Astrology Oracle 6-18-14



This morning’s Astrology Oracle reading is Venus in Scorpio in the 10th House.  Venus in this placement is deeply passionate about what it is they do in the world.  There is a deeply creative energy as well.  The message today would be to take action on what it is that you are passionate about, excited about, or what is authentically you.  The planet Venus is actually in the sign of Taurus right now, and Scorpio is the opposing sign to Taurus.  We seem to be getting permission to actually Manifest (Taurus) our Passions (Scorpio) into the physical (Taurus Earth).

Remember in yesterday’s reading we were being told to take the ideas that have been coming in to us (Gemini) and actually communicating them to our community.  We were also being led to follow our emotions and higher knowing into what ideas to actually act upon.  Today’s reading is very interesting as a follow up to yesterday’s, in that we first had the ideas & inspiration, and today we’re to act upon those ideas and inspirations.  Can it be any clearer?

The Outcome Side of the Reading:



The Outcome reading is spectacular as it validates for us that if we are willing to take the steps to live our passions, daring to be our authentic selves, and willing to connect fully with our destinies we will find Pleasure, Good times, and Joy not only in what we’re doing, but in we are being.  So, on this day….Dare to go out and be yourself, Create from the Heart and Connect fully with YOUR individual Destiny!

*NOTE*  I apologize for the slight blur to some of the cards.  They have a very shiny surface, and I haven’t yet gotten down the exact settings or placement that makes all 3 cards look good.  Practice makes perfect 🙂


Janet Hickox


NEW Astrology Oracle

Astrology can be used as a daily guide or oracle, and over the last couple of months I have been using a deck of Astrologically based oracle cards called, Karma Cards by Monte Farber to do just that.

Before I start publishing Daily Astrology Oracle readings, I wanted to explain a bit about the cards and how they work.   The cards are separated in 3 categories:  Planet, Sign and House.  One card is drawn from each of these categories – so you have a 3 card spread.  There are two ends to the cards – an Outcome end in blue, and an Action end in red.  The Outcome & Actions are divided into 3 sections, S = spiritual, M = Mental, and P = Physical.  By putting the cards together in Planet, Sign, House order you can get an answer from the oracle.

For example – using the Outcome (blue) end of the cards:

The Moon card

You’re looking at the Outcome side of the card.

The “S” or Spiritual meaning of the planet would be:  The Nurturing Of

The “M” or Mental meaning of the planet would be:  Feelings Caused by

The “P” or Physical meaning of the planet would be:  Reactions

Each of these phrases would lead to the next card – or Signs card – which in this reading was In Gemini:

In Gemini

So now you have:

The Spiritual Meaning of Planet + Sign = The Nurturing of + Information to explain

The Mental Meaning of Planet + Sign =  Feelings caused by + Communications about

The Physical Meaning of Planet + Sign = Reactions + Resulting From the Fluctuations of

The final card is the House (in astrology the House is related to the area of life effected by the Planet & Sign):

In the 3rd HouseThe final reading is:

The Spiritual Meaning of Planet + Sign + House = The Nurturing of + Information to Explain + Your Ideas –

The Nurturing of information to explain your ideas.

The Mental Meaning of Planet + Sign + House = Feelings Caused by + Communications about + Short term thinking and trips –

Feelings caused by communications about short term thinking and trips.

The Physical Meaning of Planet + Sign + House = Reactions + Resulting from the fluctuations of + Who and What is around you –

Reactions resulting from the fluctuations of who and what is around you. 

Because I will be using these almost daily in readings for everyone, there will be an Action and Outcome reading for the day.  Using these cards as an example, I would say that the Outcome of the day is that the ideas that you may have been sharing with others or that have been swirling around in your mind are just begging to be let loose in the world.  It would seem to say that your creations in idea form, are ready to be released and/or acted upon.  Don’t let the reactions or the expected reactions from others stop you from following your intuitive guidance.

Action:  This is also an interesting combination of cards because today the Sun sits in opposition to the Galactic Center, which means that we can tune into the music, the wisdom and the guidance of the Universe.  From the Galactic Center streams all the energy and information we could use to make this world and our lives better!  There is a special meditation today to do just this kind of tapping in, check it out HERE .

Lastly, here is the 3-card spread put together: