February Astrology

Love is in the air in February! So what better time is there to look at the two planets involved in Love and Romance – Venus and Mars? Venus is the feminine aspect and represents love, beauty and harmony, while Mars as the masculine aspect represents the more physical, sexual experience of love. Both planets begin the month of February in the Neptune ruled sign of Pisces, setting up a cozy, loving and emotional Valentine’s Day.


Happy Birthday

 Aquarius (1/20 to 2/19) & Pisces (2/20 to 3/19)

February is the 2nd month in an 8 Universal year making it a 1 month (2+2015=10/1) of Beginnings, Newness & Potential.

Love is in the air in February!  So what better time is there to look at the two planets involved in Love and Romance – Venus and Mars?  Venus is the feminine aspect and represents love, beauty and harmony, while Mars as the masculine aspect represents the more physical, sexual experience of love.  Both planets begin the month of February in the Neptune ruled sign of Pisces, setting up a cozy, loving and emotional Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is probably not the highlight of the month, however.  The moon, representing our emotions, will be in ever practical Capricorn – not really a romantic placement.  Mercury (planet of communication) will have just come out of retrograde motion.  Still in its shadow period, communication may be an issue.  Words come out wrong, feelings may be a little hurt, and the energies may yet be a little star-crossed.

However, there is an undercurrent of potential, that even in the face of tied tongues and missteps, has people holding on for something more…and that something more comes on February 20 when Mars and Venus, within hours of each other, move into spicy and fiery Aries, which is a sign ruled by Mars.  Let the sparks fly! You might want to consider holding your Valentine’s date night, one week late!

February represents the 1 month of new beginnings in the 8 Universal year of abundance and balance.  Perhaps this would be a good month to take a critical look at your financial situation.  Plan for the future, and put away some money for what might be a rocky second half economically in 2015.  Venus in her more mundane costume, rules money as well, and Mars rules action.  Using your intuition, take action to position yourself for the long-term as it relates to your money and finances – BUT – No Fear!

The Moon Cycle this Month:

The Full Snow Moon is February 3 at 15° Aquarius-Leo at 3:09 pm Pacific time.  Remember that the full moon is a time when the Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other, and it tends to bring things to completion or into their fullness.

Meaning of the Sun (15 Aquarius) during this full moon:  This placement is really interesting in our 8 year of Abundance and Balance as it is about the satisfaction inherent in balance – masculine/feminine, left brain/right brain, yin/yang.

Meaning of the Moon (15 Leo) during this time:  Strut your stuff!  You have all you need to bring your unique self out into the world.

The New Moon occurs on February 18 at 0°Pisces at 3:47 pm Pacific time.  The New Moon is a time when the Sun and Moon are in a conjunction (at the same degree of the same sign) and shows us the direction where new things may begin.

Meaning of the Sun-Moon at this time:  Group spiritual unity.  Seeing the larger picture of the collective.

February through the Signs

This month I will be focusing on Love & Romance for each sign as seen through the two planets involved – Venus and Mars.

Remember to read the information for your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising Sign to get a better idea of what is coming up for you. If you do not know your Moon and Rising sign, ask your astrologer or go to my website (address at the end of this article) and request your information.

Aries – March 20 to April 19

This is a great month for you Aries.  Venus, Mars and Uranus all in your 1st House of Self – an awesome recipe for a new you!  You have already been under the revolutionary energies of Uranus in your natal sign, and now you have the potential for that new self to emerge and merge into your relationships.  Love and romance should be on your terms now – don’t be afraid to ask for and receive what YOU desire!

Taurus – April 20 to May 20

Are you harboring some kind of blocks or limitations when it comes to expressing love and romance in your life?  It’s time for you to enter fully and passionately into love – Taureans are in love with love after all.  Venus, your ruling planet, is in hot connection to Mars here – you want to engage.  Start with something easy – roses, candles, and then move into more exciting territory.  Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you want.

Gemini – May 21 to June 20

Gemini, your social world is abuzz with love and romance potential.  If you are not already in a committed relationship, then February is going to be a fun-filled month of dates and romantic interludes.  For those of you Gemini’s in committed relationships, then your love life is sizzling with opportunities to love and be loved.  Let your imagination run wild and set yourself free to express love on your terms!

Cancer – June 21 to July 22

Is there an office romance blossoming dear Cancer?  If so, then this is going to be the month for it to be launched into full expression!  There is just too much electricity going on between you to keep this under wraps for much longer.  Security conscious Cancer, let your guard down and enjoy the momentum.  Don’t be afraid to claim what you desire for yourself when it comes to love and sex.

Leo – July 23 to August 22

Love and romance take on a spiritual dimension for you Leo.  It’s as if you and your partner are out in the ethers and neither of you wants to come down!  Enjoy the rush and the complete involvement between you.  Let heaven and Earth join together in what could be the beginning of something deeper.  Lions love to be the center of attention, and it seems dear Leo, that your lover(s) want you there too!  Delightful!

Virgo – August 23 to September 22

The word Virgin (the symbol of your sign, Virgo) originally meant a woman who was free to express her sexuality, independence and strength.  I believe this is a good time for you to remember this word’s origin, Virgo as your Mars/Venus energy is in the 8th House of Sexual expression this month. If your sex life has been PG-rated, then it’s time to spice things up and move the rating up to at least an R!  Release yourself from the constraints you normally have – Love it up!

Libra – September 23 to October 22

Love and romance moves into the relationship house for you Libra.  Is it possible that you single Libra’s are ready to take things to the next level?  It would seem so. For those of you Libra’s in relationships already, things seem to be going in the marriage direction.  There is also the possibility for Libra’s caught in a relationship that is going nowhere, you will choose to break it off and opt for something more akin to your desires.

Scorpio – October 23 to November 21

Always intense in love and romance, this month is no different for you Scorpio.  It feels like there is the possibility that it’s time to take a romance to the next level for you.  Maybe you have been hesitant to move forward into deeper territory, and now it is at the top of your “to-do” list.  Don’t be afraid to try new ways of being in your relationships either, because that may be the difference in moving on or moving deeper.

Sagittarius – November 22 to December 20

Love and romance are hot button topics for you this month Sagittarius.  Saturn has moved into your natal sign, creating opportunities for freedom.  Now, with Mars and Venus in Aries (a fellow fire sign), it is full speed ahead.  Yours is the path to creating a joyful joining between partners.  Emerging out of the shadows, be expressive, demonstrative, and playful with your lovers, and welcome the ecstasy that comes from this kind of connection.

Capricorn – December 21 to January 20

This is a great time for you Capricorns to stay at home and get cozy with your loved one.  Get caught up in the enjoyment of love, romance and companionship.  There is plenty of time to get back to the work of the world next month dear Capricorn.  For now, relax and play a little.  Maybe it’s a great time for a little winter getaway with the one you love?  Head for the mountains, the beach, or the cabin tucked away from it all.

Aquarius – January 21 to February 19

Love and romance for you, dear Aquarius, includes interesting and stimulating conversations – a meeting of minds so to speak.  It’s more than a physical or romantic connection for you this month.  You want to be able to meet your love on all the realms – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Perhaps trips to museums, concerts, lectures or art galleries can trigger the connection you are looking for. Then, let the sizzle begin!  Mind, body, soul is the way to go.

Pisces – February 20 to March 20

Emotional energy meets up with Earthly pleasures for you this month, Pisces.  Mars and Venus want physical sensuality, while your escapist side wants what is unknowable – pure bliss!  I believe that you can have both this month!  Combine all the senses with emotional sharing to create that romantic, loving atmosphere that you want to share with your partner.  This may set the stage for more close encounters in the future!


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