About Me

 A former metaphysical bookstore owner, Janet has been interested in all things spiritual including astrology, numerology, Mayan astrology and the MayanCalendar and A Course in Miracles for the past 20 years. She studied Biologyand Chemistry at Western Washington University and has career experience in Sales and Sales Management. This unique background has helped her blend the world of the left brain and that of the right creating an appreciation for the esoteric and the physical world.

Janet specializes in connecting people to their highest destiny, purpose and passions utilizing both Western Astrology & Mayan Astrology. She lectures widely on topics astrological, metaphysical and the Mayan calendar. As 2-Manik in Maya astrology and Gemini in Western astrology, Janet takes complex subjects and makes them easy to understand for everyone. Janet’s goal is to have everyone in a seminar connect to their passion and joy and have it validated in their charts for them. It is very important for people to come away with new beliefs about themselves and a new understanding of the human potential to live a happy life.

One thought on “About Me”

  1. Hi Janet, my name is Michèle, I’m a Juice Bar junkie and a Boot Camp trainee. I enjoyed the information, and invitation you gave out tonight.
    I cannot find where on your site to click on to “readings”. Hope this note finds its way to you so you can point me in the right direction to organize a reading with you.

    Thank you


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