The Week of Dealing With Our Shadows

Astrology for the Week of April 22 – 28, 2019 

Happy Monday Earth Day everyone! The energy of the week is very interesting indeed!  It seems like there is a lot of shadow frequencies that we are going to be dealing with.  It makes sense in the wake of the Full Moon in Libra/Aries, that there may be some “stuff” that we must deal with in order to move forward.  There are more than just one or two transits this week that push us in that direction.  Let’s break it down …

Monday, April 22, 2019
Hello MondayToday the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius opposing action-oriented Mars and squaring Neptune with the Sun conjunct Uranus.  Expect surprises and unexpected events.  Whether personal or collective, Uranus, in his role as Great Awakener, provides the necessary wake-up call to move and change.  As this is occurring in early Taurus, we may be faced with issues around security, finances or the expression of our values.  The Moon in Sagittarius is about growing and evolving our emotional connections.  Opposing Mars, we have to be able to focus our minds (Gemini) in order to be able to take right action (Mars).  That may be made a little difficult at this time.  Slow down and consider all the angles before you make any big decisions today.

Shadow today:  Refusing to change out of fear; Literally being in resistance to change.  We need to relax and go with the flow.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

We start the day very early with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, followed by the Void-of-Tuesdaycourse Moon until 3:51 pm PT/6:51 pm ET.  That means we are left most of the day in a kind of limbo as we wait until the next contacts the Moon makes in order to move forward.  Since the last contact Luna made was with Jupiter in retrograde, consider what you might need to change on the inner planes in order to expand your life.  It’s quite possible that the work includes reconnecting to our more intuitive gifts, and in restoring faith and trust in a higher power.  It’s a “Let Go, Let God” sort of day.

Once the Void is over, the Moon moves into Capricorn, and things get a bit more serious – especially with Pluto and Saturn turning retrograde themselves over the next couple of days.  Pluto turns retrograde tomorrow, Wednesday (4/24/19) and Saturn next week on the 29th.  More about each of those events…

Immediately after moving into Capricorn, the Moon will trine both Uranus & the Sun in Taurus.  Today we may feel better about the practical application of the changes wrought by Sun conjunct Uranus.

Shadow today:  Slowing down to integrate what has been going on in our lives.  In our “hurry up” world, it’s difficult to take the time to do our inner work, but we can no longer afford to put it off.  We must clear, process and integrate in order to “ascend” to the next level in our evolution. (btw, both individually an collectively).

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The big news today is Pluto turning retrograde.  There isn’t anything particularly startling about this because Pluto typically spends 5 months in retrograde every year.  But what is noteworthy is that Pluto retrogrades back toward Saturn just before Saturn begins his retrograde station. The two titans in Capricorn, so close to one another and turning retrograde, is putting us in a position to reflect on power and control issues in our lives.  As well, the very fabric of our foundations are being examined for sustainability or usefulness.  Where there is rot, ugliness, non-sustainability or cracks in our structures, forms, buildings, values, and institutions there will be exposure and a need to rebuild, reform, etc.  There are so many different levels in which this could play out in our world, and in our personal lives.  The best way to know how you will be affected is to get a Transit Reading, and I have prepared a special reading just for you.

***** Special Retrograde Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto Transit Reading *****

Shadow Today:  Problems with the mind creating anxiety, disenchantment and eventually psychosis and madness.  Literally we have to get out of our minds, and listen more to our emotions and heart.  Pluto retrograde in the Gate 61 – Inner Truth, is leading us to a new and more productive use of the mind.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thankful ThursdayThe fun continues today with the Nodal Axis shifting gates in Human Design.  The Nodal Axis is made up of the North Node (destiny) and the South Node (karmic past).  Together they moves us continually up the spiral of evolution – both personally and collectively.  Most recently, this axis has been focused on some of the massive psychoses that we have been under on this planet.  I believe we have reached the pinnacle and now are ready to move ahead to new lessons.

The North Node moves into Gate 53-New Beginnings and the South Node is at Gate 54-Ambition.  Let me deal with the South Node first as it is the indicator of what is going to need to change from our pasts in order to move forward.  Ambition in Gate 54 is both on the material and spiritual plane.  On the material plane it has been the source of greed and avarice.  The new expression in the Gate 54 South Node will be about being honest in our motives as opposed to doing the “politically correct” thing.  We are being asked to move beyond just paying lip service to our ideals and values.  Now we MUST live by them.

The North Node at Gate 53 requires our being response-able and mature in creating what comes next in our world.  As we are co-creating this reality together, we must realize that what we think and do has consequences for everyone.  We can no longer be identified with just our nationality, sexuality, religion, beliefs or any other category.  We have to become Universal focused.  This is the transit to help us move in that direction.  Together with the planets Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in retrograde, we are primed to make the inner shift in order to see the changes in our outer world.

The Moon is also in Capricorn today, conjunct first Saturn and then Pluto.  Don’t be surprised if something in the outer world happens that creates an emotional reaction.  When these transits converge like this, it usually brings up something from the shadow deep for us to process through.  It is almost as if we are ready to shout, “Enough is Enough!”  Will we finally make it through the eye of the needle?  Time will tell.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Arbor_Day-630x483Happy Arbor Day!  It’s a great time to plant a tree, whether to honor someone, the Earth, or just because!  When I see the trees being decimated by people who seem completely ignorant of the consequences, I want to stop and ask them if they understand that trees make oxygen and without them humanity is doomed.  It just seems rather short-sighted to remove trees without planting more.  Are we really that dumb?  You can’t even use the argument that we need to cut down trees to make way for homes, agriculture or other human endeavors because without air, those human endeavors won’t be sustained!  Yikes – We have to think more broadly!

While you slept or very early in the morning, the Moon moved out of Capricorn and into Aquarius – maybe helping us to see new solutions that are more sustainable for Mother Earth!  I love the Moon in Aquarius because it helps us to see things in a different way – with new eyes.  This is innovative and inventive energy.  How might you use this energy to create something new and exciting in your life?  It’s all possible if we only think, before we act.

The Weekend

Saturday the Moon in Aquarius all day makes great connections with both Mercury Weekend blog(communication) and Mars (action).  If we stand back and become the observer, we may see things in ways we hadn’t thought of before.  Be objective today.  Listen, see, intuit, and sense in new ways.

Mars is square (challenge) Neptune today.  This one is a tricky transit.  Mars in Gemini is moving quickly, communicating new ideas and pushing forward.  In his square to Neptune though, situations get foggy and unclear.  We are fighting discouragement and disillusionment.  Secrets may be arising from the deep and scandals are possible.  Watch your words today and take care not to share anyone’s secrets you’ve been entrusted with.

Sunday is looking to be a fun and possibly exciting day.  If you have plans to be out and about, it’s a good bet you’ll find people to be friendly and outgoing.  The Moon is in an optimistic connection with both Jupiter and Uranus today.  If there are surprises, they should be good ones.  This is the day to look forward to after this week’s other more heavy transits!!

Many Blessings to you all,

Janet Hickox




Notre Dame Fire Astrology Synchronicity

Hi Everyone,

This is a fabulous astrology article on the burning of Notre Dame.  Many thanks to the author, Tara Greene, for her work on this!

via Notre Dame Fire Astrology Synchronicity

Much Love,

Janet Hickox

Astrology for 2019: How to Navigate Through & Thrive in the Year Ahead

Astrology for the Year.pngAstrology for 2019 – What to Expect & How To Navigate the Year Ahead

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018 

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Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn & Pluto coming closer and closer to conjunction, Uranus in Taurus, and Eclipses across Cancer & Capricorn are just a few of the major transit occurring this coming year.  You will definitely want to know what to watch out for, when to take action in your finances, relationships, careers and more!

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Earth, Sun & Sunspots

Today’s Daily Astrology-Human Design-Oracle Energy Report

Today’s energy is still much less intense than last week’s!  The Moon is in Sagittarius for the entire day, leading us to desire the experience of more Freedom, Adventure and Social connection.  We may even feel like exploring new ideas and topics today.  After yesterday’s video on Starseeds, I was definitely out there looking for more information and knowledge!

The Moon is also in an opposition to Venus this morning, bringing us to the core of our values … to our soul’s yearnings and desires.  Mercury, messenger planet, is in a favorable aspect to Luna today as well.  As Mercury rules communication and the Moon rules our emotion, conversations may be more emotionally tinged today.  Just be sure to not let the emotion of the moment come out in your words in hurtful ways!  Neptune is squaring (challenging) the Moon today to rise up to the highest mind, to the divinity within when dealing with the world today.  See things from unconditional LOVE rather than the more narrow, human mind.

In the video this morning, (see above) I talk a lot about sunspot activity and its relationship to cooler weather on Earth.  Is this possibly a feedback loop of sorts that allows a balance on Earth?  I suggest that that is exactly what happens with rhythmic frequency.  Is it also possible that low sunspot activity allows more of the cosmic rays that produce evolution on our planet to break through?  Evidence suggests this is true, and with a huge energetic shift coming this month when Uranus breaks out of Aries and moves into Taurus, we may just see some movement on our evolution – especially monetary & values.

The North Node and Ceres are conjunct today as well.  SWEET!  I love this as Ceres represents Mother Earth in her Abundance!  The North Node represents Destiny and is moving us forward along our life path trajectories – as individuals and as a collective – could it be that we will be ready in the very near future to change our values around the environment and how we take care of our beautiful, blue planet?  It certainly is possible!

The aspects that are being made by the North Node and Ceres right now suggests we must first begin within ourselves … it is the personal planets (inner planets) – the Moon, Mercury, Venus and the Sun – that are affected and that always brings the responsibility for change to us as individuals!  We may not be able to make corporations, Congress or our President understand the dynamics of preserving, purifying and beautifying our world, but we can use our resources to demonstrate our value in taking care of the Earth.  Use your dollars to buy products that are environmentally friendly, use your time to educate your family-friends-community on how to recycle, or in other ways to support a healthy environment.  Get involved on a level that is individual … the larger world changes take place as a reflection of what we ourselves change within.

I hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!



The North Node – Part I of Your Destiny Profile

There are three main parts in determining your specific destiny profile.  The first one that I look at is the North Node.  If you have had a reading with me, you may have heard me refer to it as your destiny.  The North Node is your chart shows me the direction that you are to move in this lifetime.  It is by no means the area that you will find easiest, in fact, it is the area of your life that you must work towards.

In today’s post, I have listed a description for each signs destiny,  and below that there is a chart so you can find where the North Node was when you were born.  Of course, these are only limited descriptions, but they will give you an idea of what you came here to accomplish.

If your North Node (Destiny) is in:

Aries – You are here to be a leader in your chosen field of endeavor – this will be shown more clearly in your chart based on the house (the area of your life) that the Aries North Node is in.  Your destiny in Aries pushes you to become independent, assertive and action-oriented, and a pioneer.  You will work best when you are being bold, creative and trusting your own impulses.  In this lifetime you must learn to stand on your own two feet and walk your talk without becoming unbalanced by the needs and issues of partners, friends and family.

Taurus – You are here to build a solid sense of self-worth and value in yourself without being dependent on others to validate your position or path.  Taurus North Node is learning to build a solid and stable financial life which includes developing a healthy sense of gratitude.  You are also learning how to enjoy the journey to building anything in your life using persistence and a step by step process instead of jumping to the end first.  Because Taurus North Node can so easily see the end result of whatever it is they desire, I often refer to them as the “Master Manifestors” of the zodiac.

Gemini  – You are here to become an honest communicator without becoming self-righteous.  Sharing knowledge and information is your specialty and your natural curiosity will see you becoming interested in a vast number of topics.  Gemini North Nodes are here to be the social butterflies and become involved with people from all walks of life.  You are also here to learn the concept of duality, recognizing that on Earth the principles of yin/yang are the rule rather than the exception.  Accepting the contradictory parts of your own nature and the world we live in can bring you peace of mind.

Cancer –  Your destiny is to recognize, validate and notice feelings and emotions, and then learn to express how you are feeling.  Cancer North Node is a nurturing sign and you are here to support others and to have empathy.  You are also learning to establish your own foundation and sense of security.  Cancer, as a water sign, is learning to listen to and be guided by their intuition and gut instincts.

Leo – Your destiny involves strengthening your willpower, following your unique heart’s desire, and finding the self-confidence to be center stage in whatever arena or area of life you choose.  Leo North Node is meant to have fun with this life, create joy, relate to the world with child-like enthusiasm and be the creative genius in your chosen field.  Leo is learning about love and learning to be loved.

Virgo – Your destiny is to focus on the here and now by participating fully in whatever action you are undertaking.  This is a lifetime of service to others and by serving you achieve a greater feeling of connectedness enabling you to work with your vast reservoir of compassion for your fellow Earth dwellers.  Virgo North Node is learning to take action, be consistent and avoid giving up on themselves and their dreams.

Libra – Libra’s destiny is to become increasingly aware of others’ needs and to build relationships.  You will need to develop skills like cooperation, tact and diplomacy and be willing to share of yourself, your time and your talents.  A very big part of your destiny is to learn to create win-win situations and to discover the strength in teamwork.

Scorpio –  Your destiny is to learn to release and let go of anything that oppresses you, and letting go of characteristics like stubbornness that do not serve you in this lifetime.  Scorpio’s North Nodes are learning to choose vitality, empowerment and personal transformation.  Partnering and creating mutually beneficial shows you the way to successful merging of energies and the emotional benefits therein.  You are also learning to accept help from others and to value others.

Sagittarius –  You are here to learn to have a spirit of adventure, be spontaneous and develop a sense of freedom.  Sagittarius North Node’s are expanding beyond their own culture and ideas and embracing oneness and worldliness.  Your destiny is to be intuitive and to learn to rely on invisible guidance as well as to speak from your higher consciousness.  You are learning the concepts of Truth & Freedom in terms of expressing yourself and allowing others to express themselves.

Capricorn – Your destiny is to learn discipline, self-control and keeping of commitments and promises.  Capricorn North Node’s must learn to take responsibility for their own success which include things like being goal-oriented and problem solving.  There is a great need with this destiny to let go of the past and to become emotionally responsible by not overreacting to emotional situations.

Aquarius –  You are the humanitarians of the world.  By becoming more aware of the wants and needs of others you find yourself surrounded by good friends.  Aquarius North Nodes are learning to receive love and to allow others to give to them.  You must learn to see the “big picture” then your natural genius and ingenuity shines through.  This is a lifetime of group mind so you are learning the value of letting go of your ego and going with the flow.

Pisces – You are the compassionate, creative, idealists.  Pisces North Nodes must learn to surrender their anxieties and fears and learn to trust in a higher power.  Your destiny pulls you toward a spiritual path where you can acknowledge oneness with the universe.  Meditation, yoga and self-reflective exercises benefit you in this lifetime.  Relaxing your ideals of “perfection” ease your pathway and help you to maintain an emotional balance without the need for escapist practices (like drugs, sex, drinking, gambling, daydreaming, etc.).

Find the date you were born below to find the sign the North Node (Destiny) was in at your birth:

Dec. 29, 1928 – July 7, 1930 Taurus Aug. 26, 1964 – Feb. 19, 1966 Gemini
July 8, 1930 – Dec. 28, 1931 Aries Feb. 20, 1966 – Aug. 19, 1967 Taurus
Dec. 29, 1931 – June 24, 1933 Pisces Aug. 20, 1967 – Apr. 19, 1969 Aries
June 25, 1933 – Mar. 8, 1935 Aquarius Apr. 20, 1969 – Nov. 2, 1970 Pisces
Mar. 9, 1935 – Sept. 14, 1936 Capricorn Nov. 3, 1970 – Apr. 27, 1972 Aquarius
Sept. 15, 1936 – Mar. 3, 1938 Sagittarius Apr. 28, 1972 – Oct. 27, 1973 Capricorn
Mar. 4, 1938 – Sep. 12, 1939 Scorpio Oct. 28, 1973 – Jul 10, 1975 Sagittarius
Sept. 13, 1939 – May 24, 1941 Libra Jul 11, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977 Scorpio
May 25, 1941 – Nov. 21, 1942 Virgo Jan 8, 1977 – July 5, 1978 Libra
Nov. 22, 1942 – May 11, 1944 Leo July 6, 1978 – Jan 12, 1980 Virgo
May 12, 1944 – Dec. 13, 1945 Cancer Jan 13, 1980 – Sept 24, 1981 Leo
Dec. 14, 1945 – Aug. 2, 1947 Gemini Sept 25, 1981 – Mar 16, 1983 Cancer
Aug. 3, 1947 – Jan. 26, 1949 Taurus Mar 17, 1983 – Sept 11, 1984 Gemini
Jan. 27, 1949 – July 26, 1950 Aries Sept 12, 1984 – Apr 6, 1986 Taurus
July 27, 1950 – Mar. 28, 1952 Pisces Apr 7, 1986 – Dec 2, 1987 Aries
Mar. 29, 1952 – Oct. 9, 1953 Aquarius Dec 3, 1987 – May 22, 1989 Pisces
Oct. 10, 1953 – Apr 2, 1955 Capricorn May 23, 1989 – Nov 18, 1990 Aquarius
Apr. 3, 1955 – Oct. 4, 1956 Sagittarius Nov 19, 1990 – Aug 1 1992 Capricorn
Oct. 5, 1956 – June 16, 1958 Scorpio Aug 2, 1992 – Feb 1, 1994 Sagittarius
June 17, 1958 – Dec. 15, 1959 Libra Feb 2, 1994 – July 31, 1995 Scorpio
Dec. 16, 1959 – June 10, 1961 Virgo Aug 1, 1995 – Jan 25, 1997 Libra
June 11, 1961 – Dec. 23, 1962 Leo Jan 26, 1997 – Oct 20, 1998 Virgo
Dec. 24, 1962 – Aug.25, 1964 Cancer Oct 21, 1998 – Apr 9, 2000 Leo