Astro-Energy Forecast 11-26 to 12-2-18

This week the Moon moves through Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra.  From these signs, Luna makes a lot of connections this week, especially on Thursday, affecting our personal emotional expression.  Adding to the Moon’s personal focus, most of the planets that make waves for us this week are also the personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars.  Where things in week’s past have been out of our hands or were more trans-personal or collective in nature, this week is more focused on our personal choices and actions. 

Week of November 26 – December 2
This Week’s Moon:  Moon in Cancer, Leo, Virgo & Libra
Monday:  Mercury Square Mars
Tuesday:  Mercury conjunct Sun, Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Wednesday:  No New Connections
Thursday:  Luna makes 7 Connections 
Friday:  Venus opposing Uranus
Saturday:  Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio (repeat) 
Sunday:  Venus moves forward into Scorpio (repeat), Sun square Mars
This week the Moon moves through Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra.  From these signs, Luna makes a lot of connections this week, especially on Thursday, affecting our personal emotional expression.  Adding to the Moon’s personal focus, most of the planets that make waves for us this week are also the personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars.  Where things in week’s past have been out of our hands or were more trans-personal or collective in nature, this week is more focused on our personal choices and actions.  So let’s break it down by days:
Monday – The Moon is in Cancer, and at least for those of us in the USA, we may be wishing to stay home one more day to enjoy the holiday!  Our instincts may have been correct because the Moon is in challenging aspect today to Pluto (opposition) and squaring both Venus and Uranus.  There is the possibility for intensity in our relationships at work and with challenges from both Venus & Uranus, there may be unexpected outcomes if we get overly emotional.  Mercury rx is also squaring Mars today, so we must watch our words, actions and emotional outbursts.  If you can stay home an extra day this week, make it today!  IF not, then just be aware of the impact you have on others.  If you overreact or speak first think later, this can be a most uncomfortable day.  However, if you can swim in the neutral zone today, you will do just fine!
Tuesday – The Moon transitioned out of Cancer and into Leo while you were sleeping.  And we have another highly energetic day with many of the inner planets dancing with one another.  The difference between yesterday’s energy and today’s is that the planets involved are making positive and beneficial connections to one another, so today feels completely different!  The Moon flows with Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun today aligning our emotions and mind allowing us to get some things done!  Yay we have been waiting for a day like this!! 
Mercury conjuncts the Sun today in what is called the “inferior conjunction.”  From our viewpoint on Earth, Mercury stands between us and the Sun.  This signals the beginning of the Mercury cycle (even though the little messenger planet is still retrograde) and the beginning of the Mercury cycle tells our minds that it is almost ready to hatch a new direction, a new plan, or a new way of being, thinking and acting.  Wherever this is happening in your personal astrology chart, tells you where you are ready to make the transition into new territory.  This is exciting news because we have been feeling stuck, rudderless and even directionless.  And, even though it isn’t time to take action yet, we may feel buoyed by knowing what direction we are going to move in.  By the way, this is a process that occurs possibly before, during or just after this connection is exact.
Mercury is also conjunct Jupiter today making this even more of a “new beginning” feeling.  Just remember that while Mercury is retrograde, don’t start something new, however, make the plans for something new to begin once the retrograde completes December 6!  Jupiter’s connection here makes us feel optimistic in a way that we might not have felt in a long time.  Take it easy and don’t go overboard!  Keep everything you do and or plan to do within reason!  
Wednesday –  There are no major changes in energy today.  Given that yesterday and tomorrow’s planets are highly active, this is a good thing! The Moon continues through Leo and we’re feeling good about ourselves and our prospects for the future.  This is a great day to play, be generous with your time and have some fun! 
Thursday –  Today the Moon in Virgo is all business, and she is challenging and challenged by just about every planet in some way.  The Moon is in great aspect to Venus, Uranus & Saturn today.  We may feel like time is on our side for once and we may even see the fruits of some of our labors.  However, Luna is challenged by Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun and Mars today.  We must have plans to move forward before we move forward … at least that is what seems to be being communicated to us.  Jupiter & Sun in Fire sign Sagittarius give us the energy we need to move forward and the optimism to see it done, but Mars (a fire planet) is sitting in water and has his action slowed and with Mercury still retrograde we are cautioned to hold on just a while longer.  
There is still much to be done however.  We have all the “behind the scenes” stuff we can be working on… writing copy for our new websites, writing scripts for videos we want to produce, setting the action steps up for our goals, etc.  Moon in Virgo is in Earth … pragmatic, analytical and deliberate!  Resist flying off in all directions and you will be rewarded later when your plans execute exactly as you had envisioned them.        
The Weekend 
Friday –  The Moon in Virgo all day provides the energy for getting things done!  Organize, plan, analyze and clean up your desk or office or home.  Today’s moon energy helps us to clear away anything that we need to do before the weekend!  Take advantage of Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury in retrograde as it gives us the ability to re-think & re-evaluate our plans.  I know … re-arrange the furniture!  Make room at home for your Christmas Tree! 
Venus also opposes Uranus today giving us a break from the norm in our routines.  There is also the possibility that we meet someone new that has an impact on us.  Watch out for upsets within your relationships as well.  With Mercury in retrograde, words can come out wrong, and your intended actions can be misinterpreted.  On the other hand, Venus in the last degrees of her own sign, Libra and Uranus back in Aries make for excitement and trying new things.  
Saturday   – The Moon moves into lovely Libra early this morning and puts emphasis on our partnerships and relationships.  Things may take a steamy turn for the better later when Mercury retrogrades backward into Scorpio and turns our minds to passion and love.  Mercury Rx in Scorpio can also cause our minds to focus on what we don’t have – looking for a love interest or relationship?  Put yourself out there in the world where the people are you would like to meet, instead of staying in your mind and “re-minding” yourself of what you don’t have.  
Sunday –   There is sexual tension in the air today!  The Sun squares Mars, which can escalate our frustrations if we don’t have an appropriate channel to dispel the energies, can either make for a great action day or an anxious & upsetting day.  Venus, moving forward now, changes signs into Scorpio and joins Mercury Rx in the sign of passion, sex, and intensity.  The tension could be palpable … if sex isn’t in the cards for you, then exercise is!  You have to be able to move some energy to alleviate the stressful energy today.  I would love to say to do some yoga, or meditation, but I think the energy is too high for that (trying to sit still and be quiet could just add to your frustration when you can’t achieve that kind of mindfulness.)  Dance, sing, hike, spin, jog … just move your body!       
Have a great week! 
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Your Thanksgiving Week Astrology Forecast

Astrology for the Week of November 19-25
Moon in Aries, Taurus, Gemini & Cancer
Mars square Jupiter
Sun into Sagittarius
Thanksgiving Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius
Neptune Direct
Sun conjunct Jupiter


We have a much smoother week ahead, with fewer major astrological transits happening!  And, as we in the USA are preparing to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we take the time to reflect on what we are grateful for and for the bounty we each have in our lives. I am grateful for you my readers, listeners and clients, and my wish for you all is Peace, Love, Joy and Prosperity!    


The Moon this week moves from Aries, to Taurus, Gemini, & Cancer, including a Thanksgiving Full Moon in Gemini, and we end the week with the Moon in nurturing Cancer.  


We begin the work week with the Moon in industrious, and action-oriented Aries.  Until later Tuesday afternoon we must watch for conflicts or confrontations, maybe even emotional outbursts as the Moon (emotions) in Aries is sometimes a bit volatile.  Since we are headed into a holiday week in the USA, get important work done while you have the Moon’s energy in a sign of action.  Wednesday and Thursday (Thanksgiving Day in the USA) the Moon is in Taurus favoring the comfort foods and family atmosphere of the holiday.  Taurus loves the sensual delights of the aromas, tastes and experience of the holiday.  Later in the evening Thursday, the Moon shifts into Gemini, and just 90 minutes later culminates in the Full Moon at 1 Gemini/Sagittarius, which of course also means that the Sun has made a move during the day Thursday into the sign of Sagittarius as well! We go into Black Friday and Saturday with the Moon in Gemini which makes for great shopping energy, but since Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is retrograde be sure you’re getting what you paid for and not being misled into a deal that is not really that great.  I would also watch for false advertising, or errors in advertised prices as communication (and advertising is communication) can easily get skewed.  Late Saturday evening the Moon moves into homebody, nurturing Cancer and we end the weekend likely wanting to be in the comfort of our own homes.


Monday the planet Mars (action) and Jupiter (growth & expansion) meet up in a challenging square to one another.  We have the energy and initiative to begin new projects, but we are a bit impulsive today.  Try to be strategic in what actions you take toward your goals.  Choose your battles wisely today as we can inadvertently trigger other people with our words or actions or we can be the ones triggered by others.  With the Moon also in Mars ruled Aries today, we can easily be provoked into expressing emotions unwisely.  Be calm, cool and collected. 


sagittariusThe Sun moves into Sagittarius early Thursday morning, heading for his rendezvous with Jupiter at week’s end.  The Sun & Jupiter together in Sagittarius – Spectacular for luck, generosity, optimism and … over-doing everything! The Sun in Sagittarius stimulates our more adventurous sides and we want excitement and are more interested in seeking knowledge.  Yet too much of a good thing is still not a good thing, and with Jupiter in the mix (the natural ruler of Sagittarius) we can definitely be overly confident, optimistic and exuberant.  We need to learn the lesson of being moderate, proportional and keeping our lives & resources in perspective.  This is an excellent time for pursuing spiritual understanding and expanding your worldview.     


The highlight of the week, the Full Moon in Gemini, occurs on Thanksgiving night at 9:39 pm PT/12:39 am ET (11-23).  This Full Moon features a Sun coming up to conjunct Jupiter, the Moon opposing Jupiter, both the Sun & Moon in positive relationship to Destiny & Karma (the North Node & South Nodes), and a smooth flow of energy between the two luminaries and Chiron (the wounded healer).  We’re feeling quite generous, giving, and optimistic with this Full Moon, as if the troubles of the world or our lives are behind us.  Spurring this feeling is Jupiter fully in Sagittarius this week, and the Sun/Moon in Sagittarius as well.  While I find that this optimism is a great thing, it can push us into commitments of time, money and resources beyond what is sustainable for us, so we must exercise caution in our spending.  Mercury in retrograde during this early part of the holiday season also tells us a bit about being somewhat conservative.  And if that isn’t enough, Saturn & Pluto both in Capricorn, but silent in this Full Moon (meaning neither Saturn nor Pluto make any connection to the Sun or Moon at the Full Moon), also are much more supportive of conservation than giving in to super extravagance.  It’s like they are the silent watchers, hoping that we have learned our lessons but ready to remind us should we go too far!  (let’s give them enough rope to hang themselves they conspire together to say 🙂)  The lesson:  Be loving, generous and giving, but within reason!     


The Weekend 
Friday –  The Moon in Gemini all day helps drive our search for bargains and deals, but you want to be cautious … Gemini’s ruler Mercury is in retrograde right now and we can easily fall prey to deals that end up not being deals at all!  Today favors conversation and socializing.  Have a good time, enjoy people and the hustle & bustle of the holidays.  But … stay sane & in your right mind.   
Saturday   – The Moon is in Gemini until late this evening or early tomorrow morning for those of you on the East Coast.  Today Neptune changes directions from retrograde to direct.  All in all, today is similar in energy to Friday, but with Neptune changing directions we can feel confused and maybe a little ungrounded which can be disconcerting and disorienting.  If you are out and about today, make sure you stay aware of your environment, and keep your mind on what you are doing.  We may find it harder to tune in to our intuition right now, so use caution in making decisions today. 
Sunday – The Moon in Cancer today positively loves home and family and everything about nurturing!  It’s a great day to cook for your loved ones, spend time together doing something you love, or even just staying at home playing games! Today the Sun & Jupiter are exactly conjunct and that adds an energy of generosity and joviality to any activity today.  Today begins the new Sun-Jupiter cycle attention to what is opening up for you today.  Watch for signs in your environment, your dreams, or ideas/inspirations because it may hold the seeds of what is to come for you in the coming year.  Most of all just enjoy the day and each others company.     
Have a blessed week! 


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Astrology for 2019: How to Navigate Through & Thrive in the Year Ahead

Astrology for the Year.pngAstrology for 2019 – What to Expect & How To Navigate the Year Ahead

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018 

4:00 pm PT/7 pm ET

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea going into the New Year on what to expect from an astrological point of view, and how to best use the energies of the year to your advantage?  I have just the webinar for you!

I’m going to break down month-by-month the most important transits, planetary changes, eclipses and more during this webinar.

And, as a Free gift for purchasing your seat at the webinar, I am giving each of you a 12-month Transit Report filled with the days that are most important to you personally for the year ahead!

Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn & Pluto coming closer and closer to conjunction, Uranus in Taurus, and Eclipses across Cancer & Capricorn are just a few of the major transit occurring this coming year.  You will definitely want to know what to watch out for, when to take action in your finances, relationships, careers and more!

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MindShift on Demand Interview with Author, Donna Blevins, Phd

MindShift on Demand

by Donna Blevins, Phd

This Wednesday 11/14/18 I am interviewing the author of MindShift On Demand, Donna Blevins, Phd in the MetaCafe at 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET.

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What’s Up This Week? Mercury Rx & Venus Direct

Week of Nov. 12-18
Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries
Mars into Pisces
Mars sextile Uranus
Venus turns Direct
Mercury turns Retrograde
North & South Shift to Cancer/Capricorn
While the list of Astrological activity is shorter this week, it is no less potent than last week was!  We start the week with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and square Venus, signifying that there are some emotional issues simmering.  Take care not to let your emotions get the best of you, but you also don’t want to hold them back either.  Maybe work through what is bothering you through journaling, exercising or walking in nature.
By Tuesday morning the Moon will be into Aquarius and we get a couple of days of seeing things differently.  Thursday evening, the Moon moves on into the sign of Pisces and there is a more mystical, magical and flowy feel to everything.  Our creativity is heightened, we’re dissolving into bliss, when suddenly something pulls back the reins and we are pulled up short!  What happened?? Mercury turned retrograde, Venus turned Direct, and Warrior Mars moved into our Peace-loving sign of Pisces!  More on that in a minute … We end the week with the Moon transitioning out of Pisces and into Aries on Sunday morning.  The Moon in Aries is confrontational and sometimes is spoiling for a fight.  Take extra steps to be kind to one another today.  You don’t want to end the weekend angry at loved ones.
Thursday and Friday are probably the most intense days of the week as Thursday, Mars moves into Pisces and North & South Nodes take up an 18 month stay across Cancer/Capricorn.  On Friday, Venus completes her retrograde and Mercury enters his retrograde.
Mars has spent an extended amount of time in air sign Aquarius where his energy and the energy of the water-bearer at least get along.  Now he is going to spend the next several weeks (Nov. 15-Dec. 31) in watery Pisces, not his idea of a picnic!  Where Mars is in your chart, things will likely slow down or be unclear.  Mars in Pisces is impatient and easily frustrated.  Aries and Pisces individuals may have the most difficulty with this transit, although likely we are all going to feel slowed down in some ways.  Use the time while Mars is in Pisces to be creative, dream & visualize new dimensions in your projects, and try to relax and just go with the flow.
Mars in Pisces
Friday’s dancing of Venus and Mercury add another level of uncertainty to the week.  Venus has been in retrograde since October 5, and my feeling is that we are emerging from this cycle with renewed values, but also with a sense that we have been through something deep and penetrating.  Our hearts are hurting, our emotions raw, yet somewhere deep within us is hope.  Over the next few weeks, we will gain clarity about what Venus’ message for us has been.  Venus will clear the retrograde zone (the area through which she had been moving backwards) by December 17.
Mercury however, is just entering retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius.  If you’re feeling anxious, nervous, losing things, forgetting things, and having trouble thinking, you can thank the little messenger planet for you troubles!  Mercury is retrograde from November 16-December 6, but while he is retrograde he is squaring (challenging) Neptune in Pisces.  Now you can add confusion, deception, and delusion to the mix.  All is not lost however, (she laughs as she writes those words) because if you can bring yourself to meditate, do some yoga, be in nature, and give your mind a rest, you may find yourself with some keen insights and ideas that you can work with when the retrograde ends.
The Weekend 
Friday – A bit crazy with planets changing directions, but there is still the possibility for some lovely compassionate, loving connections with the people in your world.  Be sure to nurture yourself and others, and laugh when you want to get too serious.
Saturday is all Pisces, all day.  Dance, sing, play, watch a good movie, go swimming, be creative!  Maybe attend a psychic fair or other metaphysical event.  The Moon is conjunct Neptune today and that makes for heightened intuition … get a reading 🙂
Sunday starts out peaceful enough, but the Moon soon moves into Aries and changes up the dynamic.  Today will be a better day for action and more physical type of activity.  Remember that the Moon in Aries is a bit volatile, so do what you can to keep conflict and confrontation down to a minimum.  Others around you may not be so aware of the energies of the day, so try not to get hurt when unconsciousness arises in others.  Maybe hand them this astrological report to enlighten them!  LOL
Have a great week!

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jup in SagOn Thursday, November 8, 2018, Jupiter – planet of Growth, Expansion, Wisdom and Optimism – moves into Sagittarius for a 1 year stay.  Hallalujah!  Jupiter has been swimming in the depths of Scorpio for the last year, and I think it’s high time for us to have a breath of fresh air.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is in the sign of its rulership and that means it has more power to accomplish its goals – Luck, Optimism, Generosity, & Abundance and the Spiral toward a consciousness evolution!  Jupiter in Sagittarius easily growth and expands through knowledge and understanding – or as I like to say – Seeing the Bigger Picture!

Jupiter in Scorpio Review

Before we make the move into Sagittarius energy, let’s look back at the year we have spent with Jupiter in Scorpio to see what it is we have learned and experienced.  First we have learned to live our passions.  Scorpio urged us to cut out the fluff and to focus on what matters most for us.  When we aligned our passions and our energies we found that the world opened up for us in some key ways – the right people, right timing and awesome opportunities became available.

There has also been a sort of rawness or edginess to our interactions with one another as we were less focused on fair & polite in favor of getting to the heart of something.  Values present under Jupiter in Scorpio were based in decisiveness, intensity, will power, commitment, and strength.

In terms of expanding knowledge and understanding, Jupiter in Scorpio brought us depth work in Psychology and new research in Science.  We also explored esoterica and the occult, taboos, hidden things, secrets & conspiracy theories.

On a scale never before seen before we devolved into a political landscape where it seemed it was okay to say and do anything without consequences.  It was almost as if we were transfixed and hypnotized by “crass, narcissistic, and bellicose” characters out there in the world.  Anything tactful, diplomatic, and cooperative was thrown out the window!

Jupiter in Scorpio themes have been all about Sex, Money, Power, Death,  & Crisis.  Well hopefully those themes come to an end this week!

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter has a 12 year cycle, transiting each sign of the Zodiac for approximately 1 yr.  The last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius was November 23, 2006 to December 18, 2007.  You can look back to those dates in your own life to see what themes were up for you, and how you managed growth and expansion during that time.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring opportunity to increase our cultural and Spiritual awareness by: 

  • Expanding our connection to our Higher Mind
  • Adopting a more global or “big picture” viewpoint
  • Having Faith & Trust in a higher power
  • Deepens our philosophical or religious thoughts 
  • WATCH OUT for Zealotry or Self-Righteousness – these are two of the negative and less inclusive traits of Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius increases optimism in each of us by:

  • Doing the “right” thing keeps us moving in an optimistic direction and in some ways becomes protective
  • Take on a “things will work out” attitude 

Jupiter in Sagittarius – Moderation vs. Over-indulgent vs. Extravagance

  • We are prone to do things in an over-the-top way during Jupiter in Sagittarius as moderation doesn’t come easy to Jupiter nor to Sagittarius! 
  • We can become reckless and over-confident
  • There is also the danger of becoming “know it all’s” refusing to see the truth right in front of us.  

Jupiter in Sagittarius – Confident, Courageous & taking Calculated Risks

  • We can so identify with our own opinions, beliefs and perceptions that we cannot see reason
  • To grow & expand positively we must be …. Confident but Cautious
  • To grow & expand it is best we be … Courageous, but Cautious 
  • To grow & expand we must be willing to …. take Calculated Risks without being Risky!

Finally, Jupiter in Sagittarius brings Good Fortune, Luck and Opportunity when we are:

  • Generous
  • Tolerant
  • Inspired & Inspirational
  • Practice what we preach
  • Maintain Perspective …. See the Big picture
  • Rise above pettiness & self-righteousness

Below are a few things that happened under the last Jupiter in Sagittarius transit 2006-2007:

October 2006 – N. Korea claims to have conducted its first-ever nuclear test

November 2006 – Saddam Hussein sentenced to death

December 2006 – Expansion of the European Union

January 2007 – Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone and the first female Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is elected in the USA.

February 2007

  • IPCC report concluding that climate change is likely to be caused by humans released. 
  • N. Korea agrees to shutdown its nuclear facilities in a first step toward denuclearization

June 2007 – iPhone, the first smartphone is released in the USA

July 2007 – Live Earth concert to promote environmental awareness

August 2007 – French Bank BNP Paribas blocks withdrawals from 3 hedge funds heavily committed in sub-prime mortgages and so begins the 2007-2008 global financial crisis

September 2007 – The United Nations adopts “Declaration on the Rights of Indiginous Peoples,” and The Universal Forum of Cultures opens in Monterrey, Mexico to promote cultural awareness.  

Will we see a repeat in any of these themes in the upcoming year? Likely, yes we will.  Here are a couple of the most likely:

  1.  Another Global Financial Crisis – with the planet Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Sagittarius, I feel like we are going to see another recession or economic slowdown. This one may even be more severe because we seemingly didn’t learn the lessons of the last big meltdown!
  2.   I believe we will see more gesturing from N. Korea – is it going to be more nuclear tests??? or do they so want to gain legitimacy and inclusiveness on the global stage that they make these nuclear threats a thing of the past.  I think it will be the second one.  
  3.  More work on environmental awareness and demands for the EPA to reinstate controls on corporations to become more environment friendly.  

I guess we’ll know more by the end of the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit!

If you would rather watch the video presentation of this talk, follow this link to the YouTube video:



Astrology-Human Design Nov 5-11, 2018

Week of November 5-11, 2018 


Highlights for this Week: 

Moon in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Uranus Rx into Aries
New Moon in Scorpio
Jupiter into Sagittarius
Venus rx Trine Mars
Sun sextile Pluto
+Election Day
+Veteran’s Day
Wow what a list of astrological events characterize the upcoming week!  Add to that Election Day in the USA, and this first full week in November promises to be very active!
We begin the week on Monday with the Moon in Diplomatic, Political and Relationship oriented Libra until early Tuesday (Election Day in the USA) morning.  It’s too bad that the Moon cannot stay there for the entire day as it would likely make for more harmony!  But, on Tuesday morning 5:02 am PST/8:02 am EST, the Moon moves into Scorpio and the S*#! gets deep, passion-filled and intense!  Add to that Uranus in retrograde moving backward into revolutionary Aries and it feels like this would be a great day to turn off the TV, your Phone, Social Media and just pretend that we are in an ideal world of Love & Joy, as likely the news is going to be going back and forth with rhetoric from candidates, news anchors reporting on events, and political pundits spinning stories & justifications.  UGH! 
One more thing to note, the Moon in Scorpio is transformative, and as such, we are likely going to see the political landscape changed when we wake up to the New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday.  New beginnings, a fresh start, hope & optimism for a future less divisive and polarizing?  It is certainly possible, and I feel like Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius on Thursday will fuel some optimism and hope for the future.  It is going to be up to each and every one of us to heal the division within us in order to see that reflected to us in the outer world.  We can and must engage kinder, gentler and more loving energy with one another!  Now is the time!
Let’s get comfortable with Sagittarius energy as it is with us for awhile now.  Jupiter moves into Sag Thursday morning at 4:36 am PST for a 1 year stay, followed by the Moon’s move into Sagittarius just 7 hours later.  The Moon nurtures and feeds our souls emotionally and reminds us of what is being reflected to us.  As Luna greets Jupiter, we may feel emotionally raw or at the other end emotionally exhilarated.  Just remember to take care of yourself and be kind to everyone you meet today as we try on this new energy of Largess, Generosity and Growth.  No need for self-righteous zealotry … can’t we all just grow up and get along?? Jup in Sag
We go into the weekend with the Moon in Sagittarius until Saturday evening.  As the Moon sets the emotional tone for the day based on the sign it is in, then we can expect the ending of the week and Saturday to be good for getting outdoors, putting your restless energy into motion and enjoying freedom!  Of the two days this weekend, Saturday is the one to play & enjoy.  Things get more serious Saturday evening and on Sunday when the Moon moves into Capricorn.  Finish the weekend by doing the things you have procrastinated on doing – you’ll feel so much better and feel accomplished when you see the results of your taking the initiative to get things done!  Since this is Veteran’s Day, it is also a good day for somber remembrance, and for recognizing those who have served their country well.  Acknowledge a Vet, give them a pat on the back, or a huge Thank you for your Service!  That would be a nice way to end the week! 
Blessings to all,