Are You Experiencing One of These Emotions?

In Human Design Astrology, each of us has a Type & Strategy that forms the framework for living from our authentic self. It is when we are not true to ourselves that we experience the negative emotions like Frustration, Anger, Disappointment or Bitterness.



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 If your answer is yes, then you might be experiencing the effects of not living from your authentic self!

In Human Design Astrology, each of us has a Type & Strategy that forms the framework for living from our authentic self.  It is when we are not true to ourselves that we experience the negative emotions listed above.

If you have received your Human Design Chart, then you have probably seen the words, “conditioning theme” or “Life Theme” with one of these feelings.  I am sure when you looked at that word something stirred within you – either a recognition of how frustration, anger, disappointment or bitterness plays out in your life or the niggling fear that somehow this word/feeling permeates your life and you don’t know what to do about it.

The resolution is simple … live your life according to your Type & Strategy!

If you do not know what your Type/Strategy is or if these words are completely new to you, then the first thing you need to do is get a copy of your Human Design Chart.  You can get your free copy by going to my website at  Just fill out the little form and I will send you a copy of your chart.

There are 5 Types in Human Design – Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.  Each Type has its own specific Strategy and Conditioning Theme that develops when you’re not living authentically.


Conditioning Theme:  Anger

Strategy:  Inform Before You Act

A Manifestor’s Strategy is to learn to inform people of their actions, before they actually take action.  This is not easy for Manifestor’s to do.  A Manifestor might have learned early on that if they tell people what they are going to do they encounter resistance or control by others. Yet, the simple act of informing can save them a whole host of issues from occurring later on.

It is when they are not informing that people attempt to resist their ideas/actions and put blocks in their way.  This is what creates Anger for the Manifestor.  Once they master this Strategy, life becomes far less filled with anger!


Conditioning Theme:  Frustration

Strategy:  Respond to what shows up in your outer world

Frustration is the result of a Generator who has gotten involved in tasks that are not in alignment with their true purpose or passion; and frustration is also present when Generators initiate rather than respond to the outer world.

Generators also go through periods of time of growth, followed by periods of rest – kind of like a stairway.  When they feel they are on the plateau (the rest part of the stairway) too long, frustration can also develop.  Generators can be tempted to do things that are not in alignment with the Type during this time.  However, this kind of frustration is the Generator’s cue that the energy is about to shift.  Only make changes in your life when you are responding to what is showing up in your outer world.

Manifesting Generators

Conditioning Theme:  Anger & Frustration

Strategy:  Visualize, Inform, Respond

Manifesting Generators are a sort of hybrid between the Manifestor and the Generator.  Therefore, their Strategy contains components from both Types.  Like the Generator, they are meant to respond to what shows up in their outer world, and like a Manifestor, they must inform others before they take action.  A Manifesting Generator can engage in envisioning their goal while they are waiting for something in the outer world to respond to.

Anger for a Manifesting Generator is directly related to not informing others of their plans/actions before acting upon them.  Others respond to the Manifesting Generator by putting up resistance or blocks to stop them when they haven’t informed the people effected by their decisions.  Frustration develops in the same way for Manifesting Generators as Generators.


Conditioning Theme:  Bitterness

Strategy:  Wait for the Invitation

When Projector’s enter into things without an invitation, they can become bitter because no one recognizes their contribution.  Life becomes a struggle for them, and then they feel exhausted and lethargic.  Health concerns, for example auto-immune diseases, can creep in and zap the remaining energy of Projector’s if they continue to expend their energy without waiting for the invitation.

The Projector who waits for the invitation is successful and recognized by the people who will value his/her wisdom and guidance!


Conditioning Theme:  Disappointment

Strategy:  Wait for 28 days (a full cycle of the Moon)

The Reflector has a strong connection with the Moon and therefore the lunar cycle.  It takes the Moon 28 days to move through all 64 Gates of the Human Design chart, and because the Gates are the only definition in a Reflector’s chart, it is important that they wait the full 28 days to get clarity before making decisions.

As you can imagine, this can be a difficult proposition in a world such as ours where things move so fast.  However, if a Reflector does not adhere to the 28 days of waiting, they are prone to disappointment as they may regret the decisions they made.    During the 28 days of waiting, the Reflector is meant to talk to their networks of people about their decision in order to gain clarity.





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