Freedom, Intimacy and Abundance

It seems this week is all about Uranus!  First Venus, then Mars, Sun and Moon trine the planet of Awakening.  So expect the unexpected, be ready for surprises and stay grounded (in your body and conscious).  Uranus tends to bring change in order to free us, not punish us, so be open-minded about what might be happening in your lives right now.  Mercury is added to the stellium in Virgo and we have a New Moon-Super Moon in Virgo later in the week.  The energy of Work, Service and Analytical thinking is in full swing

The Last Week of August

Week 5:  August 26-31      The Virgo Stellium, Uranus & New Moon

It seems this week is all about Uranus!  First Venus, then Mars, Sun and Moon trine the planet of Awakening.  So expect the unexpected, be ready for surprises and stay grounded (in your body and conscious).  Uranus tends to bring change in order to free us, not punish us, so be open-minded about what might be happening in your lives right now.  Mercury is added to the stellium in Virgo and we have a New Moon-Super Moon in Virgo later in the week.  The energy of Work, Service and Analytical thinking is in full swing!

The Human Design energies this week take us into Intimacy, Freedom and Abundance.  That is a recipe for a bit of magic to happen.  With the Sun at Gate 59 we’re focused on intimacy, creativity, and relationships.  We discover that interaction and intimacy form the doorway to evolution.  We cannot evolve and also be alone.  Through our relationships we access the spiral of consciousness.

The Earth is in the Gate 55- Abundance in Spirit.  Here we get a bit of a “spiritual awakening” as we release victimization and embrace freedom, and more FREEDOM. The Gate 55 sits on the emotional center (Solar Plexus) and not on the work center or Sacral.  What we discover is that working harder does not lead to more abundance.  Abundance is grown through our emotional resonance with it.

Later in the week the Sun moves into Gate 40 – Deliverance, which is literally another gate of Freedom!  This gate teaches us freedom for ourselves and from hardship by the correct use of will power.  When used incorrectly, willpower can lead to burnout, which can lead to exhaustion.  Adding to the lesson is the planets Venus and Mars also at this gate as if to emphasize the importance of the right use of Will.

The Earth will be at Gate 37 – Harmony.  This gate is also know by Serenity, Friendship, Peace.  All these can be yours by just understanding how to use your will to be in the flow of Universal energies.  Rather than pushing, wait for the signs and signals from the Universe on what comes next.

MondayMonday, August 26, 2019

We begin the work week with the Moon in Cancer making a host of positive connections to the planets.  Even though we know that Cancer is opposing the Saturn, South Node, Pluto elements in Capricorn responsible for changing our world, we are buoyed by the excellent relationship the Moon has today.  There’s a bit of magic in the air!

Venus trine Uranus – Tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol routine?  Today’s your chance to get out and do something new and exciting.  It’s time to break the monotony!  Just be careful that you don’t take things too far.  Socialize, play, expand, do something that you normally wouldn’t do.  Go see a movie that you wouldn’t normally expect you would like to see.   Whatever you do today should feel new and out of the ordinary!

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  12-Catalyzing.  The Universal energy of 12 is understanding everything more deeply.  Catalyzing energy (Cauac in the Mayan calendar) helps us to use creative opportunities correctly and to avoid reacting to life with drama or disappointment.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto early today and we may feel the rush of emotion or Tuesthe tinge of emotional upset.  This is a quick aspect and will soon pass.  Don’t make too much of any emotional confrontation.  Late today, the Moon moves into Leo and our fun returns!

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  13-Enlightening (Ahau in Mayan calendar).  We have reached the last day of the week in the Pleiadian-Earth calendar, and as well the last day of this calendar round (which consists of 260 days).  The Universal energy of 13 is about completing all unfinished business and integrating what we have learned in preparation for the new week that begins tomorrow.  The Earth energy of Enlightening gives us opportunity for social progress and a way to commit to new ideals.  Watch out for polarized judgments.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

WednesdayThe Moon spends the day in Leo and we can be heart centered, loving, generous and fun-loving!  There may be some unexpected things happening -especially in the outer world – as Mars meets up with Uranus.  With this duo in Earth signs it makes me think of earthquakes or earth-shaking events.  Be prepared, but don’t be scared.  We just never know how these two will get along and what they will bring to us.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  1-Being (Imix in Maya) – Today is the first day of the week and the first day of the new calendar round.  The Universal energy 1 is about initiating and starting new things.  The Earth energy of Being is also about nurturing a new beginning and being creative.  Avoid being critical, reactive or needy today.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Today, Mercury moves into Virgo and completes the stellium that has been building since Happy-Thursday-022the 18th when Mars moved into Virgo.  Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and is powerful in this very analytical and critically thinking sign.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  2-Breathing (Ik in Maya).  The Universal energy of 2 is about Duality, and challenges us to look at and accept opposite perspectives.  The Earth energy, Breathing, asks us to harmonize multiple points of view.  We should avoid being unpredictable or fickle today.

Friday, August 30, 2019   New Moon/Super Moon in Virgo

Friday pandaEarlier in the year we had our Full Moons as Super Moons, and now is the New Moon’s turn to be super.  A Super Moon is a full or new moon that comes to within 90% of the closest the Moon ever makes to the Earth.  It has more power or influence because of its proximity to us.  The tides are higher, and since we are made up of about 75% water, we are also more pushed by the tidal forces.  This New Moon at 7 Virgo is the closest new moon approach to Earth this year.  The New Moon is also powerful this time as it conjuncts Mars and Venus as well – the masculine and feminine aspects of creative energy.  Later this week I will do a more in depth post on the New Moon and what we can expect.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  3-Listening.  The Universal Energy 3 is Creating energy.  It inspires us to create new things or to think in new ways.  The Earth energy of Listening (Akbal in Mayan calendar) shows that we are meant to practice empathy, care and responsibility in our relationships.  Being pessimistic or controlling brings out the more negative aspects of today.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Moon is VOC (void-of-course) for most of the day today.  The VOC begins at 1:46 am Saturday memePT and lasts until 4:08 pm PT when she moves out of Virgo and into Libra.  For the next couple of days we are relationship oriented and have the opportunity to do more to bring balance and harmony into our lives.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  4-Planting.  The Universal energy 4 is about building solid foundations that create stability in our home, family or work areas of our lives.  The Earth energy of Planting has a lucky feel to it, is energetic, and good for starting new things.  Sounds sort of like good energy to have in the shadow of the New Moon doesn’t it?

Sunday, September 1, 2019

SundayThe Moon spends all day in the sign of Libra challenging Saturn but flowing smoothly with Jupiter.  That tells me that this is a mixed bag sort of day.  We may begin with a feeling of melancholy that later transitions into optimism and hope.

Mercury trines Uranus today as Venus trines Saturn.  Thoughts, words, deeds seem to align on days like today.  There is good energy flowing between these four planets (Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Saturn).  We may be filled with great ideas that we are able to find an expression for.  In fact, the Moon challenged by Saturn (see above paragraph) could be the stimulus to our being able to express creatively.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy:  5-Moving.  Even our Pleiadian energy seems to show us that we can make some movement in terms of our creative energy today.  The Universal number 5 is change which can bring surprises and revelations that totally didn’t expect!  The Earth energy of moving implies shedding the old skin in order to grow, expand and find our next level of evolution!

Make it a wonderful week everyone – it’s in your hands!

Blessings, Janet 

Notre Dame Fire Astrology Synchronicity

Hi Everyone,

This is a fabulous astrology article on the burning of Notre Dame.  Many thanks to the author, Tara Greene, for her work on this!

via Notre Dame Fire Astrology Synchronicity

Much Love,

Janet Hickox

What’s Up in the Stars This Week?

The major focus of the week ahead of us is Venus & Mars both ingress new signs.  Venus moves from Aquarius to Pisces and Mars is released from the slower vibe of Taurus into the more mobile Gemini energy

Astrology for the Week of March 24-31, 2019

I hope everyone had a spectacular Spring or Fall Equinox and enjoyed the shifting energies of last week.  If you tuned into the spirit and quality of the time we just passed through, what you might find is that the world is awash in new potential, and we humans are not immune to the rush of newness.  After all, the 0 Aries point (known as Spring or Fall) marks the beginning of the astrological new year – all is indeed, new!

The major focus of the week ahead of us is Venus & Mars both ingress new signs.  Venus moves from Aquarius to Pisces and Mars is released from the slower vibe of Taurus into the more mobile Gemini energy.  And, perhaps best of all, Mercury turns from retrograde into Direct motion.  I would say that the character of the week or the buzz word of this week is CHANGE.

Let’s dig in and get the details:

SundaySunday, March 24, 2019 –  While I normally include Sunday in the previous week, I didn’t write a complete post for last week, so I want to make sure we start there.  The Moon is in Scorpio for the day and things are not light, airy and breezy, but more intense, passionate with hidden currents moving through the collective.  That doesn’t mean it’s a bad day, but rather it makes it a good day to do some personal processing work, or try to get to the bottom of something.

Mercury Rx conjunct Neptune – There are two distinct potentials to how this transit can play out today.  The positive expression is that it enables you to think and express yourself with subtlety, expressing ideas and feelings that you don’t always have access to.  Artistic and creative expression is heightened, but as you are easily accessing the subconscious realms, not everyone may understand what you are trying to convey.  During this time our imaginative and mysterious inclinations are favored.

The more negative expression of this transit occurs when our imagination pushes us into illusion or unreality.  We may feel like we can enact our fantasies, and then when this transit is over the reality of our folly reveals our confused and unclear thinking.  This is not likely going to be a day of making big, life-changing decisions.

Another difficulty with this transit is the possibility of communication missteps.  We aren’t thinking clearly and our words, though they sound good to us, are not being heard by other people in their best light.  What you say may be easily misunderstood, so take care to be clear when communicating anything of importance.

Hello MondayMonday, March 25, 2019 – While you slept, the Moon moved in Sagittarius.  I just love starting a work week with the Moon in go-ahead mood and in the sign of Sagittarius.  We are moved to see the humor in things today, and we greet the day with a sense of adventure and optimism.  About the only thing to watch out for is an over-optimistic view that focuses on big ideas, but has few details.  Remember that if you are embarking on something new now, it takes both the big picture and the details to make it complete.

Moon trine Sun – Today’s accomplishments feel good and provide the basis for what will come later.  Meeting new people today may have an impact on you that lasts.  If something feels right, then it probably is right.  Your job is to put your best foot forward and follow through!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 – Venus ingress Pisces  Venus in Pisces

Today Venus leaves Transpersonal Aquarius for Transcendent Pisces. Themes and values like Love, Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Abundance & Flow emerge into our awareness.

Now Venus puts on her ethereal garb. In Pisces, Venus is exalted – meaning she is very comfortable in the sign.  She can get caught up in the magic of romance as love and attraction get idealized. The lines get blurred for us between what is real and what is imagined. On the other hand, we are more compassionate and sensitive to one another’s pain which moves us to altruism and acts of kindness and generosity. Venus is in Pisces until April 20.

Wed imageWednesday, March 27, 2019 – The Moon is Void-of-course until 7:08 am PT/10:08 am ET this morning before it moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn.  Everybody is into getting down to business for a couple of days, though that may not guarantee any business gets done. It’s all about the proper attitude and appropriate emotional expression.  Get your work done, then let your hair down.  The Moon favors innovation and creative thinking today as it has a good relationship with Venus and with Uranus.

The Moon also squares the Sun today and that means that we have reached the “Crisis of Consciousness” part of the lunar cycle. We are faced with the inner shifts that need to take place in order for us to complete our New Moon intentions.  Let go of fear, resistance to change and limiting thinking and you can soar!

Venus sextile Uranus – This combination might make it difficult for you to stay focused on work today as required by the Moon in Capricorn.  In that case, you might feel yourself counting down the moments until you can get out of the office and into party mode.  That would be the best way to utilize this energy.  Work where appropriate and play where/when appropriate!  Or mix the two if that seems like a viable option.

You might also attract new friends under this influence, and they may be people who have a revolutionary effect upon you – changing your outlook, attitude or life in some interesting way.  Everyone seems interesting and interested.

Thursday, March 28, 2019 –  Mercury Direct Today

Early this morning Mercury, planet of Communication, the Mind and Transportation, Thankful Thursdayleaves retrograde for direct motion. We can all breathe a sigh of relief – except we still have the “retroshade” to deal with for a few more weeks.  The messenger planet has been retrograde in Pisces since March 5 reminding us of our Spiritual, Intuitive and Esoteric connections.  Now with Mercury moving forward we can take the lessons and revelations that we discovered about ourselves out into the world.  It’s now the time to demonstrate your as the embodiment of Spirit.  When your mind forgets it’s connection, try asking the question, “What if ___________?”  For instance, What if I am the creator of my reality and can change my life positively? or What if we can live in a world of peace and harmony?  This evokes “allowing” energy and turns the mind toward more positive territory.  Perfect for taking Mercury’s retrograde lessons out to the world you live in!

The Moon is in Capricorn all day, and she is making good connections to Mercury & Neptune.  You might remember that on Monday these two (Mercury & Neptune) were in a conjunction and our imagination and creativity were stimulated.  Now is the time to take those ideas and turn them into concrete format.  Make a plan and execute the plan.  Later in the day the Moon conjuncts Saturn conferring focus, concentration and determination to our projects.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Friday panda

The Moon sits in Capricorn for most of the day today as it conjuncts Pluto, trines Mars and squares Uranus.  The day can alternate between powerful, confrontational, unpredictable and back again, with many possibilities in between!  By the end of today, you will be so ready for the weekend!

It’s not that it is a bad day or anything.  It is just demanding of our time and attention.  We might feel like pushing the river, when of course that might blow up in our faces.  There is strength and high energy available today.  And, as long as we aren’t frustrated or angry, we can put that to good use in getting things done.  If frustration/anger builds up today, release it through physical activity.  And Uranus adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to the day, so be ready for anything!

Mars will be sitting at 29 Taurus as he prepares to move into Gemini on Saturday/Sunday.  Pay attention to what is ending, what is in process of completion and what possibilities are opening up for you.  Prepare for an energetic shift in your ability to take action and move forward.

Weekend blog

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Today the Moon in Aquarius playfully engages the Sun in doing things in new, creative, innovative, and unexpected ways.  Taking it easy and letting things happen will let opportunities continue to grow that are already underway. Situations beginning now will be cooperative and helpful to you as they progress. A general atmosphere of getting along together prevails and will continue to if you just go with the flow.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Late last evening on the West Coast and early this morning in the East, Mars made its move out of Taurus and into Gemini and changes the energy vibe for all of us.  While in Taurus our forward momentum was slowed down as we were having to be more deliberate in the execution of our plans.  After Mars being in Aries from January into early February, you might have felt stuck or stymied in getting what you wanted.  Well that changes now as Mars in Gemini is quick witted, quick to take action, and changeable.

While Mars is in Gemini we can become interested in many things, and dabble a bit with the new and unique.  We are more versatile and flexible, but also tend to lose focus or get bored easily.  We have to watch out for scattering our energy – this can be especially exacerbated as this is a Universal Year 3 where the natural tendency is to want to expand and explore, yet we can find ourselves scattered.

How do you deal with all this quixotic energy?  Make lists, start your day in meditation, if you feel yourself becoming unfocused or scattered, take a break and move your body, make a commitment to yourself to get what you have to do done before you move onto other things, and finally, be good to yourself if you end up straying – you might just stumble onto something wonderful for use later.

That’s it for the week everyone!  Not too bad, right?  Take care & enjoy …

Have a stellar week,

Janet Hickox, Living Astrology

The Weekly Astrology Forecast – Dec 10-16

Week of December 10-16, 2018

This Week’s Moon:  Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces & Aries

  • Monday:  Moon in Capricorn square Uranus; VOC (void of course moon),  Sun at Gate 26, Earth at Gate 45
  • Tuesday:  Moon in Aquarius square Venus and sextile Jupiter
  • Wednesday: Moon in Aquarius sextile Sun from Aquarius to Sagittarius
  • Thursday: Moon in Aquarius sextile Uranus, square Mercury, trine Venus, square Jupiter, sextile Saturn, Mercury Gate 34, Mars Gate 22 
  • Friday:  Moon in Pisces conj Neptune & Mars, sextile Pluto, Venus into Gate 44
  • Saturday: Moon in Pisces square Sun (Crisis of Action), Moon trine Mercury, New HD Week Sun at 11, Earth at 12
  • Sunday: Moon in Aries trine Jupiter, square Saturn, Venus sextile Saturn, Mars sextile Pluto

This week the Moon moves through Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces & Aries.  The focus this week seems to be on our being true to ourselves and expressing ourselves from that place.  We are also tasked with watching our words and speaking carefully so that we don’t hurt people with carelessly worded texts or emails.  For the most part, we are looking at a good week for socializing and having fun … just don’t over-do anything.  Let’s take a deeper look:  

Monday, 12/10/18 – We begin the work week with the Moon in business oriented Capricorn.  The Moon this morning sets aside emotional concerns in favor straight-forward action. Get out your To-Do list and get to work!  Later in the day, the Moon moves Void of Course, which means that any forward action slows down.  The Void of Course Moon occurs when the Moon makes its last connection to any planet or point before moving into the next sign.  From 1:27 pm Pacific-3:40 pm Pacific, avoid starting anything new.  It is a good time to finish things up, clear off your desk or work area, and end your work day early! 

Who or what are you being influenced by?  That’s the question posed to us by the Sun & Earth in this week’s human design energy.  The Sun at Gate 26 is tasked with integrity, and in this case integrity is not something dictated to you from without – it is you being true to you.  The word Integrity comes from the same root word as integument (your skin).  Integrity then, is being true to yourself or being in your own skin.  The Earth, who is the body that becomes challenged by the Sun, is sitting at Gate 45- the gate of the CEO or Natural Leader.  The major theme for the week seems to be about whether we are being our own “boss” or are we falling prey to what others want us to believe is true about us. Don’t be led astray, and also be careful that you’re not manipulating others to be something that they are not!  

Best Action:  Be TRUE to YOU and allow others to be TRUE to themselves!     

Tuesday, 12-11-18 – The Moon moved into Aquarius yesterday afternoon/evening, and Moon in Aquariusthe atmosphere is now charged with electricity, expectancy and unpredictability!  We have the opportunity to see things differently and with our own unique perspective.  The Moon squares Venus in Scorpio and sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius – it’s time to socialize and party!  If you are attending any holiday parties, expect to have a good time.  However … these two planets when meeting up with the Moon can cause us to overindulge in food and drink.  Discipline is in short supply, so be very conscious about how much you are imbibing!

Best Action:  Have fun, socialize, and be aware of how much food and drink you are partaking in.      

Wednesday, 12-12-18 – Today the Moon is in Aquarius and in a beautiful relationship with the Sun making this a fabulous day to interact with your friends, co-workers and groups you associate with.  You are able to establish good emotional connections with people today.  Opportunities can come up unexpectedly today – especially through friends or people you network with.  The best thing about today is people are generally in a good mood, and that makes this a great day to be out and about in contact with others.  

 Best Action:  Socialize, Communicate, Share, and pay attention to your friends.      

Thursday, 12-13-18 – The Moon transitions into Pisces early in the day today (4:40 am PT/7:40 am ET).  Our intuition is heightened, but we may have a harder time making concrete decisions for the next few days as in Pisces, commitment is hard to come by!  Treat yourself and other kindly and with compassion, as there is a bit of an emotional atmosphere around us.  For most of the day the Moon challenges the planet Mercury and there is a higher possibility of misunderstanding people’s words and meanings.  Monitor your text messages and emails because it is very hard to gauge the emotion in that kind of communication – in other words it is much more likely people will misread the emotion in your written words.  Watch over-reacting to what other people may say or write to you as well. 

Mercury is sitting at Gate 34 in your Human Design chart, and we may tend to “push or force” people with our words…another reason to be careful in your communications today.  Mars is sitting at Gate 22 – usually a setting for charm & grace.  But… and this is a big but…The gate 22 sits on the emotional center and that means we may feel charming or NOT, and if NOT then Mars, planet of action, may cause us to knee-jerk and react in most unbecoming ways. 

Best Action:  BREATHE before saying anything, hitting send on any communication and emotional over-reacting to the words people may be saying. 

the weekend graphic

The Weekend

Friday, 12-14-18 – Today the Moon in Pisces conjuncts both Neptune & Mars and shares nicely with Pluto.  With the Moon conjunct Neptune a dreamy state of affairs marks the surroundings and it may be difficult to pin things down or get anyone else to, either. Fantasy is favored, along with speculation, hopefulness, and prayer/meditation. Anything you try to formalize won’t stay that way, so it’s a better day for imagination than concrete efforts.  

Late in the day, the Moon conjuncts Mars and rash moves, overblown feelings, emotional conflict, and anger can be lurking around the corner, so tonight take it easy and don’t push, or be pushed, too far. You don’t want to start your weekend in anger and confrontation. 

Venus moves into the Gate 44 in your Human Design today.  Gate 44 is on the Spleen and that means it can double as a FEAR gate (False Evidence Appearing Real).  What may trigger us now is a fear that the past is going to repeat itself.  We’re very adept at recognizing patterns now, but just because we see a pattern building doesn’t mean that the past will repeat.  We always have a choice.  Think of the past as baggage, there are useful items there, but use them in a new way.  

Best Action:  Be calm, cool and collected.  Don’t push or be pushed.    

Saturday, 12-15-18   – The Moon is in Pisces today until 4:44 pm PT (I only put the time because of the triple digits 🙂) and is square to the Sun.  That means we are in the first challenge to our intentions since the New Moon last week opened up a portal for new intentions and manifestations.  We call this time the Crisis of Action as we are likely meeting some resistance to our ideas in the outer world.  We may need to adjust our actions to better align with our heart’s desires.  Don’t let blocks or limits bring you down or crush your intentions, instead ask what else you can do. 

As the Moon moves into Aries, events pick up pace for the next couple of days. The early bird definitely gets the worm, so if you’re in competition, get your bid in first. The challenge is to be quick, yet avoid being premature so you don’t have to do it all over again down the line. Nevertheless, it can be a fresh breeze all around, awake with energy.

Today is a good time to express your feelings with conviction, knowing that there will be response in kind. Situations that arise now will have lasting clarity and a quality of self-reinvention as they move along, as head and heart are on the same page and will tend to remain that way.

Today is also the beginning of the new Human Design week, with the Sun moving into Gate 11 and the Earth at Gate 12.  We are tasked with letting our light shine!  Being the lights of the world, and in aligning our voices with what we are illuminating for others we find that alignment with head & heart.

Best Action:  Use your energy positively to express the light of your full-being to the world.  Don’t give up on your intentions or dreams just because a block was thrown in your path – find a way around the block and continue your journey!      

Sunday, 12-16-18 – Today the Moon is in Aries all day – we are filled with energy and need to be careful how we use it!  Venus and Saturn are in a companionable sextile today, and we find that it is the little things in life that can be the most satisfying. Simple desires, simply satisfied, have a way of sustaining life that allows both joy and unhindered progress. Today’s endeavors will share that quality as they develop – simple & satisfying.

The Moon trines Jupiter today so emotional tides are strong and upbeat, and all you have to do is ride them as if you were born to sail. Foundations laid today will be firm and supportive and continue to evolve that way.  Feelings of friendship abound and it’s easy to see the good side of anyone — just remember there may be other sides, too.  With the Moon challenging Saturn today, some people are feeling insecure, so avoid encouraging any negativity you encounter. New directions are not in order, as they won’t go far, so wait just a bit longer to start your engine. 

The planet Mars and Pluto come together today as well.  Being firm but not controlling is the key to getting along for everyone. Stick to your guns but don’t point them at others and all will go smoothly. When expectations are clear, it is easy to achieve harmony and mutual cooperation. The mere assumption that it’s going to work out is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Best Action:  Use your energy wisely, enjoying the simple things in life.  While there is an upbeat feeling to the day, some people may be feeling low, so be a source of positive energy for all you meet.  

Have a great week! 


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The Multiple Layers of October’s Astrology – Part 1

The month of October is upon us and there are so many layers to what is going on for us, that what started as a one-part post is now three.

October 2018 is upon us!  Can you believe it?  2018 is passing quickly, and we come to what is likely the most important month of the entire year.  Why, you ask? – 1) because the power of the Venus cycle now entering retrograde, and 2) the power she has while in that phase and during her inferior conjunction with the Sun, to crash governments and leaders of those governments, and 3) because the dance of Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine is reaching crescendo and is setting the stage for what is to come for us on an evolutionary scale, and 4) because Venus in Human Design is transiting over the gates of the Spleen triggering our shadows and bringing fear to the surface … Need I say more?

When I sat down to write this post, I thought I was writing a piece about October’s astrological transits, but now as it turns out, this is a 3-part (at least) piece on the dynamics of what Venus is bringing to us, and we’re going to look at this through Astrology, Venus in the mythology of the Maya, and through Human Design & Gene Keys.

So, first the Astrology:  

October is ruled by the planet Venus, as the sign for most of the month is Libra.  After the 23rd of the month, we are in Scorpio and Mars & Pluto rule.  Venus, aside from representing the Divine Feminine, also rules our Money, our Values & our Relationships.  So what is going on with Venus is of the most utmost importance to us this month, and she is about to enter her Retrograde phase, which also means she is getting ready to flip from being the evening star, to the morning star!  A huge change that in past ages has triggered major changes in leadership and governments.

Let’s break this down:

The entire play begins on September 30, 2018 when Pluto moves from his retrograde phase to forward motion.  Pluto in retrograde had us contemplating the role of power vs. powerlessness in our lives, as well as issues around control.  While in retrograde, of course, we were entertaining an internal dialogue about how to transform these energies in our lives.

On the outer world stage this was happening as well.  We can very easily see the themes of power and control playing out between the divine Feminine & Masculine, and as Pluto is a planet that affects the evolution of the collective of humanity and not just us as individuals, what goes on with this little planet is of vast importance to us on an evolutionary scale.  Pluto moving forward then, opens a new pathway to the balance of power in our outer world, and shifts the collective in a new direction.

Enter Venus …

Venus retrogrades from October 5 – November 16, 2018 from 10 Scorpio backward to 25 Libra.  She begins the retrograde in Mars/Pluto territory, moves backward into her own Libra territory on Halloween. What we are looking at in terms of astronomy, is Sun catching up with Venus creating an Inferior Conjunction (Sun-Venus conjunction) on October 26, and then a shift of Venus to the morning star phase of her travels as she moves backward into Libra on Halloween.

Venus entered the Rx Zone, 25 Libra, (the area she would be in during the retrograde phase) on September 2, 2018.  That means if we were observing what was going in the world around us during this time, we would be able to see what parts of our lives we would be really focused in on during the actual retrograde.  Remember that Venus in Libra rules our relationships, and Venus in general rules our Values & our Money.

A planet in retrograde calls change to us on the internal planes – for example, if you were noticing money challenges in your outer world before the retrograde, what would be required of you during the retrograde would be to look inward for the cause and solution.  When the planet returns to forward motion (in November), you would see the inner shifts you made during the retrograde in your outer world.

A chart drawn up for the moment that Venus turns retrograde, shows us the energy dynamics at play for the retrograde cycle.  And they are very telling indeed!

Venus Rx


  • Venus squares Mars, exact on Oct. 10, but building now until then – We enter the retrograde with Venus and Mars challenging one another.  Love & Lust & Sexual misconduct, a twisting of our collective values, and the relationship between the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine are all hallmarks of this configuration.  Does any of this sound familiar?  It’s been on the TV, in the news, social media and splashed across the politics of our country!  Fundamentally this represents something much bigger and deeper in our collective realities – a shift to empower the Feminine, to bring her back to balance and harmony with the divine Masculine.  BUT … before that happens, the divine Masculine must contract backwards to his own rightful place – thus the dynamic now of confrontation and the blow-back against the white, male patriarchy.
  • Venus Rx square Black Moon Lilith – The Black Moon Lilith represents the shadow, and as she is traveling with Mars in Aquarius, the shadow is about Power vs. Powerlessness.  The BML (Black Moon Lilith) exposes the FEAR inherent in the shadow and with Venus it is about the Divine Feminine’s hesitance to claim her power.
  • Messenger planet Mercury conjuncts Venus on October 15 –  What message will Mercury whisper in Venus’ ear as they form their conjunction in Scorpio?  A call for the feminine to unite?  Likely Mercury issues the rallying cry for the deeper connection to the evolution we are in the midst of – a rallying cry for the Divine Feminine to come together in the creation of the new template for the interaction of and the return to balance of the Feminine/Masculine in the world.  It is not a message of the feminine trashing the masculine, but of empowering herself to stand in the glory of her true power.  Because the initial transit in the retrograde was a Mars-Venus square however, the message may be one of anger and passion, a conflict born out of centuries of the downtrodden feminine rising up for expression.
  • Venus sextile Saturn on October 24 – Venus, as a representation of the Divine Feminine, seeks consensus building when she meets up with traditional and patriarchal Saturn.  The way forward is shown here when both poles recognize their own brilliance, strengths, and share in bringing balance.  Unfortunately, the Patriarchy may be full of bluster and feel like an injustice is being done to them causing them to backlash against the rising tide of the Feminine in her glory.  The other option for them is to read the handwriting on the wall, and play to their strengths – which are in supporting the values that the feminine puts into play.
  • Venus conjunct the Sun (also known as the Inferior Conjunction of Venus) on October 26 – Signals the end of the Venus cycle as the Evening Star, and the beginning of a new cycle.  What sign Venus is in at this time shows us the character of the new cycle, and the new cycle begins in feminine, passionate, intense Scorpio.  Within a couple of days, in fact on Halloween, Venus will begin her reign as the morning star.
  • Venus Rx Opposition Uranus, Morning Star, Rx Back to Libra – expect the unexpected – in your relationships or in your money.  Venus in retrograde as it relates to money, may see a pull back in the stock market or in the 3rd quarter stats coming out by corporations.  Uranus in Taurus, ruled by Venus, indicates to me that we’re looking at a financial hit of some sort.  Coupled with Venus Rx, and Venus’ change to the morning star may be indicating the fall of leaders/governments or big changes in the values of the world.  There might also be something unexpected in love and relationships as well … not necessarily negative either.  Love & romance where you didn’t expect it ? – Priceless 🙂

Mercury also has an important role to play in the month of October as he moves into the sign of Scorpio on October 9 and joins Venus in retrograde on October 15.  Mercury also catches up to Jupiter as he is winding down his transit through Scorpio for 2018.  The little messenger planet delivers his final messages to Jupiter before entering Sagittarius on October 30.

Mercury then begins to lay down the energies in Sagittarius that Jupiter will eventually pick up when he moves into the sign of the Archer for the first time in 12 years in November.

As I indicated in the opening paragraphs, there is much more to tell about the month of October.  Watch for Part 2 –  Venus and the Myth of Quetzlcoatl.


February Astrology

Love is in the air in February! So what better time is there to look at the two planets involved in Love and Romance – Venus and Mars? Venus is the feminine aspect and represents love, beauty and harmony, while Mars as the masculine aspect represents the more physical, sexual experience of love. Both planets begin the month of February in the Neptune ruled sign of Pisces, setting up a cozy, loving and emotional Valentine’s Day.


Happy Birthday

 Aquarius (1/20 to 2/19) & Pisces (2/20 to 3/19)

February is the 2nd month in an 8 Universal year making it a 1 month (2+2015=10/1) of Beginnings, Newness & Potential.

Love is in the air in February!  So what better time is there to look at the two planets involved in Love and Romance – Venus and Mars?  Venus is the feminine aspect and represents love, beauty and harmony, while Mars as the masculine aspect represents the more physical, sexual experience of love.  Both planets begin the month of February in the Neptune ruled sign of Pisces, setting up a cozy, loving and emotional Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is probably not the highlight of the month, however.  The moon, representing our emotions, will be in ever practical Capricorn – not really a romantic placement.  Mercury (planet of communication) will have just come out of retrograde motion.  Still in its shadow period, communication may be an issue.  Words come out wrong, feelings may be a little hurt, and the energies may yet be a little star-crossed.

However, there is an undercurrent of potential, that even in the face of tied tongues and missteps, has people holding on for something more…and that something more comes on February 20 when Mars and Venus, within hours of each other, move into spicy and fiery Aries, which is a sign ruled by Mars.  Let the sparks fly! You might want to consider holding your Valentine’s date night, one week late!

February represents the 1 month of new beginnings in the 8 Universal year of abundance and balance.  Perhaps this would be a good month to take a critical look at your financial situation.  Plan for the future, and put away some money for what might be a rocky second half economically in 2015.  Venus in her more mundane costume, rules money as well, and Mars rules action.  Using your intuition, take action to position yourself for the long-term as it relates to your money and finances – BUT – No Fear!

The Moon Cycle this Month:

The Full Snow Moon is February 3 at 15° Aquarius-Leo at 3:09 pm Pacific time.  Remember that the full moon is a time when the Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other, and it tends to bring things to completion or into their fullness.

Meaning of the Sun (15 Aquarius) during this full moon:  This placement is really interesting in our 8 year of Abundance and Balance as it is about the satisfaction inherent in balance – masculine/feminine, left brain/right brain, yin/yang.

Meaning of the Moon (15 Leo) during this time:  Strut your stuff!  You have all you need to bring your unique self out into the world.

The New Moon occurs on February 18 at 0°Pisces at 3:47 pm Pacific time.  The New Moon is a time when the Sun and Moon are in a conjunction (at the same degree of the same sign) and shows us the direction where new things may begin.

Meaning of the Sun-Moon at this time:  Group spiritual unity.  Seeing the larger picture of the collective.

February through the Signs

This month I will be focusing on Love & Romance for each sign as seen through the two planets involved – Venus and Mars.

Remember to read the information for your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising Sign to get a better idea of what is coming up for you. If you do not know your Moon and Rising sign, ask your astrologer or go to my website (address at the end of this article) and request your information.

Aries – March 20 to April 19

This is a great month for you Aries.  Venus, Mars and Uranus all in your 1st House of Self – an awesome recipe for a new you!  You have already been under the revolutionary energies of Uranus in your natal sign, and now you have the potential for that new self to emerge and merge into your relationships.  Love and romance should be on your terms now – don’t be afraid to ask for and receive what YOU desire!

Taurus – April 20 to May 20

Are you harboring some kind of blocks or limitations when it comes to expressing love and romance in your life?  It’s time for you to enter fully and passionately into love – Taureans are in love with love after all.  Venus, your ruling planet, is in hot connection to Mars here – you want to engage.  Start with something easy – roses, candles, and then move into more exciting territory.  Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you want.

Gemini – May 21 to June 20

Gemini, your social world is abuzz with love and romance potential.  If you are not already in a committed relationship, then February is going to be a fun-filled month of dates and romantic interludes.  For those of you Gemini’s in committed relationships, then your love life is sizzling with opportunities to love and be loved.  Let your imagination run wild and set yourself free to express love on your terms!

Cancer – June 21 to July 22

Is there an office romance blossoming dear Cancer?  If so, then this is going to be the month for it to be launched into full expression!  There is just too much electricity going on between you to keep this under wraps for much longer.  Security conscious Cancer, let your guard down and enjoy the momentum.  Don’t be afraid to claim what you desire for yourself when it comes to love and sex.

Leo – July 23 to August 22

Love and romance take on a spiritual dimension for you Leo.  It’s as if you and your partner are out in the ethers and neither of you wants to come down!  Enjoy the rush and the complete involvement between you.  Let heaven and Earth join together in what could be the beginning of something deeper.  Lions love to be the center of attention, and it seems dear Leo, that your lover(s) want you there too!  Delightful!

Virgo – August 23 to September 22

The word Virgin (the symbol of your sign, Virgo) originally meant a woman who was free to express her sexuality, independence and strength.  I believe this is a good time for you to remember this word’s origin, Virgo as your Mars/Venus energy is in the 8th House of Sexual expression this month. If your sex life has been PG-rated, then it’s time to spice things up and move the rating up to at least an R!  Release yourself from the constraints you normally have – Love it up!

Libra – September 23 to October 22

Love and romance moves into the relationship house for you Libra.  Is it possible that you single Libra’s are ready to take things to the next level?  It would seem so. For those of you Libra’s in relationships already, things seem to be going in the marriage direction.  There is also the possibility for Libra’s caught in a relationship that is going nowhere, you will choose to break it off and opt for something more akin to your desires.

Scorpio – October 23 to November 21

Always intense in love and romance, this month is no different for you Scorpio.  It feels like there is the possibility that it’s time to take a romance to the next level for you.  Maybe you have been hesitant to move forward into deeper territory, and now it is at the top of your “to-do” list.  Don’t be afraid to try new ways of being in your relationships either, because that may be the difference in moving on or moving deeper.

Sagittarius – November 22 to December 20

Love and romance are hot button topics for you this month Sagittarius.  Saturn has moved into your natal sign, creating opportunities for freedom.  Now, with Mars and Venus in Aries (a fellow fire sign), it is full speed ahead.  Yours is the path to creating a joyful joining between partners.  Emerging out of the shadows, be expressive, demonstrative, and playful with your lovers, and welcome the ecstasy that comes from this kind of connection.

Capricorn – December 21 to January 20

This is a great time for you Capricorns to stay at home and get cozy with your loved one.  Get caught up in the enjoyment of love, romance and companionship.  There is plenty of time to get back to the work of the world next month dear Capricorn.  For now, relax and play a little.  Maybe it’s a great time for a little winter getaway with the one you love?  Head for the mountains, the beach, or the cabin tucked away from it all.

Aquarius – January 21 to February 19

Love and romance for you, dear Aquarius, includes interesting and stimulating conversations – a meeting of minds so to speak.  It’s more than a physical or romantic connection for you this month.  You want to be able to meet your love on all the realms – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Perhaps trips to museums, concerts, lectures or art galleries can trigger the connection you are looking for. Then, let the sizzle begin!  Mind, body, soul is the way to go.

Pisces – February 20 to March 20

Emotional energy meets up with Earthly pleasures for you this month, Pisces.  Mars and Venus want physical sensuality, while your escapist side wants what is unknowable – pure bliss!  I believe that you can have both this month!  Combine all the senses with emotional sharing to create that romantic, loving atmosphere that you want to share with your partner.  This may set the stage for more close encounters in the future!


#3 blueJanet Hickox is an Intuitive Astrologer, Human Design Coach, and Host of Living Astrology Radio on the EmpowerYOU Radio Network and TV Show Host on the Conscious Consumer Network.  She specializes in readings that empower individuals to live their authentic lives.  Request a free Human Design chart by going to her website at  She can be reached at 360-399-1122. 

May Astrology – Venus in Aries and Mars Rx Ends


Venus, the planet of Love, Relationships, Values and Money, moves into Aries today at 6:21 pm PDT/9:21 pm EDT.  Here she will join the line of planets that have been through this sign recently, and she will trigger the Grand Cardinal Cross point, the Pluto-Uranus square by conjuncting Uranus, and pass across the Eris point.  Although April is probably the single most astrologically active month for 2014, Venus’ transit through Aries is also going to be big news for the month of May.

Venus entering Aries puts her in mutual reception with Mars in Libra.  When planets are in mutual reception they are in the sign of the other planet’s rulership which creates an easier flow of energy between the two signs and planets.  Venus rules the feminine principle and Mars the masculine.  While in Aries, Venus “armor’s up” while Mars softens up.  For us as individuals we have easier access to both the masculine and feminine energies during this time.

Venus in Aries is independent, feisty, idealistic in nature and passionate.  Love becomes inspired by both Aries & Libran traits, like freedom, equality and justice.  Venus is in her morning star phase until October 2014, and when she is in that phase she is more outgoing and shows her more adventurous side in love and relationships.  This makes for more honest, direct and independent in relationships, while making us more desirous of being self-sufficient within the relationship.

Venus in Aries opens us up to more loving and creative energies – especially for the Fire and Cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo and Sagittarius.  These signs could see an increase in socializing, dating and even the possibility of a new love interest.  Venus is emboldened in Aries and dares to take emotional risks, including boldly following “instant attraction” into new relationships.  But, beware of hasty commitments as that adventurous energy can wear off as time moves forward and leave you wondering what you got yourself into!

For those of you already in long term relationships, you may see an increase in arguments and confrontations as each of us are more headstrong and opinionated during this kind of transit.  Don’t force issues between you – seek compromise by searching for win-win solutions to your problems.  There is so much to be gained when you can work with both masculine and feminine energies in your relationships.

Venus in Aries effects our creativity in two ways.  One, it creates a drive for self-expression in us.  We want to be more creative, and we want to share that with others.  And, two, it pushes us to start on creative projects that we didn’t have the energy to do before or to start projects that we lacked the confidence to do before.

Since the planet Venus also rules Money, Resources and Values, when she’s in Aries we may spend more freely on things of art or beauty, or we may find that we are more impulsive in our spending as we buy things that strike our fancy in the moment regardless of whether we need it, or can even afford it.  So buyer beware.  Because Venus in Aries signifies boldness, we may find more confidence in claiming our Value & Worth.  You may also come face to face with conflicts in your life that are born out of low self-worth, confidence or esteem that you will finally find the courage to change in yourself!

As if the fiery energy of Venus in Aries isn’t enough, odependent pattersn and use this energy to see your relationships as a mirror to claim your power and uniqueness.  This is breakthrough energy for relationships, especially if you can each temper yourselves and steer clear of angry outbursts with one another!  Staying true to yourself boosts your personal chemistry and ultimately strengthens relationships.

On the world scene, diplomacy, cooperation, and peace may temporarily give way to aggressive energies, but in the end, the potential for diplomatic breakthroughs exist as well.  What jumps into my mind as I write this is the ongoing dispute in Russia over the Ukraine and how the United States’ involvement may either positively or negatively effect the process depending upon how the individuals involved use this Venus in Aries energy.  Remember that Mars is the God of War and Venus in his domain can have a distinct tempering effect.  However, during this Venus in Aries transit, Mars which is now retrograde will move forward.  That should make for some interesting activity on the world scene – particularly around mid-May to the end of May.

For us as individuals, enjoy the ride, stay TRUE to You, Live, Laugh and Love and you’ll come out of this transit smelling like a rose 🙂