Astro-Human Design for the Week Ahead

Astro-Human Design Highlights the Week of Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2018
Moon in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra
Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Mercury enters Shadow of next Rx
Venus Rx opposing Uranus
Helical rise of Venus 
We begin the week with the Moon in nurturing, mothering & protective Cancer.  Monday, Mercury joins Jupiter in Scorpio and with the Moon in Cancer a nice flow of emotional energies emerges.  We are more compassionate and caring in our interactions with one another.  A nice extra for us at the beginning of the week is that Mercury & Jupiter are both at Gate 14 in Human Design to bring us abundance, flow … think bounteousness. Be aware though, Mercury enters into the shadow of his next retrograde period on Monday.  Things may begin to feel slower … your mind, communication, correspondence and such.  Start now to become more mindful in every moment and take care to speak more clearly.
Tuesday evening the Moon moves into Leo after an 11 minute Void of Course and so begins the more playful energies of the week. If you have kids, they are getting excited about donning their costumes and trick-or-treating.  Give yourself over to their happiness and enthusiasm. If you don’t have kids, you can still get your house ready for trick-or-treaters! 
However, on Wednesday-Halloween, we may abruptly come up against the drama Kings or Queens in our lives as Venus retrograde opposes Uranus possibly causing upsets in our relationships.  If you have someone in your life that triggers you now, try to remember how much you love them, and that for whatever reason, right now they are reacting to something in the energies of the day.  Don’t allow yourself to get sucked up into the traumas/dramas right now.  This can be a time of over-indulgence, so monitor the candy consumption 🙂  LOL  Venus also rules our finances, so today is not a great day to over-extend yourself by taking out a loan or taking on more debt.  The opposite may also be true today, financial windfalls that are unexpected can appear.  Whichever way it goes for you, just be cautious with your money for now. 
We have also come to the day that Venus rises as the morning star, and so begins an extended time of social changes & upheavals.  The ancient Maya believed that Venus rising as the morning star signaled changes in leadership in their government and changes in the social dynamics – ie what people tolerated and what they didn’t tolerate.  For those of us in the USA, this comes very near to mid-term elections and Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius (more on that next week).  I truly believe there will be some interesting outcomes with the elections here in the USA and if that doesn’t disrupt the way things have been going, then Jupiter moving into more tolerant, optimistic Sagittarius next week will certainly do it.


Wednesday begins the new Human Design Week with the Sun at Gate 44 – Patterns and the Earth at Gate 24 – Rationalizing. This Sun/Earth combination reminds us that evolution and progress proceeds in periods of leaps, and then reversals … two steps forward and then one step back.  We don’t always need to move forward without taking with us the best of the past.  What the world needs now is our ability to see the best values that form our past and the foundation for our humanity and carry them into the NOW in preparation for a bright new future.  Does it make sense to carry on with Hate & Divisiveness or can we dig deeper and remind each other our common humanity in Love & Oneness?

Human Design Chart
Week of Oct. 31 – Sun at Gate 44 and Earth at Gate 24


No matter the dramas of outer world, the end of the week sees the moon move into Virgo, and we get down to the practical basics of life.  Friday & Saturday are great organizing days.  Write up your Thanksgiving menus, get out your holiday decor, do the shopping, clean out the cupboards.  Be grounded in the very things that help you run your household smoothly.  You won’t have another weekend with this much organizing energy until after Thanksgiving … so take advantage.  
Sunday morning the Moon moves into Libra, sign of relationship harmony & beauty, making a very nice ending to our weekend.  Today is a great day to spend quality time with your loved ones.  Do something fun and maybe something different than you usually do with each other.  Be Love  ❤️
I wish you all a Loving, Abundant and Joyful week ahead!

Libra New Moon

Perhaps because I am writing this after the tumultuous week here in the USA, I can see that what is needed now is Calm and a pathway to Peace.  The New Moon in Libra supports our finding that pathway.  Libra is a sign of bringing together – through Tact & Diplomacy – divergent ideas and people with opposing views.  I know we have become so polarized that it almost feels impossible to find the common ground that we share.  But we must find it.  We begin by looking within ourselves to discover where we are polarized, what are we in fear of and why, and then taking the steps along the pathway of restoring ourselves to peace.  Only then will we see it reflected back to us in the outer world.  

Good morning everyone,

First I have a video for you explaining the Venus & Maya connection.  The video is essentially Part 2 from last week’s October Astrology post.  Part 3, which is about the Human Design energy for October will be out later this week.

Second – the New Moon is upon us so below the video you will see the Libra New Moon information.


Libra New Moon  –  October 8, 2018 @ 16 Libra 

8:47 pm PT /11:47 pm ET

Moon Musings:

Perhaps because I am writing this after the tumultuous week here in the USA, I can see that what is needed now is Calm and a pathway to Peace.  The New Moon in Libra supports our finding that pathway.  Libra is a sign of bringing together – through Tact & Diplomacy – divergent ideas and people with opposing views.  I know we have become so polarized that it almost feels impossible to find the common ground that we share.  But we must find it.  We begin by looking within ourselves to discover where we are polarized, what are we in fear of and why, and then taking the steps along the pathway of restoring ourselves to peace.  Only then will we see it reflected back to us in the outer world.


  • Harmony & Peace – Everything has been so polarized in our world that this is a great time to Intend that harmony is restored within yourself…you cannot make the divisions and polarization in the outer world heal, but you can make the shifts within you that allow your perceptions change.
  • Appreciation of Opposite Viewpoints – I personally know how rough this week has been in terms of people’s opinions and views of the politics in the USA.  It seemingly has split us in half.  Appreciating another’s viewpoint though, doesn’t take anything away from you, and why not try to understand where someone else is coming from?  People are NOT their viewpoints.
  • Teamwork  – Collaboration, Co-Creation & Cooperation.  Bring your consciousness into alignment with what it takes to work together to build a world of beauty.


  • Meditate & Pray – We cannot always see the higher purpose in what is happening in our world, but we can work to bring ourselves peace, and ask the Divine for help in playing our own unique role at this time.
  • Listen to Music, Engage Beauty – Libra energy is attuned to all things beautiful.  There is so much beauty to engage in our world – music, art, dance, the landscape, Earth, poetry, your children.  Focus on the beauty in your life and in your world.
  • Pamper Yourself – get that manicure, pedicure or massage!  Engage at the level of physical luxury & sensuousness.

Do Not:

  • Attack Others or Be Tactless –  Try diplomacy, tact and be companionable.  Try your level best to get along with others.
  • Be Indecisive – This is where I would tell you to remember your Strategy & Authority in your Human Design.  Indecision in Libra happens because they can so easily see both sides of a situation or problem.  Choose, even if it turns out wrong, it was better than just sitting on the fence at the New Moon!
  • Lose Your Identity –  Libra is really good energy for teamwork, but sometimes as part of the team you overly lose yourself.  The idea is to blend the best of you with others, not to engage in appeasing behaviors where you seem to lose while another wins.  Create win-win!

What Else?  – The following information is in general for each of the signs.  If you want a more personal reading of what the New Moon or the Astrological Transits are bringing you, then please get a Transit Reading from me.

Aries – The New Moon falls in your solar 7th House of Relationships.  Time for you to solve any conflict that you are having in your relationships.  Relationships and working together or breaking up are in the works for you at this time.

Taurus –  Taurus your Work, Health & Service is what is focused in for this New Moon.  Libra requires balance, and perhaps you have focused to much in one area of your life and it is time to make some changes in what you’re doing.  I know you don’t like to make change Taurus, but Libra New Moon is energy for beginning something new.  Start a new healthy regimen, work in a new way, or even share of yourself in new ways.

Gemini – As a fellow air sign, you’re quite comfortable in the New Moon in Libra, which falls in your 5th House of Fun, Joy, Creativity.  This would be a time for you to try new things, experiment a little, partner with people outside your normal circle.  Your mind is alive with ideas of all kinds, but remember to bring some of them down to Earth in order to take action.

Cancer –  Home, Family, Security are all on your mind and in your heart right now, and why wouldn’t it be as we are headed into the Holiday season!  What may also be occurring to you right now is that there may be family dynamics that need to come to some peaceful resolution.  Maybe there are deep wounds you are carrying that are leftover from other family gatherings?  Time to face them head on, find love enough to engage in a new way.  You’ll be so happy that you did!

Leo – Tact & Diplomacy in your conversations with others – that is what you are focused on this month.  We all know that Leo enjoys the limelight and being deferred to, but that isn’t an excuse to be aggressive in your words with the people in your life.  Communication is a skill, and it takes practice.  Some Leo’s have the opposite difficulty – they’re too lacking in self-confidence to really say what needs to be said.  No matter which end of the pole you are at Leo, this is the time to speak your mind in positive, tactful and diplomatic ways.

Virgo – Money and earning power come into focus for you this month Virgo as the new moon in Libra is in your solar 2nd House of Money, Values and Self-Worth. Virgo is a sign of service and giving of themselves, but do not mistake that with giving yourself away.  Be sure that the value of your service is equal to that of others in your community doing the same type of work.

Libra – This is your month Libra as the New Moon falls in your personal sign!  Make this month about aligning you with you.  Pull yourself out of the shadows of teamwork and promote yourself in all your glory! By the shadow of teamwork I mean, of course, that sometimes you can lose sight of what is important to YOU.  Now you must consider yourself as well as other in moving forward.  It’s not much fun when you keep sacrificing what you want to make others happy.  Look for where that is happening in your life and resolve to bring more YOU to the interaction.

Scorpio – You are in the depths with this New Moon as it occurs in your 12th House of the Unconscious/subconscious mind.  This is not an altogether unpleasant place for you as you enjoy going into the deep.  But, you may need to come face to face with what has been happening in your relationships – what are they mirroring to you?  Are you seeing the healthy state of affairs, or the dimmed version?  The mirror only works when you are willing to see the truth and allow that others may not be to blame.  On the other hand are you seeing only the dark in the mirror?? If so, look for the light and allow some deeper epiphany to happen for you.

Sagittarius – The New Moon occurs in your 11th House of Intentions, Goals & Aspirations.  The question for you is, can I do it alone or are there other people I can call to my team to make things happen more smoothly?  To get where you want to go, to bring your vision & dream into reality, you need the help of others.  Your normally expansive and optimistic self works really well this month when blending your energy with others to help bring into form your most cherished dreams.

Capricorn – How do you show up in the world?  This can be in your Career/Profession or as an individual centered in personal Authority.  The New Moon falls in your 10th House and it is time for you to emerge out of shadow and claim your power.  That may mean you have to consider blending your energies with other like-minded folks to get where you want to go.

Aquarius – Expansion through the help and cooperation of others is what this New Moon brings to you.  The potential high side for you is that working together you can get more done.  The down side, there is so much Air energy in this New Moon that you can get caught up in sharing ideas and not get anything done.

Pisces – Finances that you share with others is up for you.  That can mean it’s time for you to clear debt, or otherwise solve financial difficulties.  Perhaps partnering with a financial consultant is a good idea for you at this time. Is lack your partner?  or Is prosperity your partner?  Choose wisely!

Take care everyone, and don’t forget to tune into the MetaCafe each weekday morning at 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET for your Daily Astrology, Human Design & Oracle Energy Report.


Janet Hickox