Saturn, Mars and Nodes in Scorpio – Autumn Astrology Update

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We are at the cusp of the Autumn equinox with some astrological changes that are sure to make us take notice. It seems like each of the seasonal changes this year have brought us planetary sign changes as well. It was only 3 months ago at the Summer solstice that Jupiter moved from Taurus into Gemini fundamentally changing the way in which we expand ourselves into the world, and soon after the Autumn Equinox, Saturn moves out of Libra and into Scorpio fundamentally shifting our attention. And, that’s just the beginning of all the fun!

Before I move forward in this post, there are some terms that I am going to use that you will want to know the definition of from an astrological viewpoint. First, the term “ruled by” or “rulership”. In astrology each of the Zodiac signs has a planet that is associated with it, we say that the sign is “ruled” by that particular planet. When the ruling planet is in its own sign it experiences a significant power boost. Here’s a list of the present-day rulerships:

Aries – ruled by Mars

Taurus – ruled by Venus

Gemini – ruled by Mercury

Cancer – ruled by the Moon

Leo – ruled by the Sun

Virgo – ruled by Mercury

Libra – ruled by Venus

Scorpio – ruled by Mars/Pluto

Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn – ruled by Saturn

Aquarius – ruled by Uranus

Pisces – ruled by Neptune

Second, the term “mutual reception”. Mutual reception is what occurs when two planets are in the signs that the other one rules. For example, with Saturn’s move into Scorpio and Pluto’s ongoing transit in Capricorn, the two planets will be in mutual reception – that is, Pluto in Capricorn is in the sign ruled by Saturn, and Saturn in Scorpio is in the sign ruled by Pluto. This means that the energy exchange between the two signs and the two planets will be very easy. For us as beings, this means that the energy of Transformation (death-rebirth), Letting Go (of feelings, of old forms, old ideas, anything no longer useful to us), and Confrontation is a powerful inner need that must be addressed.

There are 3 major transits occurring that I want to talk about today:

1. Saturn is the planet of Structure and Form, Limits, Boundaries, Karma and Reward and during it’s stay in Libra for the last 2 1/2 years we have been working with relationships and learning how to be balanced within our relationships. You may have even been in a position of having to let go of relationships that were no longer working or did not fit into the expanded self you had become. Now with the energy of Saturn flowing from Libra into Scorpio things are going to take on a completely different feel – and I do mean feel!

2. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, moved into its own home base on August 27th for a 6 week stay. It will move out of Scorpio into Sagittarius just two days after Saturn moves into Scorpio. To me, this looks like Mars is laying the groundwork for the next 2 ½ years of change that we will experience. Mars is a planet of action, confrontation, of forward movement. Scorpio is a sign that doesn’t always welcome change, but when motivated will move to make powerful adjustments internally and externally. So, Mars moving through this area of the zodiac just prior to Saturn’s transit means that a lot of stuff is going to be stirred up in us – crystallized energies exposed – triggers to move us forward appear – and voila, then Saturn can come in and help us to re-structure our lives, and help us to reach for a new form of stabilization.

3. And, just to add energy to the mix, the nodal axis shifted on August 29 from the lighter energy of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius/Gemini axis to the much more intense Pluto ruled Scorpio/Taurus axis. Add in Jupiter turning retrograde, the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square and you have the recipe for some very interesting stuff going on for the next couple of years!

In Scorpio, Saturn’s Structure and Form meet up with Depth, Transformation, Intensity, Feeling & Emotion. The last time that Saturn would have been in this part of your chart was 29-30 years ago (12/82 to 11/85). Those of you who were born during that time will be experiencing your first Saturn return, which is a time of reflection and soul searching, and those of you who are older than 29-30 can look to that time in your life to get an idea of what turned up in your life during this transit. Not that things will be identical (this one could be more intense due to Mars and the North Node being in the same sign), but you can get a general idea of what issues you were confronting then. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be confronting the depths of our inner feelings and emotions and how they have been controlling our lives. Only by having the courage to look into the depths can we be free to be conscious co-creators in our world. The most positive outcome for this transit of Saturn through Scorpio is that we become 100% emotionally honest with ourselves and others.

What makes this Saturn through Scorpio transit so very powerful is the mutual reception of Saturn in Scorpio with Pluto in Capricorn. (see above for explanation of Mutual Reception) Pluto is already known as the planet of Transformation, Power, Death-rebirth and we have seen it’s power to transform our world structures since it moved into Capricorn in January of 2008 (i.e. the economy, banking crisis, mortgage crisis, etc) But now with Saturn moving through Pluto’s territory in Scorpio we have two power brokers pushing us into change and transformation – forcing us to let go of and strip down to our very truths – an uncomfortable task even for those of us Gemini’s who love to change. On the world stage this should really heat up the process of economic crash, monetary upheavals, revolutions, and any other unfair or disadvantaged group of people who rise up to rebel. This is especially true because of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square. For us as individuals, we are not immune to these forces of change, there is something rising up from our very depths calling us on to a higher truth and a higher purpose. Emotions will run high and we will be forced to confront our emotional selves and to take responsibility for all of our feelings.

Mars, moving through Scorpio right now, can be very helpful in helping us locate the areas in our lives where we have crystallized emotion, fears, and beliefs. This is a very good time to seek out counsel especially if you are having issues with very powerful emotions or problems in letting things, situations or people go. The house in your astrology chart that has Scorpio in it will tell us in what area of life you are experiencing this very powerful transformation. Mars requires action and if you are willing to make forward progress now, then Saturn’s turn going through this sign can help you reap the rewards of your having done the work on yourself.

The nodes comprise an axis of energy in our charts. Made up of the north and south node or dragon’s head and dragon’s tail, this axis can point us in the direction of maximal growth toward our own destinies. As it moves through the Zodiac, the nodes help us to use our inborn talents, past experiences and skills to propel us into situations where we can effect progress. The last 1 ½ years the nodes were traveling through the Sagittarius/Gemini axis where the energy was on growth, expansion, and our “truth”, now with the nodes transiting through Scorpio/Taurus we will have to let go of anything not authentic to our path of destiny. We will be forced to move from the caution of Taurus toward the fearlessness of Scorpio. This time will give us opportunity to establish a new foundation and a new paradigm of what it means to interact with ourselves and others. Sounds fun, right?

The people most effected by these next couple of years are Scorpios, those with Scorpio rising signs, Scorpio destiny’s, and those who will be experiencing their 1st or 2nd Saturn returns (which means those people who are or will be 29-30 yrs old this year, and those who are or will be 59-60 this year). However, none of us will escape the effects of these transits.

If you are wondering how you will be effected personally, I can set up time for an Astro Update Reading for you for $25 – this is a basic 30 minute reading. If you feel like you need a more in depth look at what is up for you, a full Autumn Transit Reading is $75 and is generally 60 minutes. To schedule your personal reading, email me at or call 360-399-1122. I look forward to hearing from you!


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