Can Human Design Change the World?

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Someone asked me a very interesting question the other day, and it got me to thinking.  The question was, “How can we influence enough people to begin the change toward a more prosperous and positive world?”  The question was posed from an observation this person was making about the “consistent pull toward negativity and destructive thoughts and behaviors” witnessed in the world around us.  Seemingly, we are barraged by this negativity and it causes us to lose sight of the positive in the world.

My first response was to not respond.  Really, I thought, do I have an answer to this type of question, and then it hit me, YES I do!  The answer to the question is that we can begin the change in the world through Human Design! How you might ask?  Well, if you have had a reading with me in the past, you may remember me saying that one of my favorite sayings (that I relate to Astrology) is “Know Thyself.”  I have found that Human Design is the most eloquent way for us to get to know ourselves.

How does knowing myself lead to a more peaceful, positive and prosperous world?  Simply put, if I know myself, my gifts, talents, strengths, destiny, life purpose and my type and strategy, I can live my life authentically and with passion, making decisions that are right for me, and that my friends, magically translates outward from me to others.  Through Quantum Physics we have discovered that each of us is an energy field, and further, our energy fields are always interacting with one another.  If I am living my life with joy and creativity according to my Human Design, then that effects the field of energy for everyone I come into contact with – friends, family, clients, neighbors, etc.

I can tell you from personal experience that Human Design has had a huge positive effect in my life.  Once upon a time, I was a quitter – I would give up on myself too quickly.  I knew that I was passionate about Astrology, I loved doing readings, and people who came to me always commented on how good their reading was.  But, I convinced myself that somehow I wasn’t good enough to continue doing what I loved, so I set out to find a JOB!

Now, there is nothing wrong with having a job, but I already had one that I loved.  Somehow my vision of me in that job got skewed, and instead of sticking with it, I quit and moved on to a JOB that I absolutely hated.  In fact, I spent each day at lunch in my car crying because I was so miserable.  I knew I had made a mistake, but felt powerless to change back.  The Universe even tried persuading me to not make the change!  The first interview was a group one and somehow, even though I was 4th in line for the interview, I got missed.  Two hours later I was still sitting there waiting for my turn watching people who came in 60 minutes after me getting their interview.  Finally I approached the desk and the woman behind said that I should be patient, I would get my turn.  To make a long story short, I pushed my way into the job, only to discover that I had made a huge mistake (or had I?). I finally quit the job 4 months into it, and returned to doing my passion, Astrology.

It was later that year that I discovered Human Design.  The first thing I found out about myself was my Type.  I am a Generator, and Generators have a particular growth pattern.  Much like a staircase, Generators are growing on the uphill part of the stair, then when they get to the top of the stair they are in an integration phase, growth seems to come to a halt and it is then that they can misread the signs, get frustrated with what seems to be an inability within them and then quit based on that erroneous thought.  When I discovered this information, I was able to see so clearly in that moment all the mistaken times that I was ready to quit or actually did quit something because I misread the signs – I simply didn’t know my own self and that this was a process that I would go through on a regular basis. It felt so good to be validated – to know that I wasn’t crazy, that I just didn’t know this one piece of information about myself.  Of course, there were many other little things I found out about myself along the way that have aided me in living my authentic TRUTH.

There are many examples of people who have literally cried when I’ve shared their Human Design with them.  One woman had been chastised by her father over and over again because she never seemed to finish anything she started.  He called her “flaky” and didn’t want to hear about anything new she started because he knew she was never going to finish it.  She happens to be a Manifestor, and they are the initiators.  They are designed to start things, and not necessarily to finish them.  Oh, they will finish some things – the things they want to finish, that are important to them or have real meaning to them – but everything else may just get left for the Generators or Manifesting Generators to finish.  She told me that she felt like a giant weight had been lifted off her shoulders by learning her Design.

Projectors are unique in Human Design as they have to wait for invitations into the big things of life – relationships, jobs, relocations, etc.  If they are living according to their Type, it may look to other people as if they are lazy.  In reality, there isn’t much for them to do between invitations.  This also plays out in the classrooms of our schools.  Projector children are absorbing the energy of Generator & Manifesting Generator children in their classes.  The injection of energy that is not “typical” for them can create issues of hyperactivity and attention deficit-like behavior.  Is it true that have ADD or ADHD?  Not necessarily.  They are just designed to work within the world in a different way.  My own son, a Projector, was singled out in his classroom as a potential to be labeled as such.  Even though I didn’t know Human Design astrology at the time, I knew deep within me that he was not what they were characterizing him to be.  I ended up homeschooling him from 6th grade through high school.

I cannot tell you how many people with Open Throat centers have called me back after their reading to let me know how easy things are happening for them now that they know how to get recognized or heard.  You see, people with Open Throats are susceptible to sharing ideas, information or opinions without being invited to do so.  People won’t “hear” them unless they wait for the invitation to share.  Yet someone with a Defined Throat center can say the same thing and everyone hears them and they get credit for the same idea, information or opinion that the Open Throat Center person shared causing much frustration, anger or bitterness. Giving them this simple advice changed their lives and helped them get on the right track to being “seen” for their gifts.

I have so many examples I could share with you that echo this same “aha” for people.  Over and over again I’ve seen people just blossom once they know their Type, Strategy and Authority.  So, yes I do have an answer for the person who wrote me about how to influence the world in a positive way – Discover Your Own Human Design & Then Live It!

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