands at the gateway of very relationship oriented energy and takes us to where Spirit meets the Body physical.

Through Human Design, we see the Moon at Gate 25 – Universal Love, while the Sun sits at Gate 46 – Love of the Physical.  The turning of the seasons brings us to new energy based in Love, and BEING the embodiment of Spirit in Physical form. 


The Full Moon time is a time where we bring things into completion.  Sometimes it isn’t completion so much as it is a revelation – of what has been out of sync in your life, of how you are sabotaging yourself, your relationships, your work – and now you have the option to re-align your energy and action steps.  Here are a few things to Release/Complete/Reveal during this moon:

  • Constriction & Worry – We must learn to be in acceptance of whatever it is that lies in front of us.  Perhaps an unseen “magic” is unfolding that just cannot see in the moment.  Acceptance allows for being in the moment, in the now.    
  • Seriousness – This is the literal killer energy on this planet.  We tend to become so serious about what is going on in our lives that we cannot connect to the beauty.  Literally this energy can take you away from enjoying the benefits of being here now in the physical Universe.  
  • Co-dependent relationships … people, food, money, work, beliefs


Here are some beneficial things to engage in during this Full Moon window:

  • Enjoy the sensual and engage all of your senses in loving the physical world – get a pedicure, go for a walk in the park or the forest, eat good food, light a wonderful smelling candle! 
  • Sense the connection between the Spirit/Soul You, and the Physical Being You
  • Find moments of peace & serenity.
  • Listen to your Intuition … there is opportunity for Luck & Magic now


  • Hang onto the past or wander into the future.  Be in the moment … in the Now.
  • Become so busy DOING that you miss the golden opportunity & luck inherent in the quiet of BEING

What Else?:

During the Full Moon time there are connections to both Saturn & Mars to the Moon herself.  We may experience a wandering sense of melancholy or perhaps a fleeting feeling of loneliness.  When Luna makes contacts with Saturn we are sometimes overly serious, luckily this moves through the field quickly!  Do your best to be positive.  

Passion YES … Defensiveness NO!  Mars and the Moon can do a lovely dance together, or they can be the source conflict and confrontation. Remember to be in the moment, and take a breath before you REACT!   

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Be Blessed!

Janet Hickox

Living Astrology

The Emerging Power of the Moon: Intent and Allowing

This Full Moon (August 29, 2015 at 11:36 a.m. PDT at 6 Pisces/Virgo) is powerful! It is the first of 3 Supermoons and it is the prelude to a powerful Solar Eclipse with the next New Moon, giving us ample opportunity to let go, release, complete with old ways of being and/or thinking.

“Remember that Intent is not a cause and effect, stimulus-response mechanism. Intent sets up a field of probability in a world of Infinite Possibility. Whatever resonates with your Intent attracts to you if you Allow it. Create the Intent, put everything in order for something to happen, and then Allow for what is unpredictable to emerge.” ~ Dianne Collins from the book, “Do You QuantumThink:  New Thinking That Will Rock Your World.”

Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces and in a spectacular turn of events, both my astrology and Human Design became clear to me today. Interestingly, it is the full moon that is stimulating my awareness rather than the new moon.  It’s perfect though, as this Full Moon is at 6 Pisces right on top of my natal Chiron in the 8th House of Transformation opposing my Pluto/Moon conjunction in the 2nd House in Virgo.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Chiron, it is the planet that we associate with the Wounded Healer archetype.  Since a Full Moon brings things to completion, I feel like my Piscean wound is healed and it’s time to share my wisdom about this with the world. If you’re not as familiar with Astrology, these aspects in my own chart are being echoed in yours as well – maybe not exactly – but certainly with the same potential to create openings and “aha’s.”

My transformation began this morning with a pencil!  Seriously!  I was reading Dianne Collin’s book, “Do You QuantumThink” in preparation for a coaching client.  We were getting ready to discuss the chapter on Allowing so I was re-reading the chapter.  I was hitting on some juicy information and I thought, “I wish I had a mechanical pencil.  I’m going to call my husband and have him buy me one tonight on the way home from work.”  I really wanted to underline and make notes in the margin of the book, but sometimes my highlighters bleed through the page and I didn’t want that to happen.  I don’t like regular pencils – the scratching sound they make on paper drives me crazy! But, mechanical pencils don’t make that sound ( I know what you’re thinking….OCD much? )  I got up to get a pen, and right there in my pen cup was a mechanical pencil!  With lead and an eraser even!  That’s when the “Aha” about Intent & Allowing really sunk in for me.

In that moment, I was living in full confidence that a mechanical pencil was in my future!  I wasn’t questioning the why, the how, the when; in fact I wasn’t even looking for one anymore.  I was just in certainty that it was coming.  I assumed that my husband (once I asked him, and at this point I hadn’t talked to him yet) would be the vehicle of the pencil’s manifestation, but I was open to how ever it showed up.  From that openness, the pencil magically appeared not more than 3 feet from where I was sitting.  Now – I know what you’re thinking… a pencil is easy.  But, you would be missing the point entirely.  The point is that we often miss the most obvious of magical ways things could come to us because we’re so focused on how we think it should come, or when it should come, or why it should come only in the way we think it should come.  Sound familiar?  What I realized in that moment the pencil appeared is that I was living in a field of Intent, rather than living from an intention, which created the space for magic to happen.

This led me to the next realization . . .

Every month I teach classes on the New Moon as it is a time of setting intentions and connecting with the potential of creating something new, a new direction, a new way of being, a new relationship, etc.  We chart the New Moon’s potential through the lens of the personal astrology chart.  Lately, as I was preparing these classes, I kept thinking that there had to be something more, something I was missing in the transmitting of this vital information.  The personal chart, while important in determining the “where” in the persons life new beginnings can happen, was not answering the question, “how do I create and manifest with Intent?”  Further, was the realization that I was personally looking for a deeper resonance with how we create in this reality of ours, and the relative importance of the Moon in Manifesting via Intent & Allowing.  I guess my subconscious mind has been working on this one for me and the pencil experience was just the catalyst for a new way of being, and now, a new way of teaching/facilitating the classes on the New Moon is dawning. Mastering what Dianne Collins calls “distinctions” of which Intent and Allowing are two of the 21+1 of them, will be a part of how I move forward in teaching this class.  It’s time to give the Moon her full power in connecting us to our inner wisdom!  You will be hearing more from me on this subject in the very near future.

Now on to the Full Moon . . .

This Full Moon (August 29, 2015 at 11:36 a.m. PDT at 6 Pisces/Virgo) is powerful!  It is the first of 3 Supermoons and it is the prelude to a powerful Solar Eclipse with the next New Moon, giving us ample opportunity to let go, release, complete with old ways of being and/or thinking.  If you have felt like your life has not been working out, then this full moon has the juice to help you let go of old subconscious “stuff” and to open yourself to what could be.  The Sun will be in Virgo conjunct Jupiter – already a potent combination that allows for a new cycle of growth and expansion, and the Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune Retrograde, a very spiritual and intuitive combination.  The Moon/Neptune gives us an “in” to the spiritual/soul dimension.  I believe that we can really connect then with the possibility of getting past our “old paradigm thinking” and engage with the higher Truth our Souls hold space for us to connect with.  The energy here is exciting, hopeful, enthusiastic, courageous and fills me with the awe-inspiring potential of a “New Way of Thinking That Will Rock the World!”  (Dianne Collins, from the title of her book, “Do You QuantumThink:  New Thinking That Will Rock Your World.”)

Take away message from all of this, “You’ve got what you need right in front of you, just reach out and take it!” ~ from a conversation with a friend

For those of you who don’t know who Dianne Collins is or haven’t read her book, please go to my website:  www.living-astrology.com/dianne-collins.html.  You’ll find a recent interview that I did with Dianne, and find out more about the book.

Have a Great Full Moon 🙂

Janet Hickox

Star of David Today and Grand Water Trine for the Week


A Star of David forms briefly today with two interlocking Grand Trines – one in Water and one in Earth.  In Kabbalah the Star of David is a symbol of unity. It is thought to represent the absolute rule of the Divine over the Universe in all directions: North, South, East, West, Up and Down, making up a six-sided Star of David.  This configuration represents the unification of humanity’s dualistic nature via two Grand Trines, as the Star of David consists of two interlocking, equilateral triangles.

Water Grand Trine:
Jupiter in Cancer
Chiron in Pisces
Saturn in Scorpio

Earth Grand Trine:
Moon in Virgo
Pluto in Capricorn
The Sun in Taurus

The intertwining of these two Grand Trines creates a harmonious unity of the physical, 3d reality with the intuitive, emotional realm and opens the door to significant growth potential. It’s a conception of Earth and Water to form new life. Make sure you actively choose what good you want to create in your life and use this day to manifest it into the real world.

Our friend the Cardinal Cross is still with us, although it isn’t as strong as it was.  We are still being shown the potential for new openings in our lives.  Sometimes that opening comes through our willingness to let something go ~ a rocky relationship, a job, an old way of being, or even a physical object.  The Cardinal Cross can be particularly powerful now in the shadow of the upcoming Full Moon across Taurus and Scorpio on May 14, 2014.  The Full Moon here demands that we let go and release that which no longer resonates with our Values and our Personal Path.  Moving forward now requires us to align ourselves with what “feels” right for us.

The Grand Water Trine part of the Star of David will be with us through next week.  It is made up of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.  This is a distinctly feminine energy, attuning us to guidance from our intuition and unseen guides, angels, and helpers.  By becoming more open and receptive we learn the power to “Receive” – think about the possibility of showers of abundance flowing into your lives, the potential for receiving exactly that which you need to move forward, and healing those emotional shadows that have held you back in the past.  The potential – I feel – is enormous.  Especially as we have been working this angle astrologically for several months now.  The addition of the Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in Taurus, Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn – albeit a short formation – adds an element of grounding of our hopes, dreams, aspirations into reality.  We are guided to the practical and productive things that we can do to effect our growth and evolution.

The key themes coming up next week:

  • Values, and aligning yourself with what is authentic to you
  • The natural abundance of the world we live in and how we can tap into that flowing stream
  • Practical action steps – What do I have to let go of to move forward?  Can I move forward fearlessly and empowered?
  • Passion and Creativity

Another interesting facet of this week is that the Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio – which really represents our letting go of whatever is standing in the way of us being Abundant, Creative, and our Authentic True Selves – falls on a God Frequency day.

5 + 14 + 2014 = 17/8  “God Frequency”

Based on the word G O D which is calculated by G=7, O = 6, D = 4 :  7 + 6 + 4 = 17/8

According to Celebrity Numerologist, Michelle Arbeau, “The word God shows us why we’re all here, regardless of our individual path and purpose. You could liken it to our global purpose as humans. As a species, we are the only ones who can consciously communicate verbally so the word God breaks down like this: We are here on Earth to verbally express (1 is verbal self-expression number) the truths of the divine (7 is truth-seeker number) for the purpose of spreading wisdom and knowledge for soul’s growth (8).

The God frequency is particularly heightened because of the full moon so we can take advantage of our abilities as conscious creators. It’s an ah-ha, breakthrough and high communication energy day. We should be aware of the words we use today in particular because they are wise words of wisdom filtering through.”

So my friends, there is huge potential for us all in the days ahead.  Live authentically, intuitively and passionately!  And, have a stellar week!



Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

December 10, 2011

6:36 a.m. PST @ 18 Gemini

There are no more awe-inspiring and fear evoking astronomical occurrences than solar and lunar eclipses.  Throughout history eclipses have been greeted with dread, doom and gloom.  I’m sure that we could find many things that happened during eclipses that have given it this reputation including deaths of the mighty and the bringing down of civilizations, essentially a changing of the guard in the larger world we live in.  But for us as individuals, are eclipses something that should inspire fear?

My fascination with eclipses comes not from just where they are occurring today, but from their placement in our charts during our time in utero.  The eclipses that we experience pre-birth imbue us with their energies and are important indicators in our process toward achieving our destinies.  A reading of the pre-natal Solar Eclipse shows us what we are here on the Earth to teach.  Indeed, it even shows us the responsibility that we undertook to forward the collective consciousness of the planet.  It shows your promise to the universe and in return by teaching others you are bringing a balance to your own karmic scales.  A reading of the Pre-natal Lunar Eclipse in your chart shows the lessons that you came here to learn.  It is the lesson(s) of the soul and what it needs or desires in order to evolve.

Earlier this week I decided to try out the Pre-natal eclipse reading with a couple of friends because this is something that I haven’t used in readings for the last several years.  Who knows why I stopped working with this information, but it seems that now is the time to bring this useful tool back into my toolbox.  So, I called one of my friends and began relating her pre-natal eclipses to her.  The response was incredible – first of all, I realized right away what the impact was going to be for her as she has been wondering about whether or not she was on her right path – but the information I was giving to her was so amazing that I could hear the emotion and tears in her voice as she related to me how freeing this was for her; to realize once and for all that she was following a path laid before her by her own soul.  It was incredibly validating for me as well because I know where my eclipses are and I know what I am here to share and teach, and in that moment sharing with my friend, I knew for certain ( in that deep down body way of knowing) that I was on my path as well!  But, one person’s chart does not tell the whole story.  So, I recruited other friends and clients to work through their eclipses with me.  And, unbelievably a pattern is emerging about the importance of the prenatal eclipses and how “freeing” this information is for everyone.

The timing of these realizations couldn’t be more right on either.  The current eclipse pattern is in Sagittarius (truth-seeking, freedom loving) and Gemini (honest communication, working with change) – both are mutable signs, meaning the energy of change, flexibility, adaptability.  The transiting North Node (destiny) has been in Sagittarius since the beginning of 2011 and the eclipse pattern in force since last December – so we are all being asked to live our “truth” and seek to free ourselves from anything that is not authentic to our own spiritual or soul paths.  Each of you can probably relate to this information in your own lives as well.  Any place where you have noticed that you’re stuck or where you can no longer deal with the situation, person, job in its current state are being effected by this current astrological pattern as well.  The energy of change is upon us all – just look at the world we are living in right now – how willing are you to make the necessary adjustments to bring yourself into alignment with your destiny and soul’s desire?

Perhaps change isn’t just about our willingness to participate but our knowingness of the direction in which we are being asked to move? Am I on my “Path” or have I lost sight of it?  Are the changes I’m experiencing a part of my soul’s grand plan?   If you are asking yourself these types of questions, then I have a great offer for you.  From now until the end of December I would like to offer each of you a reading of your Pre-Natal Solar and Lunar Eclipse patterns for only $25!  This reading makes a great Christmas gift for loved ones and friends as well.  Contact me either by email at janethickox@hotmail.com or via telephone (360)399-1122 to schedule your consult today!

Happy Eclipse!