October 2014 Astrology

Ah, October, the time of changing leaves, cooler temperatures, shorter days/longer nights and this year Mercury retrograde and Lunar and Solar eclipses! The fun begins October 4 when Mercury, planet of communication, the mind, and short distance travel moves into retrograde motion

October blog post

Ah, October, the time of changing leaves, cooler temperatures, shorter days/longer nights and this year Mercury retrograde and Lunar and Solar eclipses!  The fun begins October 4 when Mercury, planet of communication, the mind, and short distance travel moves into retrograde motion.  Many of you have heard about this tiny planet and the havoc that can ensue when it changes direction, but what you might not know is that during a retrograde we have the opportunity to look deep within ourselves and make critical adjustments to our “vision” of ourselves.  It can be the perfect time to re-imagine and re-envision our lives.  October’s Mercury retrograde begins at 2° Scorpio, a deeply passionate, intense and intuitive water sign and moves backwards to 16° Libra, a balance-seeking, and relationship-oriented sign.  This retrograde becomes an important part of the astrology for the autumn as Mercury sets the stage for the total Lunar Eclipse visible for us in the Western third of the country.

Eclipses are game changers!  The energy of an eclipse is a powerful door opener and door closer for us, and the sign of the eclipse and it’s placement in your personal chart can denote where and what type of transformation is occurring in your life.  The first eclipse is a total lunar eclipse on October 8.  During a lunar eclipse, the light of the moon (our intuitive, soul energy) is temporarily dimmed in favor of the Sun’s more ego-centered energy.  To make matters more interesting, during the eclipse, the Moon will be conjunct Uranus in Aries (planet of surprises, rebellion, and revolution) putting it in opposition to the Sun in Libra.  On the world stage, this is going to be an interesting time as we are looking at an eclipse across the Aries-Libra or Love-War axis of the astrological chart.  Could we find ourselves on the brink of another war?  Or, will cooler heads prevail and peaceful and diplomatic solutions rule the month?  Only time can tell.

Personally, we are also going through this same process of seeking freedom and rebelling against things that we have perceived to be holding us back.  We have a very good opportunity to find peace within ourselves, and ergo the World, by moving forward in our lives with the things that bring us happiness and simultaneously allowing the same for others around us.  We can create a win-win scenario by engaging this energy within our own lives – and the potential of inner peace and joy within creates the same in the outer world!

A partial solar eclipse occurs on October 23 with the new moon at 0°Scorpio.  With the passage of first Saturn, then Mars through Scorpio, this solar eclipse opens us up to combining our deepest soul needs and our healthy ego together in a new way.  Usually during a solar eclipse the Sun is completely blotted out leaving us much more open to our more intuitive nature.  This eclipse however, is only partial, so we can see a way to blend both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, i.e. the masculine and the feminine to become more balanced.

Happy Birthday Libra!

Libra – September 23-October 22

Your normal consensus-building, cooperative self may be put to the test this month.  The lunar eclipse across your relationship axis may have you wondering whether it is time for you to stop giving so much of yourself and to put yourself in the receiving seat.  Mercury retrograding back into your sign can also bring issues back to the forefront that you thought were already solved.  Use your formidable skills of tact and diplomacy to carve out a balance in your relationships.  And, as the North Node (destiny) is also moving through your sign, this is the time to empower yourself in ways you have been avoiding, even if it means disturbing the peace for the time being.

Scorpio – October 22-November 21

If you have been putting off dealing with a health issue, Scorpio, now is the time to take care of it before it has a chance to get worse or turn into something major.  Your sign has been playing host to both Saturn and Mars, and now this month, a solar eclipse.  There may be a lot of emotional themes coming up for you, and as most of us are aware, those emotional wounds can literally turn into body issues when we hold onto them.  It’s a great time for you to purify your body, mind and soul by paying close attention to diet, exercise, and what feeds your spiritual needs.  Letting go of old wounds, beliefs, judgments, and grudges serves to allow the passionate, giving and healthy you to shine through.

Sagittarius – November 21-December 20

Lucky you Sagittarius.  October’s lunar eclipse falls in your 5th House of Love, Romance, Joy, and Creativity, making this an awesome time for you to let go of anything standing in the way of your connecting fully to your authentic self!  Backing you up in this, your ruling planet Jupiter is in Leo the sign that holds rulership over the 5th House meaning that you are empowered at this time to follow your Truth to the Freedom that you so love.  Of course there may be little bumps along the way as Scorpio aligns in your 12th house of the hidden subconscious things that hold you back.  Be willing to face the F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) and push through old patterns that have held you back.  Doing so now will be of great benefit when December rolls around and Saturn moves out of Scorpio and into your Sun sign

Capricorn – December 21-January 19

Capricorn, you may be feeling the push to spend more time at home with family as we prepare for the upcoming holiday season.  Likely you have had to spend a lot of time on your career of late, and your loved ones and friends are missing your presence, as you are missing theirs.  Remember that it is the connections we make with the people in our lives that sustain us.  No one wants to wake up one day and find out that the most important things in life have passed you by.  For you it really is time for a balance between self and others, and career and home concerns.

Aquarius – January 20-February 18

The Moon and Uranus in your 3rd House of Communication (the domain of a retrograde Mercury) may mean that something you say may be taken out of context or understood in the wrong way.  How you say things this month is at least as important as what you say.  An eclipse across the 3rd/9th house axis can also mean that you are ready to begin learning a new skill or taking on the role of teacher.  The eclipse may even bring up the possibility of writing and then publishing that book you have in you.  Just remember that you are an air sign and even though Mercury isn’t your ruling planet, you are still effected by its retrograde motion.  Check and re-check any communication coming from you this month.

Pisces – February 19-March 20

The financial game changer that you have been waiting and hoping for may be on tap for you this month Pisces.  Of course, abundance can come in many different ways.  It is a new job or income?  Or maybe money that you have been waiting for finally comes your way.  Or maybe it is a gift you receive that you absolutely did not expect.  No matter what it is, flow and abundance require a healthy sense of self-worth and the ability to value yourself appropriately.  This isn’t always easy for you Pisces.  Perhaps the timing is perfect for you to see yourself in an empowered way and boldly step out into the world in a way that has eluded you in the past.

Aries – March 21 to April19

The lunar eclipse effects your relationships.  This might be the time where bold action in leaving a bad relationship can be the route to happiness.  A move such as this requires courage and strength and determination, which you appear to have easy access to this month.  Use this time as a way to strengthen the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself!  Pay attention to messages of change coming up from deep within you.  They may very well be the access to Truth that you have been longing for.

Taurus – April 20-May 20

Taurus, this is your time to come out of the closet and emerge into the light! You may have been grappling with a host of emotional baggage over the last several months.  It is time for you to make peace with all that fear, subconscious patterns and limiting thoughts that have been holding you back.  Remember that you are the Master Manifestor’s of the zodiac, and that the universe is an equal opportunity manifesting place, meaning that whatever it is you have devoted your thoughts, energy and emotions to, is what is being manifested.  Want access to financial abundance?  Then stop framing it in the form of thoughts on what you don’t have.  Make sense?

Gemini – May 21-June 20

As your ruling planet Mercury is in retrograde for most of October, Gemini, this could be a frustrating month for you if you’re trying to swim against the energetic tide.  The best plan of action then is for you to take a good look at what your vision, goals and aspirations are, and see if you can re-imagine your way into your dream self.  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  This is not the month to take action, but do everything in the background that needs doing so that when we get into November you are ready to launch the new you!

Cancer – June 21-July 22

Dear Cancer, your eclipse pattern is across the 10th House of Career, Profession and your 4th House of Home, Family, Security.  Usually your concerns are more directed at the home, yet this month’s emphasis comes in your professional life.  It’s a good bet that someone is eyeing you for a promotion or some kind of recognition.  If you are self-employed, this could be a good month for business as you seem quite capable, professional and appealing in the marketplace.  Mercury will be retrograde in this area of your chart though, so be sure to get any promises in writing and be sure there is a clear understanding of what any new job requirements or pay structures are.  You don’t want to be surprised later.

Leo – July 23-August 22

Leo this is a time for you listen very carefully to your inner voice and intuitive knowing.  Lucky planet Jupiter is in your sign until next August, so you want to be fully present to opportunities as they arise now.  Remember that eclipses always close one door and open another.  So, even if it looks like something is changing and you are not sure what that means for you personally, you are primed for good when you are following that inner guidance.  There is also the possibility that you will have travel on your mind, or at the very least be exposed to different cultures in some way.

Virgo – August 23-September 22

Transformation is afoot for you Virgo.  The game changing lunar eclipse sits in your 8th House of Transformation and Unearned Income.  October energy can put you on the receiving end of money coming from investments, legacies, inheritances or in any other way that is not earned by the work you do.  This is probably something that you have really waited for and make for a life-changing event.

Janet Hickox is an Astrologer, Human Design Coach, and Host of Living Astrology radio on the EmpowerYOU Radio Network.  She specializes in readings that empower individuals to live their authentic lives.  Request a free Human Design chart by going to her website at www.living-astrology.com.  She can be reached at (360)399-1122.

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Autumn Astrology & The New Moon

Autumn officially begins September 22, 2014 at 7:30 pm Pacific time when the Sun moves into Libra.

This seasonal shift is a powerful one with the Equinox, Pluto Direct and the New Moon all happening within a day of each other. The balance between light and dark, the inbreath and the outbreath, being empowered and being disempowered all held in a New Moon pushing us into being our fully realized selves.


Autumn officially begins September 22, 2014 at 7:30 pm Pacific time when the Sun moves into Libra. 

This seasonal shift is a powerful one with the Equinox, Pluto Direct and the New Moon all happening within a day of each other.  The balance between light and dark, the inbreath and the outbreath, being empowered and being disempowered all held in a New Moon pushing us into being our fully realized selves.  Pluto sits at the midheaven of the Autumn Equinox chart making it the most powerful planet in play at this time, and this placement means Pluto is sitting in the 10th House which is our claim to our personal authority and authentic self.  We have had months now of tasting what could be for us, while having to let go of and push through emotions and situations that were no longer serving us.  What a welcome relief this time will be for most of us.

Helping us in this new phase of Self-authority, is a fire trine made up of Jupiter in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.  A trine brings is an ease and flow of energies between the signs/planets involved, and Fire is the energy of passion, creativity , joy, action and optimism.  Looking at the planets themselves we see our inner Buddha-God-Goddess (Jupiter), Mars the bold action taker, and Uranus freeing us from oppression – whether self involved or from outside sources – and we can see that the energies they contain are not going to just let us sit idly by in our lives anymore.  We have a call to action and that means it’s time to reveal your true selves!

Creating openings for us to do just that, are two eclipses in this season – a total Lunar Eclipse on October 8th and a partial Solar Eclipse on October 23.  Remember that eclipses are game changers as they tend to be powerful forces opening up new opportunities and forcing a release of unsustainable situations for us.  The total Lunar Eclipse is visible throughout most of the United States and takes place across the Libra/Aries axis, which puts it in the same area as the Autumn equinox & New Moon of September 22-24.  We have a lot of opportunities to balance our energies, our lives, and to bring forward our unique and authentic expression to give to the world.

One small (or maybe not so small) transit to be aware of is our favorite – Mercury Retrograde – happening from October 4-25, 2014 from 2 Scorpio back to 16 Libra.  We are already in the shadow period of this retrograde cycle, so be very conscious about what you say, what you sign, what projects you begin and so forth.  This is another one of the Mercury Retrogrades taking us from water back into air, meaning that we have access to deep emotions/emotional responses/personal trauma-dramas that we can move up from the deep and into the mind for processing and releasing.  We are nearing the end of this whole process of emotional processing, clearing and releasing as Saturn, the Taskmaster, is preparing for its last degrees through Scorpio and then moving into Sagittarius just after the Winter Solstice.  I know many of us will be glad that Saturn will be moving on, yet grateful for the magic of transmutation of old patterns, beliefs and emotions.

Below is a list of the upcoming Transits effecting us for the Autumn.  If you would like to know more about how these energies will be effecting you, please consider having a reading with me.  Here are a couple of suggestions:

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Next week I’ll be sharing October astrology by sign, focusing on the Eclipses and Mercury retrograde.  Until then….Have a stellar week!

September 23 – Pluto moves Direct

September 23-24 – New Moon at 1 Libra at 11:14 pm Pacific (on the 23rd); September 24 for all other time zones in the USA.

September 24 to October 15 – Fire Trine between:  Jupiter in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries

October 4-25 – Mercury Retrograde at 2 Scorpio to 16 Libra

October 8 – Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon across Libra/Aries axis at 3:51 a.m. Pacific

October 23 – Partial Solar Eclipse/New Moon at 0 Scorpio; Sun moves into Scorpio, Venus moves into Scorpio

October 25 – Superior conjunction of Venus/Sun/Earth

November 16, 2014 – Neptune turns Direct

November 28, 2014 to August 25, 2015 – Black Moon/Lilith moves into Virgo

December 8, 2014 to April 8, 2015 – Jupiter Retrograde from 22 Leo to 12 Leo

December 21, 2014 – Sun into Capricorn (Winter Solstice) and Uranus Direct

December 23, 2104 to December 19, 2017 – Saturn in Sagittarius

Exploring Human Design: Astrology for a New Paradigm

Human Design is one of the most important tools we have to move us forward into these new paradigm times. First and foremost, Human Design teaches us to LOVE ourselves by learning the Truth of who we are designed to be and how we can live our authentic life and destiny, serving to improve our self-worth and self-esteem.

I love astrology!  There is no doubt in my mind that I was destined to become an astrologer.  I am also certain that I was designed to share with the world new, exciting and eye-opening astrological concepts in an easy to understand, practical and useful way.  Such is the purpose I have in mind today.  I am speaking to you from a certainty that comes from having discovered my authentic self, Truth, and purpose through an astrology called, Human Design. 

Human Design is the synthesis of 4 Ancient Wisdom Traditions and 2 Sciences – the Chinese I’Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra system, Western Astrology and Quantum Physics and Human Genetic Coding.  Making it even more mystical and magical is the fact that the entire system was transmitted to Robert Alan Krakower through a spiritual experience he had in Ibiza, Spain during the Harmonic Convergence in January 1987.  A voice told Robert that this system – Human Design – was crucial to helping people on the planet make vital shifts in consciousness for the evolution of humanity.  He spent the next 25 years traveling the world teaching and developing Human Design until his death in 2011. 

Human Design is one of the most important tools we have to move us forward into these new paradigm times.  First and foremost, Human Design teaches us to LOVE ourselves by learning the Truth of who we are designed to be and how we can live our authentic life and destiny, serving to improve our self-worth and self-esteem.  Human Design shows us how to act with awareness, deliberation and courage according to our own personal Type, and by doing so we learn to honor our energy, our feelings and emotions.  Empowering each of us to, “Know Thyself,” allows us to find a way to love and accept others as well.  My Human Design teacher, Karen Curry wrote in her book Understanding Human Design, The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are (Hierophant Publishing, 2013), “Human Design is not about changing yourself.  It simply gives you the tools to journey back to a deeper understanding of your gifts, your wisdom, your drive, and your vulnerabilities, which can set you free from old, self-defeating patterns of thinking and the judgment of others.  It gives you a new perspective so you can see the beauty and magnificence of who you truly are.”  My own personal experience with Human Design has opened me up to a sound decision-making strategy based on who I am designed to be, which has brought me into alignment with my true nature.  Living out my True self has made my life easier and empowered me to pursue my passions.

Human Design is complex, yet there are three key pieces that are easy to understand and can have a profound positive effect for each person.  Let’s take a closer look.  Unlike Western Astrology’s circular chart depicting planet placements by degrees of signs, Human Design is made up of three component parts, The Birth Chart, Body Graph and Keynotes. 

The Body Graph is comprised of 9 Energy Centers that resemble the Hindu Chakra system.  It is from these centers that your Type emerges based on what centers are defined (colored) or undefined (white).  Within each Energy Center are numbers, which we call Gates.  They are related to the 64 Hexagrams of the I’Ching.  These gates form connections between the Energy Centers and further define an individual’s personality characteristics.  When the Gates between Energy Centers are connected they form Channels.  The interconnected channels or their lack of being interconnected further help define your Type.

The Keynotes section of your Human Design chart shows the key information gleaned from your Body Graph:  Type (which includes your Life Theme and Strategy), Profile- Incarnation Cross and Inner Authority. From this information alone a Human Design astrologer can give you an easy to understand reading of your life map.

The Birth Chart is comprised of two columns of numbers, one black and one red, with symbols for the planets between them.  The numbers relate to the Gates within the Body Graph, and it is from this chart that the gates in the Body Graph are defined.  The black column of numbers are based on your actual birth date and become the personality traits that you are familiar with in yourself.  In Human Design we say that these are “conscious” traits.  The red column of numbers are based upon a date that is 88 astrological degrees or approximately 90 days before your birth.  These are the more “unconscious” traits that you are carrying within your Soul.  In fact, the date of the red column is said to be the date that your Soul entered into your body.  Your family and friends may recognize these traits in you before you actually do.           

The first key to understanding your Human Design is discovering what Personality Type you are.  There are 5 Personality Types in Human Design:  Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.  Each Type has a different way of operating in the world and has a unique decision-making strategy.  This knowledge alone rocked my world and fundamentally impacted my success in connecting to my authentic self.  Here is a short description of each Type.

Manifestors – Manifestors make up about 8-9% of the population.  They are the creators and initiators.  They are truly the only Type designed to go out into the world and “Just Do It,” the other types must either wait to respond or wait for an invitation to act.  Manifestors have access to tremendous creative and initiating energy, yet they do not have access to sustainable energy, and so completing projects can be challenging for them.  Manifestors are most successful in the world when they are informing the people who are effected by their decisions before they act.  Keywords:  Energetic, Powerful, Successful, Impulsive, Not a team player, Anger.

Generators – Generators have access to tremendous sustainable Life Force or Work Force energy, consequently they are designed to work and are the “doers” in Human Design.  However, the work that they do cannot be just any kind of work.  They must find their right work, what they are passionate about, and their aim is to master whatever it is they are working on in this life.  Generators make up about 35% of the population.  Generators find the most success in life when they are acting in response to opportunities in their outer world and not from ideas or inspiration coming from within them.   Keywords:  Energetic, Masters of their craft/work, Self-aware, Frustration, Quit too soon, Can feel stuck  

Manifesting Generators – Manifesting Generators are similar to Generators and make up about 33-35% of the population.  They are the consummate multi-taskers and have sustainable life force or work force energy like the Generators.  However, Manifesting Generators work fast and do things quickly and are designed to find the shortcuts to completing any task.  They form a type of hybrid between Manifestors and Generators.  Manifesting Generators must also practice response to the outer world instead of purely initiating action.  It serves them as well to inform those effected by their decisions before taking action.  Keywords:  Energetic, Self-Aware, Multi-tasking, Impatient, Anger and Frustration, Skip important steps

Projectors – Projectors are gifted managers, leaders and guides.  They make up only 20% of the population.  Projectors do not have access to sustainable life force energy, so they are not designed to work in the world like Generators or Manifesting Generators.  Although they may be conditioned to believe that they are supposed to work as the Generator types, and indeed can do so for short periods of times, Projectors simply do not have the stamina to do work that way and can do damage to their physical bodies and spirits by doing so.  Projectors are also designed to enter into the big things in life (relationships, jobs, relocations) through invitation. Through the process of being invited, Projectors are guided into the right conditions to excel as the natural leaders and creators they are.  Keywords:  Leadership, Intuitive, Insightful, Susceptible to burn out, Perceived by others as lazy, Bitterness

Reflectors –  Reflectors are the rarest Type in Human Design making up less than 1% of the population.  They reflect the general health of the communities they are a part of.  Reflectors are very sensitive and unique individuals who care deeply about peace and prosperity for humanity.  Reflectors have no inner authority and must wait a full cycle of the moon, 28 days, in order to make good decisions.  During this time, they are talking to people and getting their opinions and input as a Reflector can only see the truth when reflected through others.  Ideally a Reflector would be a part of every community to help guide us into healthy and supportive decisions.  Keywords:  Sensitive, Passionate, Unique, Clingy, Inconsistent, Disappointment

The other two keys to unlocking your Human Design are your Profile and your Inner Authority.  Together with your Type, you can discover what it is that your soul purpose is, how to make decisions that are correct for you and how you are designed to be your fullest expression of your authentic self in the new paradigm being birthed on our beautiful planet.  In future articles we will be taking a deeper look into the Types and also introducing the Profiles and Inner Authority. 

Janet Hickox is an Astrologer, Human Design Coach, and Host of Living Astrology radio on the EmpowerYOU Radio Network.  She specializes in readings that empower individuals to live their authentic lives.  Request a free Human Design chart by going to her website at www.living-astrology.com.  She can be reached at (360)399-1122.