Freak or Genius?

The Sun & Earth are sitting at the “Freak to Genius” Channel is Human Design. Learn what that means to you and how to navigate through the week’s energies.

Some of you reading this blog may not be familiar with Human Design Astrology.  I consider Human Design to be astrology for a new paradigm, as rather than a mechanical view of who you are through planets and signs, Human Design looks at the energetic you…how you express yourself energetically, who you are in relationships, how to address your challenges and how to best make decisions authentically for you!

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Hello Everyone – This is the week of your freaky genius!

What I mean by this is…The Sun and Earth are sitting at the Channel 23-43 this week and this is what we in Human Design lovingly call the “Freak to Genius” Channel.

You may have interesting Channel 43-23things that you want to share with everyone right now. But…before you do … remember that Gate 43 from the Ajna meets up with Gate 23 at the Throat. The Throat is projected energy (means that it has to be invited out of you), so please make sure that before you share your genius that you wait for the invitation!

You want to be heard, recognized, valued and respected, right? So don’t just blurt out your Genius – WAIT for the invitation!

Can I say that again? WAIT for the INVITATION!

This Sun-Earth transit means that everyone has the Ajna & Throat defined this week through the 23-43 Channel. You suddenly have access to Certainty and a Voice. That makes it even more important that you follow your Type & Strategy so that you don’t make any decisions or say anything that you might regret later on.

Jupiter is also Direct today, having completed it’s retrograde in Virgo. That means that the growth/expansion possibilities become more externalized right now. Jupiter is sitting at Gate 64 – Confusion.Channel 64-47

Gate 64 sits up in the Head Center and is a most interesting Gate. Here the possibility exists of information and inspiration coming to you in “downloads” seemingly out of nowhere! The problem with confusion occurs when you attempt to put your mind to work in “figuring out” how the idea is going to manifest.

If you can relax and not get into the “how” of things, the Universe will provide the path. You just have to relax in the knowing of everything happens in the right and perfect timing, in the right and perfect way, when the right and perfect players are all aligned.

Shhhh … I’ll tell you a little secret … you may not have to wait long for everything to align for you either! The North Node (Destiny) is sitting at the opposite of Jupiter at Gate 47- Realization. When you least expect it, everything falls into place! Let the MAGIC Happen!

Have a great day everyone!