The Multiple Layers of October’s Astrology – Part 1

The month of October is upon us and there are so many layers to what is going on for us, that what started as a one-part post is now three.

October 2018 is upon us!  Can you believe it?  2018 is passing quickly, and we come to what is likely the most important month of the entire year.  Why, you ask? – 1) because the power of the Venus cycle now entering retrograde, and 2) the power she has while in that phase and during her inferior conjunction with the Sun, to crash governments and leaders of those governments, and 3) because the dance of Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine is reaching crescendo and is setting the stage for what is to come for us on an evolutionary scale, and 4) because Venus in Human Design is transiting over the gates of the Spleen triggering our shadows and bringing fear to the surface … Need I say more?

When I sat down to write this post, I thought I was writing a piece about October’s astrological transits, but now as it turns out, this is a 3-part (at least) piece on the dynamics of what Venus is bringing to us, and we’re going to look at this through Astrology, Venus in the mythology of the Maya, and through Human Design & Gene Keys.

So, first the Astrology:  

October is ruled by the planet Venus, as the sign for most of the month is Libra.  After the 23rd of the month, we are in Scorpio and Mars & Pluto rule.  Venus, aside from representing the Divine Feminine, also rules our Money, our Values & our Relationships.  So what is going on with Venus is of the most utmost importance to us this month, and she is about to enter her Retrograde phase, which also means she is getting ready to flip from being the evening star, to the morning star!  A huge change that in past ages has triggered major changes in leadership and governments.

Let’s break this down:

The entire play begins on September 30, 2018 when Pluto moves from his retrograde phase to forward motion.  Pluto in retrograde had us contemplating the role of power vs. powerlessness in our lives, as well as issues around control.  While in retrograde, of course, we were entertaining an internal dialogue about how to transform these energies in our lives.

On the outer world stage this was happening as well.  We can very easily see the themes of power and control playing out between the divine Feminine & Masculine, and as Pluto is a planet that affects the evolution of the collective of humanity and not just us as individuals, what goes on with this little planet is of vast importance to us on an evolutionary scale.  Pluto moving forward then, opens a new pathway to the balance of power in our outer world, and shifts the collective in a new direction.

Enter Venus …

Venus retrogrades from October 5 – November 16, 2018 from 10 Scorpio backward to 25 Libra.  She begins the retrograde in Mars/Pluto territory, moves backward into her own Libra territory on Halloween. What we are looking at in terms of astronomy, is Sun catching up with Venus creating an Inferior Conjunction (Sun-Venus conjunction) on October 26, and then a shift of Venus to the morning star phase of her travels as she moves backward into Libra on Halloween.

Venus entered the Rx Zone, 25 Libra, (the area she would be in during the retrograde phase) on September 2, 2018.  That means if we were observing what was going in the world around us during this time, we would be able to see what parts of our lives we would be really focused in on during the actual retrograde.  Remember that Venus in Libra rules our relationships, and Venus in general rules our Values & our Money.

A planet in retrograde calls change to us on the internal planes – for example, if you were noticing money challenges in your outer world before the retrograde, what would be required of you during the retrograde would be to look inward for the cause and solution.  When the planet returns to forward motion (in November), you would see the inner shifts you made during the retrograde in your outer world.

A chart drawn up for the moment that Venus turns retrograde, shows us the energy dynamics at play for the retrograde cycle.  And they are very telling indeed!

Venus Rx


  • Venus squares Mars, exact on Oct. 10, but building now until then – We enter the retrograde with Venus and Mars challenging one another.  Love & Lust & Sexual misconduct, a twisting of our collective values, and the relationship between the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine are all hallmarks of this configuration.  Does any of this sound familiar?  It’s been on the TV, in the news, social media and splashed across the politics of our country!  Fundamentally this represents something much bigger and deeper in our collective realities – a shift to empower the Feminine, to bring her back to balance and harmony with the divine Masculine.  BUT … before that happens, the divine Masculine must contract backwards to his own rightful place – thus the dynamic now of confrontation and the blow-back against the white, male patriarchy.
  • Venus Rx square Black Moon Lilith – The Black Moon Lilith represents the shadow, and as she is traveling with Mars in Aquarius, the shadow is about Power vs. Powerlessness.  The BML (Black Moon Lilith) exposes the FEAR inherent in the shadow and with Venus it is about the Divine Feminine’s hesitance to claim her power.
  • Messenger planet Mercury conjuncts Venus on October 15 –  What message will Mercury whisper in Venus’ ear as they form their conjunction in Scorpio?  A call for the feminine to unite?  Likely Mercury issues the rallying cry for the deeper connection to the evolution we are in the midst of – a rallying cry for the Divine Feminine to come together in the creation of the new template for the interaction of and the return to balance of the Feminine/Masculine in the world.  It is not a message of the feminine trashing the masculine, but of empowering herself to stand in the glory of her true power.  Because the initial transit in the retrograde was a Mars-Venus square however, the message may be one of anger and passion, a conflict born out of centuries of the downtrodden feminine rising up for expression.
  • Venus sextile Saturn on October 24 – Venus, as a representation of the Divine Feminine, seeks consensus building when she meets up with traditional and patriarchal Saturn.  The way forward is shown here when both poles recognize their own brilliance, strengths, and share in bringing balance.  Unfortunately, the Patriarchy may be full of bluster and feel like an injustice is being done to them causing them to backlash against the rising tide of the Feminine in her glory.  The other option for them is to read the handwriting on the wall, and play to their strengths – which are in supporting the values that the feminine puts into play.
  • Venus conjunct the Sun (also known as the Inferior Conjunction of Venus) on October 26 – Signals the end of the Venus cycle as the Evening Star, and the beginning of a new cycle.  What sign Venus is in at this time shows us the character of the new cycle, and the new cycle begins in feminine, passionate, intense Scorpio.  Within a couple of days, in fact on Halloween, Venus will begin her reign as the morning star.
  • Venus Rx Opposition Uranus, Morning Star, Rx Back to Libra – expect the unexpected – in your relationships or in your money.  Venus in retrograde as it relates to money, may see a pull back in the stock market or in the 3rd quarter stats coming out by corporations.  Uranus in Taurus, ruled by Venus, indicates to me that we’re looking at a financial hit of some sort.  Coupled with Venus Rx, and Venus’ change to the morning star may be indicating the fall of leaders/governments or big changes in the values of the world.  There might also be something unexpected in love and relationships as well … not necessarily negative either.  Love & romance where you didn’t expect it ? – Priceless 🙂

Mercury also has an important role to play in the month of October as he moves into the sign of Scorpio on October 9 and joins Venus in retrograde on October 15.  Mercury also catches up to Jupiter as he is winding down his transit through Scorpio for 2018.  The little messenger planet delivers his final messages to Jupiter before entering Sagittarius on October 30.

Mercury then begins to lay down the energies in Sagittarius that Jupiter will eventually pick up when he moves into the sign of the Archer for the first time in 12 years in November.

As I indicated in the opening paragraphs, there is much more to tell about the month of October.  Watch for Part 2 –  Venus and the Myth of Quetzlcoatl.