Welcome Home to the Family of Networks! Introducing NBTV

All good comes to those who are patient and are willing to wait a bit…and now along comes this wonderful opportunity. Be watching for more information and release of new videos coming soon!!!

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the family of networks

Announcing a new collaboration of alternative media networks:  Naturally Better TV. (NBTV). This is a groundbreaking partnership with at least 11 different alternative media groups and projects designed to create a hub of learning and awareness across a wide array of alternative subjects in a warm and inviting community environment.

The main focus of NBTV is to provide viewers with the kind of programming they want to see, in a spirit of support and community, love and connection.  “The people love us and they love our shows,” says Dr.Jeremy one of the founders of NBTV,  “We have all been growing our audiences and many have become our online friends. If we can show that a group of individuals with differing opinions can come together and work towards a common goal then our viewers will become inspired to do great works of their own. They want to see us come together…

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