LIVE by Human Design – September Energy Report

I hope you’re all ready for a rockin’ and rollin’ September as there is so much going on this month that it feels overwhelming to write about it!

Let’s get started …

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September Energy Report


I hope you’re all ready for a rockin’ and rollin’ September as there is so much going on this month that it feels overwhelming to write about it!

Let’s get the big things out of the way first.  We enter into September with Mercury having moved retrograde in Virgo on August 30 and a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1. The Sun-Moon combo are at 9 Virgo, while Mercury moved Rx at 29 Virgo.  Mediating both ends of the sign and making this an opportunity for growth is Jupiter at 28 Virgo.  It’s almost as if we have bookends!  The net effect of this is to make sure we have learned and continue to develop our Virgo lessons surrounding wholeness, health, practical forward action and connectedness! 

From a Human Design perspective, the Sun/Moon will be at Gate 40-Lonliness during the eclipse with Earth at Gate 37-Friendship and Jupiter/Mercury/Venus will be at Gate 46 – Love of the Body.  These energies together remind us to create or join community by getting ourselves out into the world to share our gifts and talents.  Even the Hermits out there will appreciate the forming of bonds that boost themselves and others in healthy ways. 

The second event for September (and maybe the biggest!) is the Lunar Eclipse on September 16.  I’ve learned 3 major types of Astrology and all three of them show a very energetic day for the 16th!!

Western Astrology – the Lunar eclipse occurs at 24 Pisces/Virgo (Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces) forming a T-Square with Mars at the point.  This adds up to high energy, dynamic change and an element of volatility.

Human Design – the Sun at 6 – Friction and the Moon/Earth at Gate 36-Crisis, pretty much sums up the potential energy of conflict during this time.  Anytime that Gate 6 shows up we have Impact, jarring our senses and making us take notice.  Crisis can be born out of boredom and restlessness causing us to do things we wouldn’t normally do.

Mayan Astrology – the Mayan system has built in “Burner Days” that they used as a way to release tension and the build-up of strain within the society.  On the Burner Days there would be activities that brought the tribe together and released the pent up pressure.  (The example of Super Bowl in our society comes to mind…)  Because we have no organized way in today’s society to relieve the stresses, big events tend to happen that serve to bring us together – almost as if on an unconscious level we know that we must open the relief valve, but nothing is available on the conscious level for us to do it. 

So it appears that all three systems of Astrology point to the potential for September 16 (or there about) to be a potentially impactful experience for us.  This is not about FEAR, but being AWARE of your surroundings, the choices you are making in any given moment, and realizing that there will be others who are not as conscious as you and they may be on an edge.  Seek PEACE, use COMPASSION, create from LOVE and we can minimize the negative impacts of this energy. 

The rest of the month seems tame by comparison – as we move beyond the Lunar Eclipse we find ourselves once again in the energy of Sun at Gate 46 – Love of the Body and Earth at Gate 25 – Love of Spirit.  Gate 25 energy is loving, sweet and healing! We will so need it! 

Venus will be sitting at Gate 50 encouraging us to nurture both ourselves and others – in a balanced way!

The last week of September we find ourselves in the energy of Opinions and Criticism – “Judge not, lest you be judged” is a great mantra for us during this week.  Worse yet are the harsh criticisms you may put upon yourself.  Remember kind words toward self and others can go a long way. 

Look for the weekly LIVE by Human Design updates for more specifics of each week.    

Keynotes for September: 

  • Mindset – take care of what you are thinking and remember not to identify with your thoughts! DO NOT make any decisions from your head.  If you need to know what your Authority is (your decision-making tool) go to my website at living-astrology and request your FREE Human Design chart!
  • Take care of yourself, especially if you are someone who tends to over nurture others and leave yourself out!  Compassion, love and nurturing are two-way streets!
  • Get into your body!!! Love your body as it is the vehicle for your Spirit… how you think about your body is as important as what you do for your body
  • Mercury Rx is in the Gate 47 (Mindset)/Gate 64 (Confusion) for most of the month so it is imperative that you KNOW yourself, get out of your head, and wait for MAGIC to happen.