Boston Marathon Explosions and the Black Moon Lilith’s Opposition to the Galactic Center


Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those killed and injured in yesterday’s bombings in Boston.  When such events happen, I look to the heavens to see what planetary alignments may have been the trigger – not as a way to justify or otherwise explain, but to understand what is going on in the collective unconscious of humanity.  

I had already planned to put in the article about the Galactic Center for this week, so it was a natural starting place for me to look.  I also knew there was a lot of energy pumping through the sign of Aries, which is ruled by Mars, and can lead to such “war-like” events.  But, this didn’t feel like Mars to me, it felt much more hidden, shadowy and unconscious.  That’s when it hit me…the Black Moon/Lilith!  

The Black Moon (also referred to as Lilith) represents our shadow self, the point where our own fears are projected outward to others or into the world.  At this moment, she sits at 24 Gemini which puts her in opposition to the Galactic Center now sitting at 27 Sagittarius.  Meaning – The Shadow Self is sitting in opposition to our God Self.  

In an opposition, both planets or points involved are activated and challenge each other in a sort of stand off.  How we handle the tension is up to each us as individuals and is based on how “conscious” we are.  

According to Laura Walker, M.Ed, author of the book, “The Astrology of the Black Moon: A Guide to Healing Our Shadow Side,” the Black Moon in Gemini is working the Shadow of Acceptance and the Fear of Rejection.  If you’re an individual working with this energy and the Galactic Center is opposing that point in your chart, you are up against the opposition in a very personal way.  The Galactic Center calling you to be the Divine You vs. the Human who is feeling disapproved of or rejected.  

When we consciously face this Shadow and process our Fear, we are able to make great strides in the evolution of our souls, but when we are triggered and unable to work through the energy in a conscious way, explosions can happen.  For many people this is an ongoing problem and they certainly don’t go out in the world and blow it up, but if they are not consciously connecting to the healing that needs to be done, they may act just as destructively in their own personal lives.  

The beauty of Lilith and the Galactic Center, is that we now have a tool to be able to see this side of ourselves more clearly.  The archetype has emerged into our “conscious” mind to be acknowledged and worked through.  Now, we can gain clarity about ourselves and what has been working in our unconscious minds.  It’s time for Healers, Astrologers, Counselors and Coaches to work with Black Moon Lilith and the Galactic Center with their clients in order to access this information and aid in it’s healing.  

Blessings to all,
Janet Hickox

FYI – Laura Walker, M.Ed will be on my radio show again on May 2, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. PDT.  We will be diving deeper into the Black Moon-Lilith and the healing work that needs to be done. 

Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon



This month with the new moon in Aries there is an excitement and an air of expectation arising in the collective. We are emerging now – just as the bears emerge from hibernation in the Spring, we too are feeling pulled to do more and be more.

The energy of the New Moon is always about a beginning, and setting intentions during this time for the area in which we desire a new beginning is powerful. That is amplified when the New Moon is in Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries carries the energy of creating something new, being bold and courageous, becoming independent, authentic, self-sustainable, and moving forward fearlessly.

Supporting this Aries New Moon is its ruling planet, Mars, which is moving through Aries right now along with the Sun, Venus and Uranus. Mars is the planet of dynamic forward motion, competition, action, passion, confrontation and it acts as a catalyst to propel us into uncharted territory. Basically then, wherever the New Moon is by house in your astrology chart is where there is a lot of energy to connect to something New, Exciting, and even Pioneering!

If you know where Aries is in your chart and what house it is traveling through, check below to find out what you might be expecting this month:

TIP: If you would like to see your own chart, go to and click on “My Astro” in the upper right corner. You will need to enter in your birth information to set up a chart.

1st House – A new sense of self, making yourself a priority, becoming more self-centered, asking questions like, “What do I desire?”, Enjoy a make-over, Treat yourself to something new – a haircut, a new outfit, new shoes; How can you become more authentic?

Sample intention: “I choose to act on my inner impulses, aligning with my authentic self.

2nd House – Issues of survival vs. thriving; Financial dependence vs. independence, Self-worth, Values, Developing a flow in resources, perhaps a new way of making money shows up, Re-evaluate how you value yourself in the marketplace.

Sample intention: “The universe is showing me its abundance and I am thriving financially.”

3rd House – Communication, New thoughts that support your intentions, What is in Your Mind and thoughts; Network, Socialize, How can you get your name out there. Perhaps it’s time for you to learn to speak your TRUTH and stand up for yourself. Using the energy of the new moon here can help you to see where you have not been true to yourself.

Sample intention: “I communicate my truth about ________________ with love, clarity and power.”

4th House – Is it time to relocate or move? Remodel? Look at your foundation – does it need tweaking? Relationship to family, Mother, home; Issues around safety, security and protection;

Sample intention: “I choose to see my Mother with love and light and open myself to the beauty of a loving relationship.”

5th House – Creativity, Joy, Play, Children, Risk-taking. The new moon in this area of your chart opens you to new creative avenues. Whether it is the continuation of a project that you’ve been working on that needed some new creative energy, or something completely new to you, this new moon is perfect for creativity – especially where it concerns the things that really make you joyful.

Sample intention: “I courageously step out into the world and share my creative gifts.”

6th House – Work, Service, Health; The 6th house rules the body and Aries rules the Head, Eyes, Face and Brain. If there is anything that needs healing in these areas, then this is a powerful time to put forth that intention. This part of the chart also rules the workplace – your employees, colleagues, and work environment and the way we give back to our fellow human beings.

Sample intention: “I joyfully open my heart to give ______________ to my fellow human beings.”

7th House – Relationship, Partnership, Marriage. If Aries is in this part of your chart, then it’s a great time to work on creating healthy, sustainable relationships. Aries energy can be confrontational, so if something comes up between you and a loved one or business partner, then work with the energy to bring a win-win solution to the problem. Approaching inter-personal problems in a new way may stimulate conversation instead of confrontation!

Sample intention: “I experience independence in my relationship with __________.”

8th House Sex, Death-Rebirth, Jointly held finances, Credit-Debt. This is primarily the house of Transformation – where anything and everything undergoes change. If you’re finding yourself in a stagnant place in your life, this is the time to transform it. Is it time to clean up your financial act? One of the best uses of intention when the new moon is in this house is to clear up your credit, and reduce debt. Choose financial freedom! Wills, legacies, and other documents related to your financial assets/liabilities can be undertaken now as well.

Sample intention: “I choose financial health by paying down my credit cards and reducing my debt.”

9th House – Spirit, Beliefs, Philosophy, Higher Mind, Higher education, Publishing. What intuitive guidance have you been hearing, but not heeding? During the new moon in the 9th house we can become very in tune to our higher self, and see the way before us from an intuitive space. Can you reach deep inside of you and hear what it is your Spirit is calling on you to do or be? Have you been considering a return to college or embarking upon a new course of study? Now may be the perfect time to intend that book you’ve written to get published!

Sample intention: “I choose to listen to my inner knowing when making life decisions.”

10th House – Career, Profession, Reputation, Authority. Are you doing what you are passionate about? Or have you settled on doing a “job” in order to survive when you really have another idea of what you would like to be pursuing? If so, then this is the time to set the intention to make changes in your career or profession. What are you an authority in? Where is your heart?

Sample intention: “I claim my authority as a(n) ____________ and pursue that path confidently.”

11th House – Vision, Goals, Groups, Friends. Do you need a new plan, a new vision? This is the time to connect with it. The new moon in this house means that you are in your Power Wish period (according to Jan Spiller in her book, “New Moon Astrology”) and that means that the sky is the limit when it comes to setting intentions for your life right now. See the bigger picture and call your deepest desires to you…be careful what your thoughts are on because the universe will consider anything you are putting your thoughts on to be what you desire!

Sample intention: “ I see the big picture of what I want to accomplish in my life and take steps to connect with it.”

12th House – The subconscious mind, Limitations, Self-sabotage, Fear. The new moon here allows us the opportunity to let go of those things, beliefs, fears, patterns, that have been blocking our forward progress. Look deeper into your soul to see the Truth of who you are – an unlimited, beautiful being. If you choose to replace the dark with the light, do so with ease and grace.

Sample intention: “I choose to release myself from limited thinking and fear and see myself as a divine being capable of creating all I desire.”

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