Surprises or Upsets Today?

Today the Moon and Uranus come together to create either surprises or upsets, depending upon your viewpoint.  The Moon in late degrees of Sagittarius is completing her travels and preparing to move into Capricorn later this evening.  Tomorrow will be a much different day, so enjoy the more sociable energies today! 

Hello everyone,

Today the Moon and Uranus come together to create either surprises or upsets, depending upon your viewpoint.  The Moon in late degrees of Sagittarius is completing her travels and preparing to move into Capricorn later this evening.  Tomorrow will be a much different day, so enjoy the more sociable energies today!

In today’s Morning MetaCafe, we also explore the upcoming Mars retrograde through chart readings.  Wow – I gained so much from working through these charts!  That’s something I want everyone to understand.  Hearing what is happening in someone else’s chart can be very eye-opening for yourself, as you may recognize something that is going on in your life and find new meaning in your experience!

Here is today’s video:

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Janet Hickox, Living Astrology

“I’m living a gentle, joyful, loving and abundant life!”

Weekend Astrology-Human Design-Oracle Energy Report

Good morning everyone,

I’m back again in writing to tell you about the energies for the upcoming weekend!  Typically I do this in video form on my Living Astrology FB page (if you haven’t seen the daily energy reports, go to at 8:00 am PT each weekday morning) however, I am still a bit under the weather today.

We start the day with the Moon still in Sagittarius with a bit of a twist.  Early in the day, the Sun semi-squares (a bit of a challenge) Saturn, and this aspect can dampen our feelings of optimism and adventure and feel more restrictive.  Take heart though, by afternoon this feeling will pass and we will be restored to our excitement for the weekend!  Yay!

Saturday the Moon is still in Sagittarius, so at least we still feel good about what is going on in our lives, and frankly, this is the better day of the weekend for social engagements and having fun.  The Moon will pass over the Galactic Center later in the day.  My advice – have pen and paper in hand for some stellar information may be transmitted to you then!  Or at the very least, tune in to what your environment may be showing you.  When our Moon crosses the GC we can receive some cosmic ray energy and encoded in those waves are information on our evolution and direction … if only we are ready to decode it!

I don’t talk about this much, but the Moon will also be Void of Course from 11:39 am ET until the time it moves into Capricorn at 9:22 pm ET.  Typically this means that not much will move forward during this time.  It can be a bit of a lazy time.  Perfect for the weekend!  The last contact the Moon makes though is with Uranus.  So don’t let something surprising, unexpected, or crazy bring you down.  Be cool and calm – or get crazy excited if you win the lottery 🙂

Saturday Venus moves into Pisces where she will stay until March 6, 2018.  Venus in Pisces in ready to escape into romance and the ideal of love.  She paints her canvas will all the colors of what she sees to be “real” about her relationships, money and values.  Unfortunately, Pisces can sometimes be a bit of an escapist dreamer who refuses to see the truth.  If you are moving into a new romance or relationship during this time, please go in with both eyes wide open!  At the end of this transit, Mr. or Ms. Right could be revealed to be the exact opposite.  Guard against over spending during this time as well. On the other hand, Venus in Pisces restores flow – of money, emotions, love, etc.  Just don’t fall into the trap of escapism and confuse the ideal with the real.

Sunday the Moon is in Capricorn and will be headed for a rendezvous with Saturn and the Black Moon Lilith late in the day and into Monday.  This is not an especially feel good time – it may be that we have some vague feelings of something that isn’t right, or we may just not feel our best.  But, if you put yourself in the position of doing something useful and purposeful, you will feel like you have accomplished something and avoid that sense of dread.

All in all – not a bad weekend. I think the oracle card I pulled for the weekend sums it up nicely – FLEXIBLE.  By the way, I was remiss yesterday in letting people know what deck I have been using for the oracle card reading.  It’s called Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, and it is beautiful and mind-blowing!

The card dropped out of the deck upside down – what she calls in Protection.  The message then is to allow Spirit to be the great mediator in any places in your life where you have become rigid.  Is it in your mind?  In your heart?  In your relationships?  In your beliefs?  Being rigid sets you up for a fight, but being Flexible allows for possibilities to enter that you might not have seen before.  Relax and repeat – “This or something better is manifesting for me now.”

Flexible oracle card

Oh and as a bonus, my friend Michelle reminded me the other day that the Goddess Guidance oracle deck by Doreen Virtue has a beautiful card for Vesta. Since we were talking about her this week, she suggested that I add her picture in the post too.  So Michelle – just for you:

VestaShe is gorgeous!

I wish everyone a wonderful day, and blessed weekend!  I hope to return to video on Monday.

Much Love & Many Blessings,


Daily Astrology-Human Design-Oracle Report for Thurs. 2-8-18

Good morning everyone, here is your Daily Astrology-Human Design-Oracle Energy Report.

Usually I come to you first thing in the morning via video, but this morning I am feeling under the weather, and my voice does not want to cooperate without sending me into coughing.  So, instead I am writing what is up today.

The Moon has moved into Sagittarius this morning, shifting the energy from Scorpio’s depths, to Sagittarius’ more adventurous energy.  The Moon’s energy goes quite nicely with the Sun, Venus & Mercury all in Aquarius today as well.  Sagittarius is known as the no “bullshit” sign and often speaks directly and bluntly.  So, today be careful with how you say what you say to avoid hurting other people’s feelings.  And, if you are on the receiving end of someone’s bluntness, practice forgiveness as they know not what they do!

Later in the day, the Moon will hook up with Mars, now at 8 Sagittarius, and the two energies combine to really push us to do something exciting, out of the ordinary, even risky.  Now I’m not saying that risk isn’t a good thing at times, but be a little cautious about what kind of action you are taking.  Be willing to take a calculated risk – one that has you moving a little outside of your comfort zone, but not something that throws over everything else in your life!  I would also be remiss if I didn’t warn you to follow your Type, Strategy & Authority when making decisions to do anything!  If you do not know what I mean by that, then you need to get your FREE copy of your Human Design chart.

One more interesting thing about the Moon in Sagittarius – she (the Moon) is moving through Jupiter’s territory (Sagittarius) and that also tends to bring us luck, optimism, and prosperity.  Very interesting … because the card I pulled this morning for everyone is Treasure Island!!  This card speaks to prosperity and abundance and feeling like you have hit the jackpot in some ways in your life – maybe monetary, opportunities, new career, business growth – the possibilities are endless.  The card says that we are entering into a phase of true prosperity and golden opportunities!  I love that!  It also reminds us to follow our intuition, watch for the signs around us and take right action.

Treasure Island oracle

BTW – I knew this was going to be a magical kind of day because when I walked to the door to say goodbye to my husband this morning, there were 12 bald eagles soaring in the air right in front of me!  They took my breath away!  And, even though I don’t consciously know what that means, I do know that Eagle represents Great Spirit, and Spirit was showing me something today!  If anyone has any ideas, please post them on the Living Astrology Facebook page 🙂

That’s it from me today.  I hope to be able to join you all tomorrow morning with the Daily Energy Report LIVE on the Living Astrology Facebook page at 8:00 am PT.  Until then I wish everyone a stellar day 🙂



Astrology & Human Design for the Weekend 2-2-18 through 2-4-18

Hello Everyone,

Typically I would be on FB Live this morning telling you all about the energy for the weekend.  However, today I have to be in Seattle early so I chose instead to write this for you.

Today we have the Moon traveling through Virgo.  The Moon spent a few days in Leo triggering our ideas, creative energies and inspiring us get busy doing something.  Now with the Moon’s shift into Virgo territory we are tasked with actually taking action or at the very least laying down the plan for action.  Sometimes this kind of day can make us want to jump into doing something, anything, to relieve the tension.  Just be sure that you are taking action according to your Human Design Type & Strategy.  If you do not know what I mean by Human Design, or you do not know what your Human Design Type or Strategy is, please request a free Human Design chart here.

Virgo energy stays with us through most of Saturday, giving us an opportunity to organize, vitalize, and make plans.  Use today to clean out the cupboards, empty out your refrigerator, de-clutter, grocery shop, clean or anything else that is task-oriented.  Be sure to tick off the tasks on your To-Do list in order to feel a sense of accomplishment!

Later in the day and through Sunday, the Moon moves into the sign of Libra.  I wonder – out loud – how the Moon in Libra will effect the Super Bowl?  The Moon in Libra would seem to suggest that the teams are evenly matched.  Does that make for a great game going back and forth?  Or, does it make for a boring game?  I guess we’ll find out 🙂  Either way, the Libra moon makes for great get-togethers and gatherings of people having fun, and being merry.

Adding to the camaraderie of the Moon in Libra on Sunday, we have Venus squaring Jupiter (they are in a 90 degree relationship with one another), which makes for a very social atmosphere.  What better combination of transits for the Super Bowl?

One thing to watch out for … being optimistic and having fun can sometimes translate into over-imbibing or over-eating, so be proportional in your food and drink 🙂  You don’t want to ruin a fun day by getting sick from over indulging 🙂

I pulled a card from the oracle deck, Wisdom of the Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a card we had earlier in the week – Exchanging Gifts.  I tried to choose another card, because I couldn’t believe that this was the right card, and I pulled it a second time!  Okay, okay, I get the message 🙂

Exchanging Gifts card

It’s such a beautiful card!  And, it has a lovely meaning as well.  It speaks about the Law of Giving and Receiving and being balanced in both.

The message reminds us that we are Human BEINGS, and that Doing, Doing, Doing is not a balanced way of engaging in life.

It also reminds us that Giving-Receiving is part of a continuum – To give is to receive, and to receive is to give.

Lovely message for us for the weekend!


I’ll be back on air Monday morning to give you the Daily Astrology-Human Design Energy Report, Live on the Living Astrology Facebook page.  See you then!



Astrology Oracle 6-18-14



This morning’s Astrology Oracle reading is Venus in Scorpio in the 10th House.  Venus in this placement is deeply passionate about what it is they do in the world.  There is a deeply creative energy as well.  The message today would be to take action on what it is that you are passionate about, excited about, or what is authentically you.  The planet Venus is actually in the sign of Taurus right now, and Scorpio is the opposing sign to Taurus.  We seem to be getting permission to actually Manifest (Taurus) our Passions (Scorpio) into the physical (Taurus Earth).

Remember in yesterday’s reading we were being told to take the ideas that have been coming in to us (Gemini) and actually communicating them to our community.  We were also being led to follow our emotions and higher knowing into what ideas to actually act upon.  Today’s reading is very interesting as a follow up to yesterday’s, in that we first had the ideas & inspiration, and today we’re to act upon those ideas and inspirations.  Can it be any clearer?

The Outcome Side of the Reading:



The Outcome reading is spectacular as it validates for us that if we are willing to take the steps to live our passions, daring to be our authentic selves, and willing to connect fully with our destinies we will find Pleasure, Good times, and Joy not only in what we’re doing, but in we are being.  So, on this day….Dare to go out and be yourself, Create from the Heart and Connect fully with YOUR individual Destiny!

*NOTE*  I apologize for the slight blur to some of the cards.  They have a very shiny surface, and I haven’t yet gotten down the exact settings or placement that makes all 3 cards look good.  Practice makes perfect 🙂


Janet Hickox


NEW Astrology Oracle

Astrology can be used as a daily guide or oracle, and over the last couple of months I have been using a deck of Astrologically based oracle cards called, Karma Cards by Monte Farber to do just that.

Before I start publishing Daily Astrology Oracle readings, I wanted to explain a bit about the cards and how they work.   The cards are separated in 3 categories:  Planet, Sign and House.  One card is drawn from each of these categories – so you have a 3 card spread.  There are two ends to the cards – an Outcome end in blue, and an Action end in red.  The Outcome & Actions are divided into 3 sections, S = spiritual, M = Mental, and P = Physical.  By putting the cards together in Planet, Sign, House order you can get an answer from the oracle.

For example – using the Outcome (blue) end of the cards:

The Moon card

You’re looking at the Outcome side of the card.

The “S” or Spiritual meaning of the planet would be:  The Nurturing Of

The “M” or Mental meaning of the planet would be:  Feelings Caused by

The “P” or Physical meaning of the planet would be:  Reactions

Each of these phrases would lead to the next card – or Signs card – which in this reading was In Gemini:

In Gemini

So now you have:

The Spiritual Meaning of Planet + Sign = The Nurturing of + Information to explain

The Mental Meaning of Planet + Sign =  Feelings caused by + Communications about

The Physical Meaning of Planet + Sign = Reactions + Resulting From the Fluctuations of

The final card is the House (in astrology the House is related to the area of life effected by the Planet & Sign):

In the 3rd HouseThe final reading is:

The Spiritual Meaning of Planet + Sign + House = The Nurturing of + Information to Explain + Your Ideas –

The Nurturing of information to explain your ideas.

The Mental Meaning of Planet + Sign + House = Feelings Caused by + Communications about + Short term thinking and trips –

Feelings caused by communications about short term thinking and trips.

The Physical Meaning of Planet + Sign + House = Reactions + Resulting from the fluctuations of + Who and What is around you –

Reactions resulting from the fluctuations of who and what is around you. 

Because I will be using these almost daily in readings for everyone, there will be an Action and Outcome reading for the day.  Using these cards as an example, I would say that the Outcome of the day is that the ideas that you may have been sharing with others or that have been swirling around in your mind are just begging to be let loose in the world.  It would seem to say that your creations in idea form, are ready to be released and/or acted upon.  Don’t let the reactions or the expected reactions from others stop you from following your intuitive guidance.

Action:  This is also an interesting combination of cards because today the Sun sits in opposition to the Galactic Center, which means that we can tune into the music, the wisdom and the guidance of the Universe.  From the Galactic Center streams all the energy and information we could use to make this world and our lives better!  There is a special meditation today to do just this kind of tapping in, check it out HERE .

Lastly, here is the 3-card spread put together: