The Beginning

Life is so interesting….

Last weekend I was sitting at the table with Facebook open on my laptop, my husband sitting at the same table playing a game on his laptop, when all of a sudden I got the urge to yell out, ” I want to write!”  I actually didn’t yell it out at all, but the feeling that this evoked in me was so strong and so sudden that I couldn’t leave it alone!  And, in an interesting synchronicity, just after that feeling came over me I saw a dear friend online and began chatting with her about the New Moon.  Out of the blue she says to me, “So, when are you going to start writing Janet?”  I was totally blown away – Really?  Did she just say that to me?  The way I see things, is that when the universe begins to show you something in more than one way, then it is definitely time to sit up and take notice!  And, usually I get it 3 times – no that’s not me being superstitious  – that’s just been my experience in the world – it’s like getting a knock on the door 3 times and you know for sure it’s time to answer!

Like any good astrologer would do, I turned to my own chart to see if I could divine what was going on.  And, like usual, looking at my own chart was like looking at a piece of writing in Greek.  I’m just not objective enough to see the truth in my own chart.  But, another synchronicity was occurring that would shine a light on this for me and that is the Part of Fortune came into my awareness.  Why it came up I really don’t know, but I ended up researching my own POF’s placement, and guess where it was?  In the 3rd house of Communication – writing, speaking, teaching, etc.!  There is a sort of funny back story to this as well.  For the longest time I had the wrong birth time for myself, so everything in my chart looks different now that I have the correct time (right from my birth certificate) including the POF which was in my 4th house based on the erroneous birth time.  So, while the 4th house of Home, Family, Tradition placement made some sense to me, it didn’t really create an aha moment for me.  But the 3rd house…The pieces were starting to fall into place!

There are some specific things that fascinate me with Astrology and those are the things that I want to write about.

Here are some of the subjects I will be covering in this blog:

1.  Destiny – as shown through the North Node and South Node of the moon.  This tends to show the soul’s path and evolution.

2.  The Lunation Cycle – basically the cycles of the moon as it relates to our individual charts.

3.  Part of Fortune – shows where we can find our “pot of gold” or derive joy from.  It is a mathematical correlation between the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in a chart.

4.  Black moon Lilith – a point arising from the void created in the moon’s path around the ecliptic.  In short, Lilith is a dark place within each of us, a repository of our shadow that we dare not look at lest we have to come to terms with in within ourselves.

5.  Eclipses – solar and lunar eclipses and their effects in each of our charts.

6.  Current Events as they relate to astrological configurations unique to our times

7.  Anything else of a mystical, astrological or interesting topic that I want to share.

I also believe that blogs should be interactive – that most of the fun of blogging is to have discussion between the readers and the writer.  To that end, I want to know what you as readers want to hear and learn about astrology.  Is there a topic or a question that you would like answered?  If so, please let me know by commenting on the posts.

My intention is that this blog will be updated weekly on Wednesdays, but I reserve the right to write more or less depending upon the circumstances in the stars above us.  Until next week!