What’s Up in the Stars This Summer?


The Summer is finally here and it’s going to be an astrologically energetic one this year!  It feels like we are finally reaching a point where we have cleared out enough of the crap, that we can finally move forward with our lives.  There is a not-so-subtle shift occurring right now that is preparing us for action, and that is a movement of planets into Fire – specifically into Leo – which supports the planet Uranus already in the Fire sign Aries, and then later in the year Saturn will move into Sagittarius – another Fire sign!  Fire energy is Action, Passion, Enthusiasm, Spirit in Motion, and Inspiration – now I don’t know about you, but I could use a dose of all these characteristics!

Let’s take a look by transit’s for July and see how this party gets started:

July 1  – Mercury, the messenger planet, finally moves out of Retrograde into forward motion.  Hallelujah!  This is has been a difficult 3 weeks for a lot of people, with weird things happening with their computers, vehicles, contracts, homes, pipes bursting in homes, etc.  Upsetting and unsettling, with a purpose of moving us into positions of readiness for what comes next for us.

July 4 – The Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn at 12 degrees of each sign – loosely triggering the Cardinal Cross that has been with us since April.  What we’re seeing here is the closing phase of your personal transformation to a more stable, secure foundation that includes new structures in place in your life that more closely align with your personal desires and authentic self.  This process has been ongoing since late last summer when we first started hearing about the Cardinal Cross.  Move forward fearlessly into your new reality – the one that includes abundance, prosperity, love, and is full of LIFE!

July 8 – Sun in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries.  Temper bold action with a bit of caution during this transit.  Cancer is water and Aries is Fire and together they make steam, which is a powerful mover and shaker energy when it’s used wisely.

July 12 – Full Moon in Capricorn/Sun in Cancer at 20° and Mercury moves back into Cancer. What I love about this combination of transits is the intuitive and emotional energy that it empowers us with, especially with Neptune in retrograde right now as well.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “Follow Your Bliss?”  That’s a call for us to listen to the intuitive information that our feelings/emotions can provide for us.  If it feels correct for you, then act upon whatever it is your intuition is moving you toward.  Because Neptune is in Rx, not listening to that inner voice can hold repercussions for us in the fall when it changes back to forward direction!

July 16 – Finally – Let the FIRE begin!  Jupiter moves in Leo for a 12 month stay!  I’ll write another post detailing this transit specifically, but for now, let me say, AWESOME…growth and expansion meets passion and play.  It’s been 12 years since Jupiter was last in Leo.  Think back to 2002 – what was expanding or growing for you then?  We may all see echoes of that time coming up for us in the next year.  For me, it was a revolution toward a whole new way of life and in the work that I do.

July 20 –  Saturn turns Direct in Scorpio as it makes it’s final run through our emotional depths and heads for fiery Sagittarius!  Be prepared in the next few months to face the final emotional debris coming up from the depths of your subconscious to be purged and cleared.

July 22 – Sun moves into Leo and Uranus turns retrograde in Aries.  The Sun in Leo triggers our individuality and desire to express ourselves.  This is also the prime time for Fun in the Sun and playing, leisure time and vacationing (all Leo ruled activities) becomes center stage.  On a more mundane level, this energy is helpful in inspiring us to take action in new and bold ways – become an actor and pretend that your life is exactly the way you want it!  How does it feel to have everything your heart desires?  It’s all there for you!

July 24 – Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Leo.  Let’s say that you actually used the 22nd’s energy to imagine your ideal life is real, today’s transit can put you on the path to transforming the ideal into the real.

July 25 – Mars moves into Scorpio.  When a planet moves into the sign it rules it is empowered, and Mars in Scorpio is all about Power and Intensity, Passion and Sexuality… Mars will be going over emotional ground that Saturn has already touched on during its transit through Scorpio.  Things could get interesting!  I’ll write more on this later…

July 26 – New Moon in Leo.  The New Moon creates gateways or openings for us to do new things, what will you create with this energy?  Something Fun? Creative? Playful?  I hope so!

August 10 – 16 – Stellium of planets in Leo ( Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter)

If you would like to find out how all these planetary changes will effect you, try a Seasonal Transit Reading.  We’ll look at 3 months of transits to help you gain perspective on how to best work with these energies.

Until then, Have a Stellar Week!


Star of David Today and Grand Water Trine for the Week


A Star of David forms briefly today with two interlocking Grand Trines – one in Water and one in Earth.  In Kabbalah the Star of David is a symbol of unity. It is thought to represent the absolute rule of the Divine over the Universe in all directions: North, South, East, West, Up and Down, making up a six-sided Star of David.  This configuration represents the unification of humanity’s dualistic nature via two Grand Trines, as the Star of David consists of two interlocking, equilateral triangles.

Water Grand Trine:
Jupiter in Cancer
Chiron in Pisces
Saturn in Scorpio

Earth Grand Trine:
Moon in Virgo
Pluto in Capricorn
The Sun in Taurus

The intertwining of these two Grand Trines creates a harmonious unity of the physical, 3d reality with the intuitive, emotional realm and opens the door to significant growth potential. It’s a conception of Earth and Water to form new life. Make sure you actively choose what good you want to create in your life and use this day to manifest it into the real world.

Our friend the Cardinal Cross is still with us, although it isn’t as strong as it was.  We are still being shown the potential for new openings in our lives.  Sometimes that opening comes through our willingness to let something go ~ a rocky relationship, a job, an old way of being, or even a physical object.  The Cardinal Cross can be particularly powerful now in the shadow of the upcoming Full Moon across Taurus and Scorpio on May 14, 2014.  The Full Moon here demands that we let go and release that which no longer resonates with our Values and our Personal Path.  Moving forward now requires us to align ourselves with what “feels” right for us.

The Grand Water Trine part of the Star of David will be with us through next week.  It is made up of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.  This is a distinctly feminine energy, attuning us to guidance from our intuition and unseen guides, angels, and helpers.  By becoming more open and receptive we learn the power to “Receive” – think about the possibility of showers of abundance flowing into your lives, the potential for receiving exactly that which you need to move forward, and healing those emotional shadows that have held you back in the past.  The potential – I feel – is enormous.  Especially as we have been working this angle astrologically for several months now.  The addition of the Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in Taurus, Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn – albeit a short formation – adds an element of grounding of our hopes, dreams, aspirations into reality.  We are guided to the practical and productive things that we can do to effect our growth and evolution.

The key themes coming up next week:

  • Values, and aligning yourself with what is authentic to you
  • The natural abundance of the world we live in and how we can tap into that flowing stream
  • Practical action steps – What do I have to let go of to move forward?  Can I move forward fearlessly and empowered?
  • Passion and Creativity

Another interesting facet of this week is that the Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio – which really represents our letting go of whatever is standing in the way of us being Abundant, Creative, and our Authentic True Selves – falls on a God Frequency day.

5 + 14 + 2014 = 17/8  “God Frequency”

Based on the word G O D which is calculated by G=7, O = 6, D = 4 :  7 + 6 + 4 = 17/8

According to Celebrity Numerologist, Michelle Arbeau, “The word God shows us why we’re all here, regardless of our individual path and purpose. You could liken it to our global purpose as humans. As a species, we are the only ones who can consciously communicate verbally so the word God breaks down like this: We are here on Earth to verbally express (1 is verbal self-expression number) the truths of the divine (7 is truth-seeker number) for the purpose of spreading wisdom and knowledge for soul’s growth (8).

The God frequency is particularly heightened because of the full moon so we can take advantage of our abilities as conscious creators. It’s an ah-ha, breakthrough and high communication energy day. We should be aware of the words we use today in particular because they are wise words of wisdom filtering through.”

So my friends, there is huge potential for us all in the days ahead.  Live authentically, intuitively and passionately!  And, have a stellar week!


May Astrology – Venus in Aries and Mars Rx Ends


Venus, the planet of Love, Relationships, Values and Money, moves into Aries today at 6:21 pm PDT/9:21 pm EDT.  Here she will join the line of planets that have been through this sign recently, and she will trigger the Grand Cardinal Cross point, the Pluto-Uranus square by conjuncting Uranus, and pass across the Eris point.  Although April is probably the single most astrologically active month for 2014, Venus’ transit through Aries is also going to be big news for the month of May.

Venus entering Aries puts her in mutual reception with Mars in Libra.  When planets are in mutual reception they are in the sign of the other planet’s rulership which creates an easier flow of energy between the two signs and planets.  Venus rules the feminine principle and Mars the masculine.  While in Aries, Venus “armor’s up” while Mars softens up.  For us as individuals we have easier access to both the masculine and feminine energies during this time.

Venus in Aries is independent, feisty, idealistic in nature and passionate.  Love becomes inspired by both Aries & Libran traits, like freedom, equality and justice.  Venus is in her morning star phase until October 2014, and when she is in that phase she is more outgoing and shows her more adventurous side in love and relationships.  This makes for more honest, direct and independent in relationships, while making us more desirous of being self-sufficient within the relationship.

Venus in Aries opens us up to more loving and creative energies – especially for the Fire and Cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo and Sagittarius.  These signs could see an increase in socializing, dating and even the possibility of a new love interest.  Venus is emboldened in Aries and dares to take emotional risks, including boldly following “instant attraction” into new relationships.  But, beware of hasty commitments as that adventurous energy can wear off as time moves forward and leave you wondering what you got yourself into!

For those of you already in long term relationships, you may see an increase in arguments and confrontations as each of us are more headstrong and opinionated during this kind of transit.  Don’t force issues between you – seek compromise by searching for win-win solutions to your problems.  There is so much to be gained when you can work with both masculine and feminine energies in your relationships.

Venus in Aries effects our creativity in two ways.  One, it creates a drive for self-expression in us.  We want to be more creative, and we want to share that with others.  And, two, it pushes us to start on creative projects that we didn’t have the energy to do before or to start projects that we lacked the confidence to do before.

Since the planet Venus also rules Money, Resources and Values, when she’s in Aries we may spend more freely on things of art or beauty, or we may find that we are more impulsive in our spending as we buy things that strike our fancy in the moment regardless of whether we need it, or can even afford it.  So buyer beware.  Because Venus in Aries signifies boldness, we may find more confidence in claiming our Value & Worth.  You may also come face to face with conflicts in your life that are born out of low self-worth, confidence or esteem that you will finally find the courage to change in yourself!

As if the fiery energy of Venus in Aries isn’t enough, odependent pattersn and use this energy to see your relationships as a mirror to claim your power and uniqueness.  This is breakthrough energy for relationships, especially if you can each temper yourselves and steer clear of angry outbursts with one another!  Staying true to yourself boosts your personal chemistry and ultimately strengthens relationships.

On the world scene, diplomacy, cooperation, and peace may temporarily give way to aggressive energies, but in the end, the potential for diplomatic breakthroughs exist as well.  What jumps into my mind as I write this is the ongoing dispute in Russia over the Ukraine and how the United States’ involvement may either positively or negatively effect the process depending upon how the individuals involved use this Venus in Aries energy.  Remember that Mars is the God of War and Venus in his domain can have a distinct tempering effect.  However, during this Venus in Aries transit, Mars which is now retrograde will move forward.  That should make for some interesting activity on the world scene – particularly around mid-May to the end of May.

For us as individuals, enjoy the ride, stay TRUE to You, Live, Laugh and Love and you’ll come out of this transit smelling like a rose 🙂


After Thoughts of the Grand Cardinal Cross – April 21, 2014


Cardinal Cross
April 26,2014

Everyone has been talking about the Grand Cardinal Cross this April.  Bracketed as it was by a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse and a square from Uranus to Pluto, and Pluto moving retrograde.    Planetary transits this April have been some of the most intense that we’ve experienced in a long time.  It literally leaves one breathless!

The Cardinal Cross occurred on April 21 – All 4 planets involved (Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars) lined up at 13 degrees of their respective signs creating 90 degree angles to one another, and two oppositions.  Squares (90 degrees.) and Oppositions (180 degrees) are known to be challenging aspects.  And so what we had was several different aspects forming that create obstacles, challenges, change and possibly chaos for everyone.  However,  cardinal crosses have been forming over the past several months.  This incarnation of the Cardinal Cross didn’t just show up overnight.  They were not as exact as this cross on  April 21, 2014, but as far back as August 2013 we were watching the cardinal cross form and alternate with a Cardinal T-Square (another very energetic and challenging aspect).  As different planets passed through Libra in the Fall we also saw versions of the Cardinal Cross form.  The bottom line is that we have been dealing with this kind of upheaval for several months now.  We’ve had a lot of time for things to come up and for us to connect with a new way of being in the world.

The sum total of the energies of the Cardinal Crosses was to shake us out of inertia, to clear out the “clutter” in our lives that held us back, pointing us in new directions, and begging us to be our authentic selves.   The discomfort and anxiety that came up for us was apparent in places where we were stuck, or where fear was in place.  The earlier Cardinal Crosses really brought that out for me, and for most of the people I have talked to over the past several months.  We have had several chances to work with our shadow selves, to heal the parts of us that were out of alignment with a new paradigm world.

Now that the April, 21  exact Cardinal Cross has passed however, I think that it was almost anticlimactic.  That the precursor crosses laid the foundation for the direction we are headed. These changes were seen in relationships, jobs, health, and new directions in life in general.  The April Cardinal Cross was not so much revolutionary as it was revealing to us – a realization of the new energy.  It feels like we really have connected with what is new and what can sustain us into the future.  All we have to do is move boldly forward into that new reality for us, and by shedding old ideas and old fears we can really be our True, Authentic selves.